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Three Men in a Boat Chapter 3 Summary

Discussions on what they required for their trip. Reaching the common consensus to list only things they could not do without. The next morning, the three friends continued to plan their trip. The author described Harris’ idea of ‘working’ as that of taking a burden and putting it on other people’s backs.

He then likened Harris’ style of working to that of his Uncle Podger trying to put up a picture on the wall. He would get the entire household involved in the simple task of hammering a nail in the wall to hang up a picture and still not manage to do a good job.

When they finally began to make a list, they considered so many things to be essential that it would be impossible to fit them all on the boat. The author briefly commented on the common tendency to overload a boat (or indeed, their lives) with unnecessary things. Then, George suggested that instead of listing everything they could use, they should instead make a list of all the things they could not do without.

George suggested taking a boat with a cover instead of a tent. They then listed a few essentials including tooth powder, rugs and towels. The author then remarked that no matter how many arrangements people make for bathing at the river, they never really bathe much when they are there.

He also shared his experience of a morning dip at the seaside, which he suffered through but had to pretend that he enjoyed it, later. George also suggested taking only two suits of clothes each, along with plenty of socks and handkerchiefs.