Article Writing Class 11

♦ Articles of a News Paper:

An article expresses opinion on current affairs, national and international issues, social matters, student related affairs. This composition explores and analyses the given subject and draws conclusions.

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used. Students can also read NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English to get good marks in CBSE Board Exams.

Article Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Samples, Topics

Article Writing Isc Class 11

Articles and speeches express the personal opinions of the writer. Input for an article/speech may be in the form of verbal/visual input. The output may be descriptive or argumentative.

Why articles are written

  • To present information on a variety of themes (describing an event, person and his life and actions; places; experiences; opinions on topics of social interest; arguments for or against a topic) in a long and sustained piece of writing.
  • To pass on such information in a wide range of contexts (magazine – general, school, newspaper).

What an article should contain

  • a title that is eye-catching and encapsulates the theme
  • a byline
  • content that is clear, accurate, and offers a balanced view of issues
  • paragraphs that
    (a) introduce the theme
    (b) bring out the cause-effect relationship in two to three paragraphs
    (c) include conclusion, suggestions, personal observations, predictions
  • originality of ideas
  • logical arrangement of ideas.

♦ Verbal Input: Descriptive

Article Writing Format Class 11 Question 1.
There was an occasion when you had to make a healthy and easily digestible dish for your mother who had just been discharged from hospital. You decided to make a single dish complete meal for her and the family. You made soup for her which had proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. You followed the given instructions.

Heat 1 tablespoon butter in a pan – add cumin seeds blackpepper, chopped onion, ginger, garlic – stir for a minute – add chopped carrots (1/2 cup), potato 1/2 cup. – stir for a minute – cover and cook on low flame till tender (approx. 5 minutes) – add 1/2 cup chopped tomato – add cooked arhar daal (2 cups) and 4 cups water and salt. Simmer oil for 2 minutes – blend – remove from fire – Squeeze juice of a lemon-garnish with cubes of toasted bread and serve.

Describe in an article in 150-200 words how you made the dish. Write in the first person.

My Adventure in the Kitchen

I wish to put on the record today my first venture into the kitchen which turned out to be a huge success. I am to say that the school tennis champion and merit scholarship winner, yours truly, was a phenomenal success in the kitchen as well.

My mother had just come home after a knee replacement surgery and was confined to bed. I had to prepare a meal for the entire family. I decided on a single dish meal. I found the mother’s recipe book, search the fridge, and started on my maiden efforts.

I heated one tablespoon butter in a large pan and added some cumin seeds and pepper. I took all ingredients in the quantities indicated. Chopped the vegetables and kept everything handy. Then I added the chopped onion, ginger, garlic. After a minute, I added the chopped carrots and potatoes and cooked them on low flame till they were tender. Then it was time to cook the tomatoes. Next, I added the cooked arhar daal from the fridge along with water and salt. Then I used the hand blender and the soup cooked and smelled delicious.

I squeezed a lime on the soup and put some toasted bread cubes. The smile on my mother’s face was my reward.

♦ Analysis:

This is an informal composition; the language match the subject.

1. Heading: The heading attracts, attention because of the use of the word ‘Adventure.’ Kitchen is not an expected location of adventure. The heading also suggests that the writer does not normally work in the kitchen.
2. Paragraph 1: The opening sentence shows the writer positivity by the use of words likes to put on record, a huge success. The second sentence establishes the writer’s personality as a talented and confident person willing to take up challenges.
3. Paragraph 2: This paragraph gives the background of the need to work in the kitchen. It lays the foundation for a smooth narrative.
4. Paragraph 3: This paragraph contains the main narrative of the article. It makes use of .the verbal input given in the question and gives a step-by-step description of the activity. This is the most important paragraph of the composition.
5. Paragraph 4: This paragraph is in the nature of a conclusion. The cheerful, positive note of the
the first paragraph is confirmed again by the last sentence.

Article Class 11 Question 2.
In almost all big cities in the country, there is a mushroom growth of slums. Here millions of people live in inhuman conditions. Write an article for your school magazine in 150-200 words about this problem and suggest steps to deal with it. You are Sneh/Bharat of Class XI D. [NCT 2018]

Our Neglected Slums

The Hollywood movie ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ brought India’s slums to the notice of the world as did the voluminous novel ‘Shantaram’, both created by foreigners. Slums are an ugly blot on the shining face of ‘New India’ and need urgent correction.

