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Quotation Marks Exercises for Class 5 CBSE with Answers PDF

Quotation Marks

We use quotation marks around the exact words of a speaker or a quotation. A dialogue tag is a short phrase that is put before, after, or in between a quotation.

If the dialogue tag comes at the beginning of the sentence, include a comma before the quotation.
Speech Marks Worksheet With Answers

  • Rohit said, “Look at that giant tree.”
    (Dialogue tag), (Quotation tag)

If the dialogue tag comes at the end of the sentence, use a comma instead of a period to end the quotation.
“I am very tired right now,” Ashok said as he yawned.
(Quotation tag), (Dialogue tag)

Quotation Marks Exercises

Read the picture story.
Inverted Commas Worksheet With Answers

A. Answer the following questions from the story above.

1. What did the traveller ask the peasant? ____________
2. What did the peasant reply to the traveller? ____________
3. Did the traveller want to spend the night in the inn? ____________

B. Read the following sentences and identify the dialogue tag and the quotation mark tag.

1. The traveller said, “Can you tell me the way to the nearest inn?”

2. The peasant said, “Do you want one in which you can spend the night?”

3. The traveller replied, “I only want a meal.”

Quotation Marks Exercises with Answers for Class 5 CBSE PDF

Speech Marks Worksheet Grade 5
A. Read each sentence and add quotation marks where needed.


  • What a great day! yelled Mr. Kohli
    “What a great day!” yelled Mr. Kohli.

1. Hi, Jim said to his friend.
2. What a wonderful day! shouted Mary
3. Sharon said, take your homework out.
4. My dad asked, when do you want to go to the movies?
5. Hello, said the stranger.
6. Have a goodnight, said my mother.
7. Mary said, What a beautiful day.
8. Please take the trash out, said my father.
9. Make sure you do your homework, said my mother.
10. The project is due on Friday, informed my teacher.

Exercise Quotation Marks Exercise Answers
B. Rewrite each sentence and add quotation marks and commas where needed.

1. I can’t find my keys anywhere said Sahil.
2. Danish yelled I’m on my way down.
3. I am sorry I broke your lamp Rohan mumbled.
4. Tina said This is the best book I’ve ever read.
5. I have been working all day Ria complained.
6. You did a great job of cleaning your room Sonu said.
7. You even washed the windows Chetan said
8. It’s almost time to eat lunch said Sunil
9. I’m very hungry Bunny replied.
10. Please come with me to the beach Jatin begged.