Story Writing Class 8

In Online Education Story writing is an art. It is the oldest form of written composition. It is a work of imagination that is written in easily understandable grammatical structure. A short story is meant to be read in a single sitting and therefore it should be as direct and brief as possible.

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English will help you to write better answers in your Class 10 exams. Because the Solutions are solved by subject matter experts.

Online Education Story Writing Class 8 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

Story Writing For Class 8

Main points related to story writing

  1. Title: The title of the story must be interesting and it should evoke curiosity.
  2. Planned and logical series of events must be reflected and the events should not deviate the story from its theme.
  3. There must be an interesting theme of the story which is the controlling idea of the story.
  4. The depiction of the characters must be interesting and convincing.
  5. The language of the story must suit the story. It should be as per the setting of the story.

Story Writing Solved Examples Class 8 CBSE

Story Writing Class 8 Question 1.
____________ lived in a village an idiot. ____________ even a village child could cheat ____________ going to the weekly market to sell his horse and goat ____________ hung a bell ____________ collar round the goat’s neck ____________ tied one end ____________ to the horse’s tail ____________ another to the goat’s collar ____________ and rode for the market place ____________ some rogues ____________ followed him one of the rogues tied the bell ____________ ran away with the goat ____________ another rogue stopped ____________ why have tied a bell ____________ shocked to find the goat missing ____________ a third rogue came and said ____________ saw aman running away with goat ____________ The idiot ____________ got down and gave it to that rogue ____________ poor idiot waited ____________ saw no sign of their coming ____________ returned home empty handed.

The Idiot and the Rogues

Once upon a time there lived in a village an idiot whom even a village child could cheat easily. No matter how hard he tried to be clever, someone or the other made a fool of him. One day the idiot was going to the weekly market to sell his horse and goat. He hung a bell from the col lar round the goat’s neck. He tired one end of a rope to the horse’s tail and another to the goat’s collar. He then mounted the horse and rode for the marketplace.

Some rogues, who knew the idiot, followed him. On the way one of the rogues tied the bell to the tail of the horse and ran away with the goat. The bell tied to the tail went on ringing and the idiot believed that the goat was following him.

Some time later, another rogue stopped the idiot on the way and said, “Please excuse me, Sir. Will you kindly tell me why have tied a bell to your horse’s tail?” The idiot looked behind. He was surprised and shocked to find the goat missing.

In the meantime, a third rogue came there and said to the idiot, “Sir I saw a man running away with goat. If you wish, I will chase the thief on your horse and get back your stolen goat.” The idiot at once got down from the horse and gave it to that rogue. The rogue bade him goodbye and drove away the horse.

The poor idiot waited for a long time in the hope of getting back his animals. But he saw no sign of their coming and at last returned home empty-handed.
Far away somewhere, the rogues were singing:
Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way,
Keep on singing day and night, life is but a play.

Moral: A Fool And His Fortune Don’t Stay Together For A Long Time.

Story Writing Format For Class 8 Question 2.
____________ a tall tree ____________ lived a little black bird ____________ sang sweetly ____________ grains of gold from its beak as it sang ____________ flower saw the grains must catch bird to nome ____________ to be a very rich ____________ spread a net ____________ it saw ____________ the grains ____________ he caught the bird ____________ he got a gold grains every day ____________ thought fame and honour ____________ made a beautiful cage ____________ gave away the cage ____________ to the king ____________ glad to receive the present ____________ gave ____________ seat of honour in court ____________ the king ____________ gave away the cage of gold ____________ to queen ____________ set the bird free ____________ most beautiful ornament ____________ flew away ____________ into the jungle ____________ it sang the song of four fools ____________ fowler’s net first fool ____________ fowler was the second fool ____________ The king was the third fool ____________ The queen was the fourth fool.

The Song of Four Fools

In a tall tree in a jungle lived a little black bird. Every morning it sang sweetly. Down on the ground fell a few grains of gold from its beak as it sang. One morning a fowler saw the grains of gold dropping down from its beak. He said to himself, “What a luck! I must catch this bird and carry it home. Everyday it will give me grains of gold. Soon I will be a very rich man.”