“Each’ city has its own slums, but their character is more or less the same. They all have a narrow pervasive foul stench, the total absence of hygiene or a regular supply of electricity and water. We can say, ‘If there is hell on earth. It is Here, It is Here It is Here’.

The reasons for the mushroom growth of slums are easy to understand. Lack of livelihood in the villages, mass migration to the cities, lack of housing for the poor, apathy of administrators and lack of will among the politician are some common reasons. This vicious mindset need to be broken, slums need to be replaced with decent dwelling clusters with essential basic facilities. Their dearth of funds, only proper planning and honest implementation of the plans is needed.

Imaginative government initiatives can harness the energies and talents of the slum dwellers themselves. Dharavi of Mumbai produces fine leather goods, Macchi Mar Nagar supply seafood to the city and outside.

Only a combined effort of the authorities and the common people can solve the formidable problem. Bharat.

Class 11 Article Writing Question 3.
Besides bringing foreign exchange, tourism promotes nationalism and internationalism. Write an article on the ‘Importance of Tourism’. You are Kaushiki/Ketan. [150-200 words] [NCT 2017]

Importance of Tourism
by Kaushik Sinha

In modern times, the importance of tourism has grown astronomically. Apart from leisure tourism, one hears of business and medical tourism too. Tourism has now become a global activity. All countries organise festivals and special attractions to invite tourists. Dubai and Singapore host shopping festivals for the same purpose.

Our country is rich in tourist attractions apart from historical sights, there is rich art and culture to be sampled. The festivals organised by the government or private agencies showcase our arts and handicrafts, music and dance, food and beverages and are immensely popular among foreigners and Indians. They bring in foreign exchange and are a major step in preserving our crafts and traditions. Besides, in India there is currently an upsurge in domestic tourism. Indians travel to distant parts of the country to taste the sights and delights of Goa, Kanya Kumari etc. The tourism industry now provides expensive as well as Bridget resorts and is a great provider of jobs.

Article Writing For Class 11 Question 4.
Write an article titled “Joint Family – A Boon to the Growing Child”, to be published in your school magazine in 150-200 words. You are Shashi/Shashibala.

Joint Family-a Boon to the Growing Child
by Shashibala (XIC)

“I love the days when my grandparents are with us. Unfortunately, they have to go back to their old house in UP., as our flat is too small for all of us.”

Living space is just one of the factors that have forced families to break up into nuclear families. The non-availability of jobs in small towns, the high cost of living in large towns, the need of good education for children are some of the other reasons why India’s age-old system of joint families is disintegrating. But in the rat race of modern life, the worst affected are the growing children.

The needs of growing children are complex. They need special nutrition. Their mind which gets bewildered with increasing exposure to the adult world needs guidance. Their emotions, which are in turmoil, need reassurance. Above all, they need somebody they trust to be available to them when they need it. Surely parents are the best people to fulfill these needs.

The pressures of modern life, however, rob the parents of the time and energy they should give to the children. Who can fill the need better than grandparents who have unlimited love and wisdom for their grandchildren?

Article Writing Class 11 Pdf Question 5.
You are Ashok/Asha of class XI. Recently many interschool competitions and matches have been organised in your zone. Write an article on the importance of participating in games and sports highlighting the dictum, ‘A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body’. (Word limit: 150-200 words)

Importance of Games for Students
by Asha (XIA)

In order to promote the all-round growth of students, schools lay the same stress on games and sports as on academics. Physical fitness is in fact an important part of the curriculum. In all schools, games are part of the regular timetable and a games teacher is an inevitable faculty member.

A games period and a games teacher are not enough to ensure physical development. Children should be given training informal games like cricket, football, basketball, etc. and competitions arranged at many levels. The intra-school competitions among Houses most effectively serve their purpose because they ensure the participation of every student. Inter-school, zonal and national competitions are for the more skilled sportsmen.

It is important that students make use of these facilities and opportunities. Sports impart physical fitness, a team spirit and habits of fair play. Even intellectual ability is heightened if the body is fit because “a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.” Sports are essential for promoting integrated personality development.

Article For Class 11 Question 6.
Latika, a student of class XI, is very much impressed on viewing the role of Metro Rail in Delhi in controlling air pollution and traffic jams by providing a world-class facility of transportation. She decides to write an article for the school magazine. Write her article in 150-200 words.

