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Three Men in a Boat Chapter 7 Summary

Their passage through Moulsey locks. The author’s comments on fashion and the dressing sense of people and the apparent lack of it in most people, including his friends. Harris ’ wish to visit a tomb and the events leading to him falling in the food hamper.

As the author and Harris passed through Moulsey Lock, they were surprised to see that there were hardly any other boats on the river at that point. On Sundays, according to the author, there were so many boats on the river that it became hard to see the water at all. It seemed as though all the inhabitants of the nearby areas would descend on the river, in their boating clothes, to enjoy their Sunday.

The author then commented on the dressing sense of the people. He shared his opinion that both Harris and George did not seem to have much sense of what colour suited them the best. He also related an incident when two ladies went boating with them, wearing boating dresses inspired by a Parisian fashion magazine. Throughout the trip, the girls were so concerned about saving their dresses from the dirt and the water that they were unable to enjoy the outing.

The author’s stories were interrupted by Harris, who wanted to visit a nearby tomb, of a lady he knew nothing about. The author commented on the strangeness of the fact that many people seemed to like visiting tombs and graves. He tried to distract Harris from his desire to see the tomb by reminding him that they had to meet George at five o’clock.

Harris then declared that George did not really do any work at all and that his job was just to sit behind a glass window in the bank all day. He also declared that he wanted a drink. The author reminded him that they had lemonade in the hamper. When Harris went to get it, he forgot that he still had the steering lines in his hand, and the boat landed on the river bank. The impact made Harris fall straight into the hamper, with his legs in the air.