The fowler, then, spread a net on the ground and sprinkled some grains of rice there. The black bird saw the grains of rice and flew into the net. The fowler caught the bird and carried it home.

From that day on, the fowler got a few grains of gold every day and soon he became a very rich man. Then he thought that he must get some fame and honour. So he made a beautiful cage of gold and put the bird into it. Then he gave away the cage of gold and the bird to the King and said, “Your Majesty, this bird will sing sweet songs in your palace and give you grain of gold every day.” The King was glad to receive the present. He gave the fowler a seat of honour in his court.

Soon, the king also had a lot of gold. He gave away the cage of gold and the bird to his beloved queen. The queen set the bird free and gave the cage of gold to the royal goldsmith. She said to the goldsmith. “Make for me the most beautiful ornament from this cage of gold.”

The bird flew away back into the jungle. Every morning it sang “The song of four fools”. It sang, “I flew into the fowler’s net. I was the first fool. The fowler gave me away to the king. The fowler was the sec ond fool. The King gave me away to the queen. The king was the third fool. The queen set me free. The queen was the fourth fool.

Format Of Story Writing Class 8 Question 3.
____________ Japanese Emperor had a set of twenty flowerpots ____________ finest collection Proud of rare collection ____________ one of the officers broke a flower pot by accident ____________ passed death sentence ____________ an old man came ____________ said know art of repairing ____________ emperor very happy ____________ He said ____________ Repair the broken flowerpot ____________ The man raised his stick and broke all flowerpots ____________ The Emperor was anger ____________ The old man replied Each of there flowerpots ____________ take one human life ____________ seeing old man’s wisdom ____________ He forgave the old man.

The Emperor and the Old Man

A Japanese emperor had a set of twenty flowerpots. It was the finest collection of its kind in the world.

The emperor was very proud of rare collection. One day, one of the officers of the Emperor broke a flowerplot by accident. The Emperor was very angry. He passed death sentences on the officer. But before the man was put to death, an old man came to know about it. He went to the Emperor’s court and said, “I know the art of repairing a broken flowerpot. Once I have repaired it, it will look its original self.”

The Emperor felt very happy to hear the claim of the old man. He showed the old man the collection of his flowerpots. He said, “Here are nineteen flowerpots. One flowerpot from the set of twenty is broken. Repair the broken flowerpot and I’ll pay you whatever you ask for.” The old man raised his stick and broke all the nineteen flowerpots.

The emperor was red with anger. He cried out, “you idiot! What have you done?” The old man coolly replied, “I have done my duty. Each of there flowerpots would have taken one human life. Now you can take only one life, and that is mine.” The old man’s wisdom and boldness pleased the Emperor. He forgave the old man and the officer, too.

Story Writing Topics For Class 8 Question 4.
____________ village moneylender lost his purse ____________ announced a reward hundred rupees ____________ A poor farmer found ____________ poor and needy ____________ an honest man ____________ went to the moneylender ____________ returned the purse ____________ counted the money ____________ he said ____________ smart fellow ____________ taken your rewarded beforehand farmer angry ____________ _moneylender said ____________ purse contained eleven hundred rupees ____________ farmer said ____________ not taken any money ____________ went to the Sarpanch heard both the parties ____________ moneylender was dishonest ____________ purse not yours ____________ Sarpanch gave ____________ to the farmer.

The moneylender and his Purse

Once a village moneylender lost his purse. He announced a reward of a hundred rupees to the person who found it and returned it to him. A poor farmer found it. It contained one thousand rupees. The farmer was poor and needy but, at the same time, he was an honest man. He went to the moneylender and returned the purse to him. The moneylender opened the purse and counted the money in it. It was one thousand rupees. Then he said to the farmer, “You are a smart fellow. You have taken your rewarded beforehand.”

The farmer angrily asked, “What do you mean?” The moneylender said, “I mean what I say. The purse contained eleven hundred rupees. But now there are one thousand rupees in it. It means that you have already taken the reward money from the purse.” The farmer said, “I have not taken any money from the purse. Let us go to the Sanpanch and settle the matter.”

So they went to the Sarpanch. The Sarpanch heard both the parties. He felt sure that the moneylender was dishonest. He asked the money lender, “Are you sure that your purse contained eleven hundred rupees?”. The moneylender said, “Yes, Sir,” The Sarpanch said, “Then this purse is not yours.** And the Sarpanch gave away the purse to the farmer.

