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Summary of Gulliver’s Travels Part 4 Chapter 10

Summary of Gulliver’s Travels Part 4 Chapter 10

The narrator’s economy and happy life, among the Houyhnhnms, his great improvement in virtue by conversing with them and their conversations are described. The narrator is given notice by his master that he must depart from the country. He falls into a swoon from grief; but submits. He contrives and finishes a canoe with the help of a fellow-servant, and puts it to sea.

Gulliver was absolutely content living in the Land of the Houyhnhnms. A room had been made for Gulliver, and he had furnished it well. He also made new clothes for himself and settled into life with the Houyhnhnms quite easily. Gulliver had several friends among the Houyhnhnms. At times, his master allowed him to remain when his friends came. At others, he was taken along when his master went visiting. He began to think of his friends and family back home as Yahoos.

Gulliver’s admiration of the Houyhnhnms led him to imitate their gait and gesture, which had now grown into a habit. In fact, he was proud that the Houyhnhnms sometimes said that he trotted like a horse.

However, one morning, he was called by his master and told that others had taken offense at his being kept in the house as a Houyhnhnm. They had voted that Gulliver must go away. They were worried that such a smart Yahoo might encourage the other Yahoos to rise in rebellion and kill the Houyhnhnm’s cattle. Gulliver’s master had no choice but to ask Gulliver to leave. Gulliver was heartbroken to hear that he was to be banished, so much so, that he actual fainted.

However, he accepted his fate and built a canoe with the help of the sorrel nag. Gulliver explored the coast with his telescope and found a small island, about three and a half miles away, which he could reach in his boat. Finally, when the day came for Gulliver to leave, Gulliver’s master and his whole family came to see him off. Gulliver cried and kissed the hoof of his master and departed from the island.