Metro Rail – A Dream Come True
by Latika (XIA)

Metro Rail is an unmixed blessing for Delhiites. It has given them freedom from the discomfort of travelling on the road. It has offered a clean and comfortable alternative at affordable prices.

The Metro is a giant step in giving Delhi the look of a modern city. The Metro stations are clean, the service punctual and dependable. People have learned to use escalators, to walk in a line. Compare a journey by Metro to one by a bus, a three-wheeler or a car. In the Metro, you are spared the interminable delays at traffic lights, the impolite blowing of horns and above all the nauseating fumes from other vehicles. Even if you have to stand and travel in the Metro, there is no pushing or jostling. If you are a senior citizen, invariably you are offered a seat by a middle-aged person (our youngsters still have to learn genuine helpful courtesy). In any case, the air conditioning saves you from the sweltering, exhausting heat on the roads.

It is up to Delhiites to keep this beautiful service clean and comfortable. They should be as proud of their Metro as Kolkatans are of theirs.

Article For Class 11th Question 7.
You are really worried about environmental degradation. Pollution is increasing day by day and is posing a great threat to the environment and mankind. Ozone layer is getting depleted. Write an article on ‘Environmental Pollution – a Global Problem’ in 150-200 words.

Environmental Pollution – A Global Problem

The developed nations are alarmed at the global warming, the pollution of the oceans; the developing nations have their rivers full of poisons and land with pesticides; the underdeveloped are caught in a cycle of drought and flood. These are just a few manifestations of environmental pollution. It is worldwide. The air, water, and earth have been polluted by the deadliest of all species that live on earth – the homo sapiens were also known as human beings.

What are the factors behind this devastating phenomenon? Mainly greed and irresponsibility. In some regions, it is the overuse of traditional methods of cultivation like clearing forests for planting. Another cause is the overriding thirst for development and growth, which has brought about plunder of even the oceans and deserts.

Whatever the causes, the havoc has to be stopped. The air must be made clean again for the lungs of our youngsters, the water for our fields and cattle, and the soil for crops, plants, and trees. We need to leave tips planet wholesome and benign for the future generations.

Article Topics For Class 11 Question 8.
Write an article for your school magazine, justifying the need for education of girls in the country for national development. Write this article in 150-200 words.

Education for Girls
by XYZ (XIB)

Mahatma Gandhi said, “When you educate a man, you educate an individual, but when you educate a woman, you educate the whole family.” Gandhiji was looking at the most important role of a woman-that of a homemaker and a mother. Today, the roles of women are far more diverse and women need to be suitably educated.

Today, women have entered the fields that were considered male bastions like industry, science, space travel, armed forces, police and sports. They compete at international levels and bring laurels to the country.

Even the average woman, the housewife or the career woman, needs to be educated to keep pace with the fast-moving times. Professionally, she needs to know the latest in her field. If at home, the woman must know facts about hygiene, nutrition, budgeting, etc.

If we do not educate our women, half of the nation will remain backward and be a hurdle to economic growth and development.

Article Format Class 11 Question 9.
You have to write an article for your school magazine on “Good Manners”. Using the ideas given below along with your own ideas, write in 150-200 words:

Good Manners
by ABC (XIA)

Good manners are in greater danger of disappearing than the ozone layer. Rudeness and impoliteness seem to be the new style of interacting with people.
(Develop into sentences)

A rude encounter makes one unhappy-politeness makes life easy-ask rudely and ordinary things will be refused, ask politely and difficult favours will be gained-rudeness among the young is particularly painful to grown-up people.

Possible reasons for rudeness can be increasing pressures of modern life, breaking down of traditional values, increasing self-centered thinking in young people.

Good manners need to be brought back.

Article Writing Class 11th Question 10.
As the new Head Boy/Head Girl of the school, you wish to improve discipline among the students.
You have to address the school assembly. You wish to point out the importance of discipline for a student at school and at home. Write your speech in 150-200 words, showing how virtues like punctuality, regularity, obedience, cleanliness, politeness, etc. come automatically if students observe basic discipline.

Discipline – The Key to Success
by ABC

Develop these hints into complete sentences.

Respected Principal, teachers, and dear friends,

How did you reach school today? By bus, car, cycle, or on foot? Did you thank the people who
made it possible for you to reach school? No. You probably did not know that it was because of the disciplined behaviour of many people that you could reach the school.

Any activity in life needs discipline-running a home, running an institution, running your own life.

For learning any skill, art, acquiring knowledge, discipline is inevitable. Discipline means living and – working within a framework of rules.