Moral: A Wrongdoer Has To Pay A Heavy Price For His Wrong Act

Story Writing Questions For Class 8 Question 5.
A saļt vendor had a donkey ____________ loaded ____________ with bags of salt ____________ went to customers ____________ surrounding villages ____________ cross several stream ____________ small rivers the donkey accidentally tumbled ____________ bags got dissolved ____________ burden on ____________ buck much lighter ____________ next day ____________ went out ____________ usual trip ____________ donkey took a dip in ____________ burden light ____________ master very angry sure ____________ international ____________ teach him a lesson next day loaded ____________ with bales of cotton ____________ donkey took a dip ____________ heavier the donkey ____________ struggle very hard to come out ____________ day onwards ____________ donkey gave up ____________ trick of dipping in a stream.

The Salt Vendor and his Donkey

A salt vendor had a donkey. Every morning he loaded the donkey with bags of salt. Then the master and the animal went to customers who lived in surrounding villages. On the way the vendor and the donkey had to cross several streams and small rivers. One morning the donkey accidentally tumbled in water while crossing a river. A lot of the salt in the bags got dissolved in the water. So the burden on the donkey’s back became much lighter.

The vendor returned home with his animal. That day was a rest day for the donkey. Next day they went out on their usual trip. The donkey took a dip in the first stream on the way. Again the burden became light and the trip for the day was cancelled. The master was very angry with the donkey. He was sure that the second day’s dip of the donkey was international. So he gave him hard blows with his stick. He said, “If the stupid animal of mine becomes so clever, it will be all up with me.

I must teach him a lesson.” So the next day he loaded the donkey with bales of cotton. When the donkey took a dip in water, the cotton absorbed water and became many times heavier. The donkey had to struggle very hard to come out of the water.

From that day onwards, the donkey gave up the trick of dipping in a stream.

Story Writing Topics For Grade 8 Question 6.
A defeated King ____________ shelter in a cave ____________ enemies were looking ____________ wanted to kill him. The king ____________ fought bravely ____________ army was small ____________ to run away sad at heart ____________ courage had left him ____________ one day was lying idly ____________ A little spider drew attention ____________ trying hard to weave a web ____________ it was crawling up ____________ but the thread broke ____________ it fell ____________ several” times. But ____________ did not give up ____________ tried again ____________ climbed up the celling successfully King thought ____________ tiny creature did not give up ____________ try again ____________ decided to fight again ____________ met his faithful followers ____________raised a strong army ____________ At last won the battle ____________ got back ____________ remembered the spider ____________ taught him a lesson.

The King and the Spider

A defeated King took shelter in a cave in a jungle. His enemies were looking for him. They wanted to kill him.

The king had fought bravely. But his army was small. The large army of his enemy his small army. He had to run away to save his life. He was very sad at heart. His courage had left him. One day the King was lying idly in the cave. A little spider drew his attention. It was trying hard to weave a web across the ceiling. As it was crawling up the wall the thread of the web broke and it fell down to the ground. This happened several times. But it did not give up. It tried again and again. Al last it climbed up the ceiling successfully and completed the web.

The King thought, “This tiny creature did not give up. How could I give up? I am a King. I must try again,” and he decided to fight his enemy once again.

The King went out of the jungle and met his faithful followers. He collected the brave men of his kingdom and raised a strong army. He fought against his enemy with all his might. At last he won the battle. He got back his kingdom. He always remembered the spider who had taught him a lesson.

Moral: Success Comes To Those Who Fight Hard Against Failures.

Story Writing Format Class 8 Question 7.
Emperor Akbar ____________ put questions and riddles to his courtiers ____________ to test their wits ____________ once asked a very strange question ____________ How many crows in city? ____________ None could offer an answer ____________ Birbal, the wittiest ____________ entered the court. Saw the courtiers ____________ understood ____________ bowed ____________ and took his sear ____________ Ready witted Birbal stood ____________ replied ____________ fifty thousand three hundred and seventy eight crows emperor in a great astonishment ____________ Birbal replied ____________ if are more than it means some crows have come from elsewhere ____________ If there are less ____________ some crows have gone to visit their friends ____________ Pleased with Birbals wits ____________ Akbar exclaimed ____________ matchless indeed!

