The Midnight Visitor Summary in English by Robert Arthur

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The Midnight Visitor by Robert Arthur About the Author

Author Name Robert Arthur Jr.
Born 10 November 1909, Corregidor Island, Cavite City, Philippines
Died 2 May 1969, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Awards Edgar Award for Best Radio Drama
Education University of Michigan, William & Mary
Movies The Three Investigators and the Secret of Terror Castle
The Midnight Visitor Summary
The Midnight Visitor Summary by Robert Arthur

The Midnight Visitor Summary in English

Fowler is surprised to see the secret agent Ausable who is too fat to be a secret agent. Ausable tells him that he was going to get an important paper for which many men have risked their lives. When both of them reach Ausable’s room, Fowler is scared to see a man, Max standing in the room. Max who is a tall and thin man, is holding a gun in his hand. He had entered his room by using a key to take the report concerning a new missile. Ausable, sensing the danger, fabricated a story about the non-existent balcony which Max believed to be true.

Ausable complained that it was due to the balcony that somebody had entered his room the second time. After some time, there was a knock at the door. Ausable again befooled Max by saying that it was the police who wanted to come inside to provide him protection. Max wanted to run away to avoid the police and jumps to his death into that non-existent balcony.

Meanwhile, the bearer brought two glasses and a bottle of drink. Fowler was taken aback by the quick wit and intelligence of Ausable.

The Midnight Visitor Summary Questions and Answers

The Midnight Visitor Summary Question 1.
Why did Fowler want to meet Ausable? Why was he disappointed?
Fowler was a young romantic writer. He loved adventure and thrill. He was always interested in knowing the lives of secret agents. He wanted to meet Ausable who was on a secret assignment. He was a little disappointed when he found nothing mysterious and romantic in Ausable. Ausable, in fact, was a fat, ordinary person.

The Midnight Visitor Summary Class 12 Question 2.
Who was Henry? What role did he play in Ausable’s plans?
Henry was a waiter at the French hotel where Ausable had a room. He played a vital role in helping Ausable’s plan as it was Henry’s knock at the door which frightened Max as he mistook it to be a policeman at the door. This confusion forced Max to jump from the window assuming it to be a balcony and hence helping Ausable’s plan to get rid of Max.

Summary Of The Midnight Visitor Question 3.
What was someone expected to bring to Ausable’s room?
Ausable expected to get a very important report about missiles, which was to be delivered to him after midnight.

12th English The Midnight Visitor Summary Question 4.
Why was Ausable angry with the hotel’s management?
Ausable pretended to be angry with the hotel management because they had not paid any attention to the balcony that was a safety threat for him. In fact, he fabricated a story about the non-existent balcony to trap Max.

Midnight Visitor Summary Question 5.
How did Max enter the room? Why did he do so?
Max entered Ausable’s room through the main door, using a pass key. He wanted to take the important report from Ausable. Therefore, he decided to give a shock to Ausable. He thought it would be easy to overpower Ausable by giving him a shock.

Summary Of Midnight Visitor Question 6.
Was there a balcony outside the window? Give instances from the text in support of your answer.
There was no balcony outside the window. The following lines show that there was no balcony:
“And then as he dropped, he screamed once shrilly.” „
“But what about the man on the balcony?” Fowler asked “No” said Ausable, “he won’t ever return.” Thus, we know that the man had died after jumping from the 6th floor.

The Midnight Visitor Class 12 Question 7.
Did Fowler find this episode thrilling or disappointing? Give a reason for your answer.
Fowler found this episode quite thrilling. In the beginning, he was not impressed by the personality of Ausable who did not fit as a secret agent. As he had read about the mysterious figures, the crack of pistols and drugs in wine, the fat Ausable did not impress him much.

But he was not able to believe the quick answer and smartness of Ausable. The whole episode appeared to be quite unbelievable.

The Midnight Visitor Short Summary Question 8.
Why did Ausable ask Fowler to cheer up?
Ausable knew that Fowler wanted to see something mysterious and romantic. Ausable asked him to cheer up as he was going to receive an important report concerning some new missiles. Many people had risked their lives. Therefore, there could be some drama in his room.

Midnight Visitor Class 12 Question 9.
What story did Ausable fabricate about the balcony?
He told Fowler that the balcony in his room had become a nuisance for him. He told him that his room used to be the part of a large unit and through the balcony any one could come to his room as the adjoining room was empty.

12th English The Midnight Visitor Paragraph Question 10.
How do you know that Ausable was a clever secret agent?
Ausable was really a clever secret agent as is evident from the story. He told a false story about the existence of a non-existent balcony. Knowing very well that the waiter was knocking at the door, he told him about the police.