Other virtues to follow discipline are punctuality, regularity, cleanliness, obedience, politeness, etc.

Thank you

Class 11 Article Question 11.
Suddenly, there is a boom in tourism within the country. Families, students, couples, and just about everybody set out, to explore the country. Pilgrimages are priority destinations, followed closely by mountain and seaside resorts. Write an article for a newspaper about this phenomenon, highlighting the adventure, fun, and cultural enrichment that is gained by tourists. Your article should be in 150-200 words. You may give the heading “Indians on the Move.”

Indians on the Move
by XYZ (XIA)

Gone is the image of the home-loving Indian who wants to spend his holiday restfully at home.

Come holiday time, and it is impossible to get any train or air reservation for any destination. Wanderlust is not a new phenomenon. Pilgrimages to holy places have always been there and today too they are popular family excursions. Besides, more and more people now head for mountain and seaside resorts. People living along the coast wish to see the glory of the Himalayas and north Indians wish to look at the majestic expanse of the sea and frolic on the beaches.

Holiday excursions are extremely enriching in many ways. Apart from fun and enjoyment, they strengthen the love of the country. Tourists get first-hand exposure to the culture of different regions.

Nothing broadens the outlook like travel.

Articles For Class 11 Question 12.
Television entertainment is big business. Periodically, TV companies organize talent hunts which are profitable to them as well as to young boys and girls who get an opportunity to display their
singing, acting, dancing and modelling talents.

Write an article for publication in your school magazine about how these shows are organised and offer new career options to talented youngsters. Your article should be in 150-200 words. Sign the article as Resham/Rashmi.

New Careers in Entertainment
bu Resham (XIA)

Television has invaded the homes of Indians like the spring breeze. It is entertaining, educative and a complete means of engaging our leisure hours. Television programme producers are always in search of new ideas to increase the popularity of their programmes.

The latest trend in television entertainment is to invite the participation of talented men, women, teenagers and children through various kinds of competitions. Through massive publicity, applications are invited. Rigorous screening of the entries ensures that only the most talented move ahead. With this begins a long series of elimination rounds. Each episode is watched with eagerness. Viewer participation is increased by asking for votes for the participants.

Then come the semifinal rounds which are extravaganzas. By the time the final episode comes
around, tension is high and finally, the winner is declared. A handsome offer is made to him/her and a new star shines on the entertainment sky.

True, the motive of television companies is purely to make money, but the talented youngsters also get a lucky break.

Class 11 English Article Writing Question 13.
Write an article about the impact of the revolution brought about by ‘Information Technology’ in India to be published in your school magazine, in 150-200 words.

Information Technology
by XYZ (XIA)

The meteoric rise in the application of Information Technology can only be compared to the use of electricity in our lives. This comparison will give an idea of the widespread use of Information Technology.

The IT revolution was brought about by the development and refinement of computers. By applying IT, survivors of ship-wrecks or plane crashes can be located.

The greatest impact can be seen in trade, industry and stock markets. Instant information has brought about a revolution in communication and therefore in the manner business is conducted the world over.

International connectivity has generated tremendous employment opportunities. India has benefitted greatly. She provides talented manpower to the developed nations and simultaneously takes big strides in her own economic growth.

The IT revolution is still evolving. The coming decades will unfold fascinating marvels.

Articles Class 11 Question 14.
Kajal/Kamal, a student of Class XI, Lovely Valley School, Shimla, feels depressed about the environmental pollution caused by vehicles, industries and people. She/He decides to write an article on ‘Pollution Control Drive’ for a national daily. Write this article in 150-200 words. j

Pollution Control Drive
by Kajal (XIA)

The earth wears a cloak of dust. Half an hour on the road is enough to cause irritation in the throat and a feeling of being suffocated. The dust just hangs in the air. Upon closer look, we find there is less dust and more smoke, chemicals, and poison in the air around us.

Today, the water tastes funny. It smells strange too. If you store it in a bucket, soon there will be sediments at the bottom. There are frequent outbreaks of gastroenteritis which claim several lives. The story of the soil is no different. It is polluted by chemicals and undegradable plastic and glass. Garbage makes the face of our cities ugly.

The common factor in this dismal scenario is human neglect. We do not take enough care of our life-supporting systems. Immediately a concentrated drive should be launched to prevent the pollution of water, air, and soil. Strict discipline and awareness among the masses are essential prerequisites. Remedial measures are needed to restore the purity of the elements. New rules have to be made and old rules have to be implemented.