How many Crows are there in the City?

Emperor Akbar often put questions and riddles to his courtiers. He did this to test their wits, wisdom and knowledge. Once he asked a very strange questions to the courtiers. The question was: ‘How many crows are there in this city? He glanced at all the courtiers, one by one. One by one, they stood up and bowed down their heads silently. None of them could offer an answer to the Emperor’s question: ‘How many crows are there in this city? Just then, Birbal, the wittiest of all the courtiers, entered the court. He saw the courtiers with their heads bent down.

He, at once understood that they had failed to solve some riddle put to them by the Emperor. Birbal humbly bowed before the Emperor in the courtly manner and took his seat. The Emperor asked him, “Birbal, how many crows are there in this city?” Readywitted Birbal stood up and promptly replied, “Your Majesty, there are fifty thousand three hundred and seventy-eight crows in this city.” “How can you be so cocksure, Birbal?” asked the Emperor in a great astonishment.

Birbal replied, “Please have them counted, Your Majesty. If there are more than fifty thousand three , hundred and seventy-eight crows, it simply means that some crows have come from elsewhere to visit their friends and relatives in this city. If there are less, it means that some crows from this city have gone to visit their friends and relatives elsewhere.” Pleased with Birbal’s wits, Emperor Akbar exclaimed, “Bravo! Birbal, you are matchless indeed!”

Story Writing With Hints For Class 8 Question 8.
____________ a hot summer day ____________ traveller hired a donkey ____________ carry him to the next town ____________ donkey was lazy ____________ his master flogged the animal to keep ____________ moving ____________ stopped on the way to rest ____________ Sat in the shadow ____________ of the donkey ____________ no other shades ____________ very hot donkey’s master ____________ tired ____________ he said ____________ donkey is mine ____________ his shadow is mine i me sit in the shade ____________ The traveller said ____________ hired the donkey ____________ my right to use his shadow ____________ can’t separate ____________ two men engaged in quarrelling ____________ donkey ran away ____________ stopped.

The Donkey and his Shadow

It was a hot summer day. A traveller hired a donkey to carry him across the dusty road to the next town. The donkey was lazy. He stopped every now and then. So his master walked behind and flogged the animal to keep him moving on. At noon, they stopped on the way to rest. The traveller sat in the shadow of the donkey for there was no other shade there. It was very hot and the donkey’s master was also very much tired. He, too, wanted to sit in the shade of his donkey.

So he said to the traveller, “The donkey is mine and therefore his shadow, too, is mine. You hired the donkey himself. You said nothing about his shadow. So let me sit in the shade of my donkey.” The traveller said, “I have hired the donkey for the day. It is my right to use his shadow, too, for the whole day. You can’t separate the shadow from the donkey, can you?” While the two men were engaged in quarrelling and fighting, the donkey ran away. He took away his shadow with him.

Moral: Those Who Fight Over A Shadow Lose The Substance

Story Writing In English Class 8 Question 9.
____________ a fighting ____________ birds and the beasts ____________ The bats ____________ not join thought ____________ can join the birds ____________ can fly like them ____________ the beasts ____________ have no wings ____________ don’t lay eggs ____________ join the winners at the right time fighting went ____________ it seemed ____________ would win ____________ time later birds got the better ____________ At last ____________ fighting ____________ end ____________ birds and the beasts made peace ____________ selfish bats were left alone ____________ birds and the beasts boy cotted the bats ____________ hid themselves ____________ come out only at twilight ____________.

The Bats

As long time ago, there was a fighting between the birds and the beasts. The bats did not join either side. They thought, “We can join the birds because we can fly like them. We can join the beasts either because we have no wings and we don’t lay eggs as the birds do. So ours is a special position. We shall join the winners at the right time. Right now we shall just wait and watch. The fighting went on. At one stage it seemed the beasts would win.

