Vowels And Consonants Worksheets With Answers
This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used. https://ncertmcq.com/vowels-and-consonants-exercise-for-class-2/

Vowels and Consonants Worksheet Exercises for Class 2 Examples with Answers CBSE


  • Letters that can be spoken alone are called vowels.
  • Letters which cannot be spoken alone are called consonants.
  • The letters A E IO U are called vowels.
  • The letters B C D F G H J K L M N P Q R S T V W X Y Z are called consonants.

Read the picture story.
A balloon seller came in the colony and children love to have for each.

A balloon seller comes to the colony.
Vowels And Consonants For Class 2

He gives a red balloon to Arun and a yellow balloon to Mita.
Vowels Worksheet For Class 2

“Where is mine?”, asks Raju.
Vowels Exercise For Class 2

Vowel Worksheet For Class 2
A. Answer the following questions from the story given above.

1. Who comes to the colony? ______________________
2. Which balloon does the balloon seller give to Mita? ______________________
3. Who gets the blue balloon? ______________________

Vowels And Consonants Exercise For Class 2
B. Underline the vowels and circle the consonants in the following words.

Balloon – Yellow – Red – Blue – Seller

Vowels For Class 2
C. Add vowels to the following letters to correctly spell the name of an animal. Write the name of the animal in the blanks. The first one has been done for you.

1. Ms Mouse
2. Brd _____________
3. Lmb _____________
4. Hrs _____________
5. Snk _____________
6. Tgr _____________
7. Rbbt _____________

Vowels and Consonants Worksheets for Grade 2 with Answers CBSE PDF

A. Colour the candy red if it has a vowel in it. Yellow if it has a consonant in it.
Vowel And Consonant Exercise

B. Fill in the blanks with the missing vowels and consonants.
Exercises On Vowels And Consonants