Question 15.
You are Arpit/Arpita of Rukmani Devi Public School, Delhi, and commute to your school every day by the newly started Metro Rail. You notice the benefits of travelling by Metro and decide to write an article for a local newspaper on the same. Write your article in 15(1-200 words under the heading ‘Metro Rail-a boon for traffic.’

Metro Rail – A Boon for Traffic
by Arpit

Rukmani Devi Public School

Huge hoardings of Metro Rail declare it “A Dream Come True”. With Metro Rail, the city has stepped into the 21st century in style. The greatest benefit is the saving in time. I now reach my school in barely fifteen minutes which earlier took me forty-five minutes. While in Metro, the traveller is spared the misery of traffic jams as well as a lot of time is saved. The journey takes place in air-conditioned comfort. The announcements before each station keep the traveller informed.

I am greatly impressed by the cleanliness and efficiency of the system. The stations and trains are sparkling clean. Metro Rail is designed to be accident-free. The doors remain closed during the journey and open only at the stations.

I hope we maintain its cleanliness and are as proud of our Metro as Kolkatans are of theirs.

♦ Verbal Input: Argumentative

Question 1.
In a “Pollution-control Awareness” drive launched by your school, a student Kapil Mathur arrived at the conclusion that Delhi is the most polluted city in the world. He noted down certain causes as well as suggestions in his diary for writing an article for a school magazine. Use the following notes together with your own ideas. Write an article in 150-200 words for your school magazine.

Delhi: A Town Painted Black
by Kapil Mathur (IXC)

Emperor Shahjahan dreamt of a glorious city in red sandstone adorned with domes and spires when he shifted his capital from Agra to Delhi. The Red Fort and the Jama Masjid’s loveliness is seen today through a cloud of gases and other pollutants. The once beautiful Chandni Chowk is noisy, choked with garbage and filth, and the Yamuna a body of stinking unhealthy water.

Delhi ranks amongst the 100 most polluted cities in the world. It suffers from air, water, ground as well as noise pollution. One encounters choked drains, polluted drinking water and air filled with vehicular exhausts. Dust and chemicals settle in the lungs and spell disaster for the Delhiites.

Creating awareness is the first step to improve the situation through the ‘Pollution Awareness’ campaigns. Preventive measures should follow.

Question 2.
You are disturbed to read in the newspaper that there are still many communities in India which do not welcome the birth of a girl child. It has resulted in a shocking decline in the girl child population. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘Protect the Girl Child’ suggesting ways to curb discrimination against girls.

Protect the Girl Child
by XYZ

The images of Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga adorn our temples and homes. We worship these manifestations of prosperity, learning and power because we acknowledge that women are their embodiment. Yet, it is ironic that Indians do not want a girl child in their families. Traditionally, girls were probably a burden because of the huge dowry that was expected at the time of their marriage. Besides, a girl was not really considered a part of the family with whom parents could live in their old age or who could perform their last rites. So, girls were regarded as extra baggage to be thrown overboard as quickly as possible.

Now, it is time to shed the inhuman and unjust practice of female foeticide and infanticide. It has been seen that girls are as capable, intelligent and hardworking as boys. They deserve an equal chance with boys to be born, educated and cared for. In the 21st century, probably the Indian girls will be smarter than the boys in the family.

Question 3.
This year students of your school organised many campaigns to create awareness in society towards some social evils. The efforts of the students were appreciated by all. Write an article on the ‘Role of Students in National Development’ for publication in your school magazine. (150-200 words).

Role of Students in National Development
by ABC (XIB)

Our school is fully involved in the cause of educating the underprivileged. It is with good reason that the youth are called the hope of the nation.

We feel students of colleges and universities can be the most effective agents of national development. They are young, energetic and idealistic. They are not burdened with job responsibilities and can devote time. They may not have funds, but they have enthusiasm and will. Several NGOs and government agencies are willing to lend financial support to useful projects. In India, the avenues of work are unlimited. For students, the most appropriate field is imparting education to the underprivileged. Our school adopted a slum and twice a week, students of class XI took classes‘for women and children.

Working in the slums was another project of our students. The slum dwellers lived in squalid conditions having miserable health. Our students carried out cleanliness drive and gave basic instructions on hygiene.