The bats then thought, “Now is our chance,” and joined the beasts. But some time later, the birds got the better of the beasts. the bats felt sorry for joining the beasts. Now they joined the birds. At last the fighting came to an end. The birds and the beasts made peace and became friends. But the selfish bats were left alone. Both the birds and the beasts boycotted the bats. The bats went off and hid themselves in dark holes. Ever since they live in dark holes and come out only at twilight. For twilight is the time when birds are back to their nests and night beast are not yet out of their dens.

Moral: Nobody Likes A Fair Weather Friend.

Story Writing For Class 8 Topics Question 10.
____________ evening . Poor farm worker ____________ on his way home ____________ pleasant smell ____________ sweetmeaf shop ____________ mouth watered ____________ stood there ____________ could not afford ____________ he heard ____________ commanding voice ____________ can’t go away without payment ____________ the sweetmeat said the ____________ shopkeeper ____________ have not eaten ____________ said the man ____________ enjoy its smell ____________ smelling is as good as eating ____________ poor man looked ____________ worried ____________ wise man man ____________ pered a word of advice ____________ face lit up ____________ The shopkeeper ____________ pleased ____________ pay the money” ____________ shop keeper’s said. “No ____________ you hear the jingle hearing is as good as ____________ receiving ____________ raised his head in pride ____________ standing by ____________ took the ____________ jingled a few coins man said have paid smelling is as good as eating Then ____________ walked away.

Smell and Sound

One evening a poor farm worker was on his way home. A very pleasant smell came from a sweetmeat shop on the road. His mouth watered. He went to the shop and stood there for some time. Then he turned to go because he could not afford to buy the sweetmeat. Just then he heard the shopkeepers. commanding voice, “Stop. You can’t go away without making a payment.”
“Payment? for what?” asked the man.
“For the sweetmeat,” said the shopkeeper.
“But I haven’t eaten any,” said the man.
“But you did enjoys its smell, didn’t you” asked the shopkeeper. “Smelling is as good as eating.”
The poor man looked very much worried. Now, a wise man was standing by. He took the man aside. He Whispered a word of advice into his ears.
The man’s face lit up. He went up to the shopkeeper and jingled a few coins in his pocket. The shopkeeper seemed pleased. He said, “Come on, pay the money”.
The man said, “I have paid it.”
The shopkeepers said, “No, you haven’t.”

The man said, “Didn’t you hear the jingle of the money? If smelling is as good as eating hearing is as. good as receiving. Ha! Ha! Ha!” He raised his head in pride and stood there for some time. Then he walked away.

Moral: Tit For Tat

Story Writing In English For Class 8 Question 11.
____________ old woman ____________ two servants ____________ wake up as started crowing ____________ rouse the servants ____________ begin the day’s work like ____________ thinking ____________ to have longer and undisturbed sleep said ____________ kill the cock ____________ no cock ____________ no crowing ____________ none will disturb ____________ servant agreed ____________ the cock earlier ____________ would not let her servants _____________ servants had a harder time
her cock did not ____________ servant ____________ wake up early wake up even ____________.

The Old woman and her Servants

An old woman had two servants. Everyday the woman would wake up as soon as her cock started crowing. Then she would rouse the servants as well and ask them to begin the day’s work. The servants did not like to get up early in the morning. All the time they were thinking what to do to have longer and undisturbed sleep in the morning.

One day one servant said to the other, “Let us kill the cock. If there is no cock, there will be no crowing. If there is no crowing, the mistress won’t wake up early in the morning. If she does not wake up early in the morning, none will disturb our quiet sleep.”

The other servant agreed. So the next day they killed the cock. Now that there was no cock, the old woman would not know the exact time. She would wake up even earlier than before. Once she was out of her bed, she would not let her servants remain in bed.

The cock was gone. But the servants had a harder time than before.

Moral: A Wrong Remedy Is Worse Than The Disease

Story Writing Topics For Class 8 With Hints Question 12.
____________ little froga little frogs ____________ Playing ____________ the edge of a pool ____________ bull came to drink water ____________ bellowed loudly ____________ frightened the frogs ____________ hopped away ____________ Grandma at home ____________ Grandma asked ____________ what the matter was very big animal ____________ drink water ____________ voice was terribly loud and frightening ____________ Grandma asked how big ____________ little one ____________ big ____________ Grandma partner ____________ legs wide ____________ was it as big ____________ little one ____________ no Grandma ____________ much bigger again Puffed out her sides ____________ bigger than ____________ little one said ____________ much bigger ____________ Grandma puffed ____________ at last her lungs burst ____________ fell down dead.

