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Summary of Gulliver’s Travels Part 2 Chapter 5

Summary of Gulliver’s Travels Part 2 Chapter 5

Describes several adventures that happened with the narrator. The execution of a criminal is described. The narrator shows his skill in navigation.

Gulliver was happy in Brobdingnag except for the many mishaps that befell him because of his diminutive size. Shortly afterward, he attended an execution with great interest. He compared the spurts of blood, as the man was decapitated, as more spectacular than the fountains at Versailles.

In one unpleasant incident, the dwarf, angry at Gulliver for teasing him, shook an apple tree over his head. One of the apples struck Gulliver in the back and knocked him over. But the dwarf was pardoned at Gulliver’s saying so, because he had given the provocation. Another time, he was left outside during a hailstorm and was so bruised and battered that he could not leave the house for ten days.

Once a bird of prey nearly grabbed him and again a dog mistook Gulliver for a doll and took him in his mouth and ran with him to his master. Needless to say, Gulliver was traumatized. Gulliver and his nursemaid were often invited to the apartments of the ladies of the court and there, he was treated as a plaything of little significance.

Because Gulliver was a sailor, the queen ordered a special boat to be made for him and a trough in which to sail. The boat was placed in the trough and Gulliver rowed in it for his own enjoyment and for the amusement of the queen and her court. The royal ladies also took part in the game and made a brisk breeze with their fans. Disaster struck when a frog hopped into the trough and nearly swamped Gulliver’s boat, but Gulliver bravely drove the monster off with an oar.

Yet another danger arose in the form of a monkey, which took Gulliver up a ladder, holding him like a baby and force¬feeding him. He was rescued from the monkey and Glumdalclitch pried the food from his mouth with a needle, after which Gulliver vomited. He was so weak and bruised that he stayed in bed for two weeks. The monkey was killed and orders were sent out that no other monkeys be kept in the palace. When he recovered, Gulliver was summoned by the king, who was curious to know whether Gulliver was afraid. Gulliver boasted that he could have protected himself with his sword. This made the court laugh.

Of course Gulliver was punished for his pride. While out walking he saw a pile of cow dung. He tried to leap over it and landed in the middle of it.