Three Questions Extra Questions and Answers Class 7 English Honeycomb

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Three Questions Extra Questions and Answers Class 7 English Honeycomb

Three Questions Extra Questions and Answers Short Answer Type

Three Questions Class 7 Extra Questions Question 1.
Why did the king send two messengers throughout his kingdom?
The king sent his messengers throughout his kingdom to look for wise people.

Three Questions Extra Questions Question 2.
How did the king promise to reward the person who would answer his questions correctly?
The king promised to reward the person with a huge sum of money. If anyone gave suitable answer to his question.

Three Questions Class 7 Questions And Answers Question 3.
Where did the king find place?
The king finally found solace by seeking the hermits advice who lived in a distant jungle.

Ncert Solutions For Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 1 Extra Questions Question 4.
Where did the hermit live?
The hermit lived in the forest

Extra Questions Of Three Questions Question 5.
Why did the king refuse to give reward to anyone?
The king was not satisfied with the answers of the wise men. They all had given different answers to the same questions because of which he was unable to come to a conclusion, so he refused giving the reward to anyone.

Three Questions Extra Questions And Answers Question 6.
What had compelled the king to leave his guards and horse?
The king knew that the hermit meet only ordinary man so left behind his horse and bodyguards and went to meet the hermit in his hut in the woods all alone.

Extra Questions For Three Questions Question 7.
What do you gathered about the wise hermit from the lesson?
The hermit was a weak old man and used to live amidst the woods which he would never leave. He was digging the ground in front of his hut for sowing seeds when king arrived and the tedious task had made him tired.

Extra Questions For Class 7 English Chapter 1 Three Questions Question 8.
Who was the intruder? What made him visit the hermit?
The intruder was enemy of the king he had planned to attack the king but was instead attacked by the king’s bodyguards, as they had recognized him. He had received a wound in his stomach. He was rushing towards the hermit’s hut for help.

The Three Questions Extra Questions Question 9.
Why did the king want to know answers to three questions?
The king wanted to know answers of his three questions because he wanted to be a successful ruler.

Three Questions Questions And Answers Question 10.
Messengers were sent throughout the kingdom
(i) to fetch wise men.
(ii) to find answers to the questions.
(iii) to look for the wise hermit.
(iv) to announce a reward for those who could answer the questions.
Mark your choice.
(ii) to find answers to the questions.

Three Questions Extra Questions and Answers Long Answer Type

Three Questions Class 7 Extra Questions And Answers Question 1.
What were the replies the king received for his first question?
In reply to his first question, the king was advised to follow a timetable by some men. There were some people who were of the opinion that it was impossible to decide the right time in advance. The king was suggested to keep a note of all happenings around him, avoid indulging in excessive pleasure and do everything that seemed important at any particular time. Along with this he should have a team of intelligent people to guide to him to the right thing at the right time.

Extra Questions On Three Questions Question 2.
King has right sense of judgement. Do you agree or not? Give examples in support of your answer.
The king wanted to be a good ruler and has a fair sense of judgement. He was seeking answers for the three questions which he thought would help him in his mission. The king was kindhearted, when he found the old man tired of digging the ground, he offered him his help. He kept on bandaging the bearded man’s wound until blood stopped coming out from it. He was down to earth, he dressed up like a common man spent the night sleeping on floor at the hermit hut. He forgive the wrong and promised to help him in every possible way.

Class 7 English Chapter 1 Extra Questions Question 3.
The king is the main character of the story. Explain giving three examples.
The whole story revolves around the king. The king had known the hermit’s nature of meeting only ordinary men. So, he gave up his king’s attire, left behind his soldiers and the horse and went alone to meet him. He offered the hermit his help in digging the ground. He did this till evening. This helped him avoid the attack planned by the bearded man. He helped the bearded man bandaging his wound and offered him water. He saved his life. This helped him made friends with his enemy.

Question 4.
Do you think we should help people in need? Why so?
We should always help people in need. We have been sent to this world to do good to others. If we are good and kind towards other, people will respect us for our kindness. Being kind and helpful keeps us happy from within. We feel happiness when we bring smile on the face of others. We earn their good wishes and blessings in return; It makes us a good human being. To help others is the greatest motto of humanity and we should adhere to it. The king is an embodiment of humanity and kindness. What more can be learnt from him.

Question 5.
The king helped the hermit digging the beds. He even slept on the floor of the hut and lived like a simple man in the hermit hut. What lesson we learnt from this?
The lung wasn’t carried away with immature suggestions of his courtiers. The king found the old hermit tried digging the beds so he offered his help to the man. He was accustomed of comfort and lavishness in his palace still at hermit’s home he slept on the floor. At our homes we get all the luxuries but if one day there comes a situation where we have to live without them we should be prepared for that. At the end, we must say that he was an embodiment of intellect humility and decisive in true sense.

Question 6.
Why was the king Advised to go to magicians?
Some of the wise men thought that in order to decide right time for doing something, one must look into the future and only magicians were able to do that. So, they advised the king to go to the magicians.

Question 7.
In answer to the second question, whose‘advice did the people say would be important to the king?
In answers to the second questions, some said that the people most necessary to the king were his councillors, other said, the priests. A few others chose the doctors. And yet others said that soldiers were the most necessary.

Question 8.
What suggestions were made in answer to the third question?
In answer to the third questions, some said that the most important thing was science. Others said fighting and yet others chose religious worship.

