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Three Men in a Boat Chapter 13 Summary

Description of Marlow and Bisham Abbey. The antics of Montmorency and nature offox terriers in general. Shopping for provisions and their dislike of using river water explained. Harris falls into a ditch and blames George and the author for his fall.

The author described the beauties of the area around Marlow. He also described the attractions of the Bisham Abbey, which came to the right bank of the river. The next morning, they woke up early and went for a bath before breakfast.

On their way back to the inn, Montmorency saw a cat crossing the road and sprang after it. Instead of running, the cat sat down in the middle of the street and stared back at Montmorency. This seemed to confuse him and he returned to the author quietly.

The author also explained that the innate nature of fox terriers was to make trouble, and cited an incident where a young lady had brought her fox terrier to the store and had tied it up near the other dogs who were sitting there peacefully. Within minutes the terrier had started a war among the dogs.

The friends spent the morning shopping for food and other necessities and were followed by an impressive procession of shop boys carrying various packages, as they made their way to the boat. The author also explained why he disliked steam launches and how they managed to annoy such boats throughout the trip.

When the three were near Hambledon Lock, they found that their store of water was low, so they asked for water at a house nearby. However, the man simply asked them to take some river water, which they were not keen on doing. The author related an incident later, where they had tried river water to make their tea once, but just as the tea was ready, however, they had seen a peaceful looking dead dog floating down the river and had to throw away the tea.

A while later, they stopped for lunch halfway up the backwater near Wargrave. They were just getting ready to carve a pie, when George and the author looked away briefly. When they looked back, Harris and the pie seemed to have disappeared! Just as they were considering the possibilities of him having been swallowed by the earth, his head became visible. He had fallen into a ditch just behind where he had been sitting. He was convinced that it had all been planned by the author and George, no matter how much they protested their innocence.