Verb Worksheet For Class 3This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Verbs Worksheet Exercises for Class 3 CBSE with Answers PDF

  • The words which show what someone or something does are called doing words. A doing word is called a verb.
  • Examples: Eat, sleep, dance, sing, run, fly, clap, touch, walk, play etc. are called verbs.
  • Is, Am, Are are different ways of saying be. They are called main verb when they are alone. I am a boy.
  • We use is and are to show actions taking place in present.
  • To talk about actions taking place in the present, or are still going on, we use a helping verb + doing word +ing.
    For example: She is reading a book.
  • Is it used with he, she, it. Am is used with I and Are is used with we, you, they.
  • Doing words also talk about something that has happened in the past. Here, verbs end with -ed or -d.
  • For example: walk- walked, sail- sailed, dance- danced, chase- chased
  • The verbs was and were are also forms of the verb be. We use was and were to show the events that happened in the past.
  • We use Was with he, she, it and Were with we, you, they.
  • We use has and have to show that a thing belongs to someone.
  • We use Have with I, we and they. Examples: I have. We have, They have
  • Has is used for singular nouns and pronouns. Have is used for plural nouns and pronouns.
  • Had is used to show that something belonged to someone or some other thing in the past.
  • We use Had for things that happened to people or affected them.

Verbs Worksheet for Grade 3 with Answers CBSE PDF

Verbs Worksheet For Class 3
A. Underline the verb in each sentence.

1. We live in an apartment on the boulevard.
2. Some children learn very fast.
3. We go for swimming lessons on Sunday.
4. I like my new bike.
5. Babies sometimes sleep during the day.
6. My dad buys a newspaper every morning.

Verb Exercise For Class 3
B. Complete the following sentences by writing ‘is’, ‘am’ or ‘are’ in the blanks.

1. The weather ___________ pleasant today.
2. All the children ___________ on the playground.
3. Boys! You ___________ always late for class.
4. You ___________ in the basketball team, too.
5. Nobody in my class ___________ interested in football.
6. This computer ___________ more expensive than that one.
7. Sally ___________ my best friend.
8. Mom and dad ___________ downstairs watching television.

Verb For Class 3
C. Write “was’ or ‘were’ in the blanks in the following passage.

It ___________ a beautiful day and there ___________ n’t a cloud in the sky. Mom, dad and I ___________ in the garden. Dad ___________ in the vegetable garden planting some seeds and Mom and I ___________ busy with other jobs. The day ___________ hot and soon I ___________ feeling very tired. Mom and dad ___________ not tired at all. They went on working for a long time. I ___________ glad when it ___________ time to go inside and have a drink.

Verbs For Class 3
D. Fill in the blanks with is, am, or are along withing to complete the following sentences.

1. Hurry up! We ___________ for you. (wait)
2. That child ___________ bigger everyday. (get)
3. I ___________ for the shops to open. (wait)
4. I ___________ Jane tomorrow. (see)
5. My sister ___________ in Europe for the moment. (live)
6. His dad and brother ___________ (cycle) to the shops.
7. Two people ___________ (cook) dinner on the beach.
8. We ___________ (sit) in the classroom.

Verb Class 3
E. Add -ed to the following words.

Arrive ___________
Work ___________
Open ___________
Start ___________
Laugh ___________
Walk ___________

Helping Verbs Worksheet For Class 3
F. Fill in the following blanks with ‘has’ or ‘have’ and add -ed to the verb.

1. They ___________ (to clean) the house.
2. She ___________ (to close) the windows.
3. The man ___________ (to live) in London.
4. The policeman ___________ (to follow) the thief.
5. The cat ___________ (to chase) the bird.
6. We ___________ (to lift) the box.

Verbs Exercise For Class 3
G. Complete the following sentences with ‘had’ along with hints given in the box.

been – eaten – given – gone – had – known

1. We ___________ to the cinema before, (to be)
2. The pupils ___________ to the gym. (to go)
3. They ___________ already ___________ breakfast, (to eat)
4. Manju ___________ Gagan before the party, (to know)
5. Payal ___________ him the tip. (to give)