Question 9.
Did the wise men win the rewards? If not, why?
No, the wise men didn’t win the reward because their answers were so different from each other and king was not satisfied with their answers.

Question 10.
How did the king and the hermit help the wounded man?
The king and the hermit helped the wounded man by providing him the shelter and protected from the army. The king washed and covered the would of the man with his handkerchief. But the blood would not stop flowing. The king re-dressed the wound until it stopped bleeding. They took him to hut for taking rest and king also gave him fresh water after being relaxed.

Question 11.
(i) Who was the bearded mem?
(ii) Why did he ask for the king’s forgiveness?
(i) The bearded man was an enemy of the king. He wanted to take revenge of his brother’s death by killing the king and taking away all his property.
(ii) The bearded man asked for the king’s forgiveness because he wanted to kill but the king has saved his life. He was grateful to the king now.

Question 12.
The king forgave the bearded man. What did he do to show his forgiveness?
The king forgave the man. He showed his forgiveness by telling him that he would send his servants and his own doctor to look after him. He also promised to give back the man his property.

Question 13.
What were the hermit’s answers to the three questions? Write each answer separately. Which answer do you like most, and why?
In answer to king’s first question the hermit said that there is only one important time ‘Now’. It is the only time when you have power to act. In answer to king’s second question, the hermit said that the most important person is the one with whom we are at the present. In response to king’s second question, the hermit answered that the most important things to do is to do that person good. I like the answers of the first question the most because time has the supreme power. It can take you to height if you do something good and can also make you fall on ground if you won’t act in presence. One should live and act according to present.

Three Questions Extra Questions and Answers Reference to Context

Question 1.
In reply to the first question, some said the king must prepare a timetable, and then follow it strictly. Only in this way, they said, could he do everything at its proper time. Others said that it was impossible to decide in advance the right time for doing something. The king should notice all that was going on, avoid foolish pleasures, and always do whatever seemed necessary at that time. Yet others said that the king needed a council of wise men who would help him act at the proper time. This was because one man would find it impossible to decide correctly, without help from others, the right time for every action.

(i) What was the advice of people on making timetable?
(ii) What was the reason of opposing the timetable?
(iii) In their opinion, what the king should do?
(iv) How would the council of wise men be help to the king?
(v) What is a ‘council’?
(i) They advised him to prepare timetable to complete everything on time.
(ii) A few people opposed it because they felt that it was impossible to decide in advance for doing something;
(iii) The king should avoid pleasure and always be vigilante.
(iv) The council of wise men would give advice to the king to decide correctly for every action.
(v) It is a group of people chosen to give advice.

Question 2.
The hertnit lived in a wood which he never left. He saw no one but simple people, and so the king put on ordinary clothes. Before he reached the hermit’s hut the king left his horse with his bodyguard, and went on alone. As the king came near the hermit’s hut, he saw the hermit digging the ground in front of his hut. He greeted the king and continued digging. The hermit was old and weak, and as he worked, he breathed heavily.

(i) Where did the hermit live?
(ii) Why did the king choose to wear ordinary clothes?
(iii) What was the hermit doing when the king visit him?
(iv) Why was he breathing heavily?
(v) Convert the adjective for “heavy’ into adverb.
(i) The hermit lived in a jungle.
(ii) The hermit saw simple people only, so the king put on simple clothes to visit him.
(iii) The hermit was digging the ground in front of his hut when the king visited him.
(iv) He was breathing heavily while digging the grounds, because he was old and weak.
(v) Heavily.

Question 3.
The king turned round and saw a bearded man running towards them. His hands were pressed against his stomach, from which blood was flowing. When he reached the king he fainted and fell to the ground. The king and the hermit removed the man’s clothing and found a large wound in his stomach. The king washed and covered it with his handkerchief, but the blood would not stop flowing. The king re-dressed the wound until at last the bleeding stopped.

(i) Whom did the king see when he turned around?
(ii) What happened to the man?
(iii) What did the king do to stop blood flowing?
(iv) Had the efforts of the king to stop blood paid off?
(v) Who is a ‘Hermit’?
(i) The king saw a bearded man running toward him.
(ii) The man was injured and when he reached the king, he fainted.
(iii) The king washed the wound and covered it with his handkerchief.
(iv) Yes, the efforts of the king had paid off. The king dressed his wound until the bleeding stopped.
(v) Hermit is a person who lives in solitude.

Question 4.
“You do not know me, but I know you. I am that enemy of yours who swore revenge on you, because you put my brother to death and seized my property. I knew you had gone alone to see that hermit, and I made up my mind to kill you on your way home. But the day passed and you did not return. So I left my hiding-place, and I came upon your bodyguard, who recognised me and wounded me. I escaped from him but I should have died if you had not dressed my wounds. I wished to kill you, and you have saved my life. Now, if I live, I will serve you as your most faithful servant and will order my sons to do the same. Forgive me!”

(i) Why did he call the Jing his‘enemy’?
(ii) Where did he decide to kill the king?
(iii) Why did he come out of his hiding place?
(iv) What did body guards do when they recognized him?
(i) Write past participle of ‘forgive’.
(ii) The king was his enemy as he killed his brother and seized his property. He decided to kill the king on his way back home.
(iii) He waited for long but the king did not come out of the hermit’s hut. So when he in his desperation came out of his hiding place.
(iv) The bodyguards attacked him and wounded him.
(v) Forgiven.