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Summary of Gulliver’s Travels Part 2 Chapter 8

Summary of Gulliver’s Travels Part 2 Chapter 8

The king and queen make a progress to the frontiers. The narrator attends them. The manner in which he leaves the country is very particularly related. He returns to England.

Gulliver spent two years in Brobdingnag, but he was not happy, despite the royal family’s pampering. He was afraid that he would never escape and would turn into a sort of domestic, albeit royal, pet. Escape seemed impossible when chance intervened; Gulliver was taken to the south coast and both Glumdalclitch and Gulliver fell ill. Gulliver said that he wanted fresh air, and a page carried him out to the shore in his travelling-box.

He asked to be left to sleep in his hammock, and the boy wandered off. An eagle grabbed hold of Gulliver’s box and flew off with him and then, suddenly, Gulliver felt himself falling and landed in the water. He worried that he would drown or starve to death, but then felt the box being pulled. He heard a voice telling him that his box was tied to a ship and that a carpenter would come to drill a hole in the top. Gulliver told them to simply use a finger to pry it open, and heard laughter. He realized that he was speaking to people of his own height and climbed a ladder out of his box and onto their ship.

Gulliver began to recover on the ship, and he tried to tell the sailors the story of his recent journey. He showed them the things he had saved from Brobdingnag, like his comb and a tooth pulled from a footman. He had trouble adjusting to the sailors’ small size. While in Brobdingnag, Gulliver couldn’t bear to look at himself in the mirror as he appeared ridiculously insignificant, even to himself. Now, faced with people his own size for the first time in a long while, he couldn’t bear to look at them. He looked upon the sailors who saved his life as the most ‘contemptible creatures I had ever beheld.’

When he reached home, it took him some time to grow accustomed to his old life, and his wife asked him to never go to sea again.