Determiners Exercises For Class 5 Cbse With AnswersThis grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Quantifiers Exercise for Class 5 CBSE with Answers PDF

Few A Few Little A Little Exercise

  • Few, a few, the few, little, a little, the little are quantifiers.
  • ‘Few’ is a countable noun.
  • ‘Little’ is an uncountable noun ‘Few’ means almost none.
  • ‘A few’ means ‘some, but not many’.
  • ‘The few’ means ‘not many, but all of that’.
  • ‘Little’ means no amount.
  • ‘A little’ means ‘some but not much’.
  • ‘The little’ means ‘not much, but all of that.

I have written a few story books. In my stories you find the little about fantasy and mystery.
Quantifiers Exercises With Answers

Few story books are selected for school library and a few are selected for Inter school story writing competition.
Quantifiers Worksheet For Grade 5

But I won an award for the story which talked a little about mystery and little about fantasy. I observed that people enjoy to read the little mystery at the climax of the story.
Quantifiers Exercises With Answers For Grade 6

A. Answer the following questions as per the story.

1. How many story books narrator has written?
2. What did her story books talk about?
3. For which story book narrator won the award?

B. Fill in the blanks with ‘a few’ or ‘a little’.
1. He has ________ plans.
2. She has got ________ milk.
3. He drank ________ apple juice.
4. Amit has ________ friends.
5. We saw ________ people at the restaurant.
6. I bought ________ newspapers.
7. There is ________ petrol in his car.
8. There are ________ bottles on the table.
9. There are ________ hotels in this town.
10. I want to eat ________ bread.

Quantifiers Exercises with Answers for Grade 5 CBSE PDF

A. Fill in the blanks with a little’ or ‘the little’.

1. ________ precaution is necessary in handling an electronic device.
2. We have got ________ bacon and a few eggs.
3. Could I try ________ cold drink?
4. Give the plants ________ water everyday.
5. ________ influence that he has, he uses to his advantage.
6. ________ grain we had was damaged in the rain.

B. Fill in the blanks with ‘a few’ or ‘the few’.

1. His ideas are difficult, but ________ people understand them.
2. ________ public gardens that we have are not properly maintained.
3. ________ days’ rest is all that I need.
4. I can’t express my gratitude in ________ words.
5. He spent ________ days that were left to him in solitude and meditation.
6. ________ points that he made were quite significant.
7. ________ Americans have their offices in Bangalore.
8. ________ trinkets she had were not worth much.
9. ________ novels she has written are best sellers.
10. When I met him ________ years later, he looked old and haggard.

C. Fill in the blanks with ‘little’, ‘a little’ or ‘the little’.

1. There is ________ hope of his recovery.
2. There is ________ milk left in the pot.
3. ________ milk he had has turned sour.
4. A poor man has ________ money to waste.
5. There is ________ work left to complete.
6. ________ work left yesterday has been completed.
7. There is ________ time now left.

D. Fill in the blanks with ‘few’, ‘a few’ or ‘the few’.

1. There are ________ friends who remain faithful in hard times.
2. He has only ________ friends.
3. ________ friends he has are really faithful to him.
4. A good man has ________ enemies.
5. ________ passengers were injured in the accident.
6. ________ passengers injured in the accident have been given first-aid.
7. ________ books would serve my purpose.
8. ________ books I had, have all gone out of course.