National development can be achieved by improving the health and ability of the people. Students should not hesitate to work with the lowly and the humble.

Question 4.
Today, reckless driving has become a great threat on highways. Speeding trucks, buses and cars cause many accidents resulting in the loss of precious life and property. Roads have become death traps even for pedestrians. The need of the hour is awareness among the people. Write an article for publishing in a leading daily. (150-200 words)

Roads or Death TVaps?
by Rama Kumari

Statistics reveal that Delhi has more cars than Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai put together. That speaks of the metropolis’ growing prosperity, and is something to be pleased about. It is also a cause for alarm, for the roads have become virtual death traps for motorists and pedestrians. The situation on the highways is worse.

If we wish to find the single most important cause of highway accidents, it is speed. The buses and trucks on highways are labelled “killers” for the fatal accidents occurring daily. The motorists do r not follow speed regulations and are often drunk. The two-wheelers are the most deadly of all for their indiscipline. They are the cause of many road accidents.

The only effective solution is that the drivers should be aware of the risks. Love for speed and the desire to overtake the other vehicle cause the drivers to lose control. Highways offer freedom from traffic congestion and speed regulations, but heighten the risk of accidents.

Question 5.
You are Aprajita/Arun, a student of Carmel Convent. You are both sad and angry to read headlines such as: College Girl Killed by Speeding Bus / Bus Mows Down Cyclist / Speeding Bus Rams into Roadside Stand – 5 Injured.
Write an article on how unsafe Indian roads have become for the general public and give your suggestions on what needs to be done to address the issue. Write in 150-200 words.

Monsters on Roads
by Aprajita

A road monster is often disguised as a city bus, a speeding truck or a drunken midnight reveller. Whatever the guise, he wreaks havoc on pedestrians, other motorists, bystanders or just people sleeping on pavements.

The most common cause is a disregard for traffic rules. There is no consideration for the road rights of the others. Each one wants to be faster than the other and hog as much road space as possible. The desire to be ahead of others is a reflection of what is happening in society all around us. Drivers carry the stresses of their office and workplace on to the roads. A small provocation explodes into road rage and the victims are often innocents.

What is needed is a sense of responsibility. The vehicle in the driver’s hands is meant to ease his life, and not to become a weapon of mass destruction. We have to recognise that safety on roads requires discipline and self-control, otherwise our precious cars will become monsters in the worst sense.

Question 6.
Write an article for a national magazine “Frontline”, expressing your views against reservation of seats in higher institutions. You may use the following suggestions. Sign as Rekha. (150-200 words)

Caste-based privileges harmful – Give benefits at school level – Non-meritorious will fail – merit based decisions – Give stipends – average can’t replace excellence


by Rekha

Indian Constitution grants special privileges to the backward classes in matters of education and work. The fathers of the Constitution expected that with these privileges, the backward castes will become a part of the mainstream. But this has not happened.

The matter of reservation has degraded into a political tool in the hands of unscrupulous power seekers. Backward castes are seen as potential vote banks, therefore all political parties offer them new benefits. This has two major repercussions. On the one hand, it is in the interest of the politicians to keep the backward castes away from the mainstream. The benefits offered to them in education and jobs are merely cosmetic and have not improved their condition. The second repercussion is equally serious and disturbing. The increasing percentage of reservations causes discontent and anger in the better off classes who too have to struggle to get admissions in institutes of higher education. They feel merit is sacrificed for political considerations.

The whole matter needs very careful and serious consideration.

Question 7.
You had a wonderful holiday in the mountains. Write an article for your school magazine, describing your experience in contact with nature. Sign as Karuna/Keshav of XIB. You may use the suggestions given below and also your own ideas. (150-200 words)

Woke up to a glorious morning – high peaks – nature and wild life – adventure sports – river rafting, ropeway – handicrafts – meditate – wonderful experience


My Holiday in the Mountains
by Karuna/Keshav (XIB)

Who would advise travelling to trouble-torn Kashmir for fun ? But, being an unconventional family, we decided to go to Srinagar last summer, and believe me, the experience was simply out of the world.

There is no exaggeration in the saying ‘If there is heaven on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.’ Srinagar valley is a gem set in the mountains. The Dal Lake is no less than a sparkling jewel. On my first morning in Srinagar, I woke up to a glorious sky when the high peaks shimmered purple and gold in sunlight.