The Bull and the Frogs

Once some little frogs were playing at the edge of a pool. A bull came there to drink water. He finished drinking and then bellowed loudly. His loud bellowing frightened the frogs. They hopped away to their Grandma at home. The Grandma asked one of the grandchildren what the matter was. The little one said. “A very big animal came to the pool to drink water. His voice was terribly loud and frightening.” The Grandma said, “How big was the animal?”

The little one said, “Oh, it was very, very, big.” The Grandma partned her four legs wide and puffed out her cheeks and asked, “was it as big as this?” The little one said, “Oh no, Grandma. He was much bigger.” The Grandma again puffed out her cheeks and also puffed out her sides and said, “Surely he was not bigger than this, was he?”.

The little one said, “Oh, much, much bigger than that too.” The Grandma puffed and puffed and puffed. At last her lungs burst and she fell down dead.

Moral: Vanity Is Foolishness.

Story Writing Examples For Class 8 Question 13.
____________ rich merchant came to Birbal ____________ He said ____________ seven servants in my house of them ____________ stolen ____________ bag of Precious pearls ____________ find out ____________ Birbal went ____________ man’s house ____________ seven servants ____________ room ____________ gave a stick ____________ magic sticks ____________ a thief ____________ his stick ____________ grow an inch longer by tomorrow ____________ servant ____________ stolen the bag ____________ frightened ____________ cut a piece of one inch ____________ cut the stick ____________ it short ____________ The next day The next day ____________ collected sticks ____________ servant’s stick ____________ The servant ____________ confessed his crime returned the bag of pearls ____________ sent to jail.

Birbal, the Wise

One day, a rich merchant came to Birbal; the Wise. He said to Birbal, “I have seven servants in my house. One of them has stolen my bag of precious pearls. Please find out the thief.” So Birbal went to the man’s house. He called all the seven servants in a room. He gave a stick to each one of them. Then he said, “These are magic sticks. Just now all these sticks are equal in length. Keep them with you and return them to me tomorrow. If there is a thief in the house, his stick will grow an inch longer by tomorrow.”

The servant who had stolen the bag of pearls was frightened. He thought, “If I cut a piece of one inch from my stick, I won’t be caught.” So he cut the stick and made it short by an inch. The next day Birbal collected the sticks from the servants. He found that one servant’s stick was short by an inch. Birbal pointed his finger at him and said, “Here is the thief.” The servant confessed his crime. He returned the bag of pearls. He was sent to jail.

Story Writing Practice Examples Class 8 CBSE

Class 8 Story Writing

1. Robert Bruce _______ King lying on the ground in a dejected mood _______ failed to defeat his enemies _______ was thinking of giving up the attempt _______ saw a spider falling down from the ceiling the ceiling far away _______ wondered how it would get there _______ the spider feel back again _______ again it tried _______ again it fell it made nine such attempts no success _______ climbed up once _______ more _______ at last succeeded in reaching the roof Bruce imitated its example _______ he too tried once again _______ was successful.

2. A slave escaped from bondage to the forest soldiers came after him to catch _______ entered a _______ cave _______ a lion was roaring with pain _______ its paw was swollen _______ the slave approached it and removed the thorn _______ they became friends _______ later the soldiers arrested the slave _______ took him to the king _______ the king ordered the soldiers to throw the slave to the hungry lion ____________the lion rushed at the slave d at the slave _______ recognised the slave _______ remembered the kindness shown by the slave _______ then licked the feet of the slave _______ the spectators amazed _______ the slave explained the situation to them _______ the King set him free.

3. King Midas very rich _______ riser _______ A great riser _______ the more gold he had the more he wanted one day sat counting his gold coins _______ a fairy appeared _______ said he could have any wish he liked _______ he asked for the golden town _______ granted all Midas touches turned to gold _______ Midas very happy _______ touches everything about _______ all turned to gold _______ Midas got hungry _______ tried to eat _______ but bread meat, fruit became gold when he touches them _______ Midas starving _______ Midas prayed to lose his golden touch.