An outstanding feature of Kashmir is the Mughal Gardens which are a perfect example of aesthetic discipline coexisting with natural beauty and splendour. Be it Nishat or Chashme Shahi, the beauty is spell-binding.

Any reference to Kashmir is incomplete without the mention of the people and their handicrafts. The beauty of nature is reflected in its papier mache, embroidery and carpet industry.

I know that we were lucky to be untouched by destructive episodes of terrorism. Yet, I would advise everyone to visit Kashmir at least once in one’s lifetime.

Question 8.
Write an article for your school magazine on “the need for education of girls in the country for national development.” (Word limit: 150-200)

Education for Girls
by XYZ (XIC)

Mahatma Gandhi once said if you educate a woman, you educate an entire family. If we want all-round progress, we have to educate our girls.

Women constitute almost 50% of a country’s population. If a large portion of this population is left illiterate or poorly educated, the country will remain backward. One of the reasons for the prosperity of the advanced countries is that the women contribute as effectively to national growth as the men.

There is no doubt that women have the same potential as men. They make as good scientists, engineers and doctors as men. In fact, they are better at some jobs because of their innate qualities. Kiran Bedi is an example. She discharged the difficult duties of a police officer. Besides, in a woman’s compassionate way, she introduced drug rehabilitation centres attached to police stations. Her prison reforms brought her the Magasaysay Award as well as recognition from the USA.

Education can create more Kiran Bedis and Kalpana Chawlas in our country.

Question 9.
India and Pakistan are no longer the enemies they used to be. There are pilgrimages, family visits, cricket matches, fashion and delegation exchanges between the two countries. Some people welcome the change, while others are suspicious.

Write an article for publication in a newspaper, expressing your views on the subject. Your article should be in 150-200 words. Sign the article as Soumya/Sunayan.


Changes for the Better
by Sunayan

Imran Khan, the famous cricketer, said in an interview that when his team played against India, the cricketers felt as if they were fighting a war. He was amazed that the feeling has been replaced with warmth and friendliness.

Cricket is just one aspect of the transformation. After a long time good sense has a chance to eliminate hatred. People, instead of politicians, are interacting with one another and the common links of language, food and culture are being joyously revived. The cross-border bus service has played a major role. The Sikhs of India can now visit their holy shrines in Pakistan. The Indian government readily offers free treatment to Pakistani children.

I feel this feeling should be allowed to grow so strong that politicians are not able to fan hatred. Trade links top should be opened so that friendship becomes mutually profitable and overrides narrow considerations of religion and terror.

Question 10.
Write an article in 150-200 words for your school magazine on ‘Journalism as a Career’. You may use the following points as well as your own ideas.

-Journalism suitable for those good at languages-who desire to present the truth to the public-new forms are TV news, sports, travel-journalism can bring fame-needs courage and honesty


Journalism as a Career
by ABC (XID)

Among the new careers open to youngsters, journalism is perhaps one of the most challenging as well as rewarding.

Journalism is not for everyone. It requires special skills, primary among them is good command over language. Only those who can use language effectively should go in for this career. Journalism is concerned with current affairs. Therefore, those who aspire to be journalists, should have interest and education in politics, international affairs and social sciences. Journalists are the most active arm of media. The messages sent by media are extremely powerful, therefore great responsibility rests on journalists. Journalists in modern times aim to unravel the truth behind appearances. Some investigative journalists, like Arun Shourie, have achieved phenomenal success through their writings. Some new forms of journalism are travel, sports, and film and TV journalism.

It is a challenging career for young people. It has great rewards but needs courage, honesty and the capacity to rough it out.

Question 11.
Hypocrisy exists in abundant measure in our society. People do not practise what they preach. They have double standards, are rude and dishonest but expect politeness and honesty from others. There are numerous instances of lack of sincerity that we can come across in our daily life. Write an article in 150-200 words, showing how such behaviour causes disharmony at home, in the neighbourhood and at the workplace.

by Rajshri Narayan (XIC)

My neighbour shows great concern for the poor, but beats his fourteen years old servant black and blue. The rich man living in that palatial house does not pay his taxes, but expects the government to do everything for him. The pious old woman upstairs feeds the sacred cow, the ants and the birds but is merciless to her neighbour’s pet dog and beats and kicks the poor pup whenever she can. In small matters and big, we find people lacking sincerity in their dealing with others.
(Develop the following points into sentences.)

The consequences of such behaviour are damaging-family ties are weakened-love is lost between brothers.

In community living, trust is broken, suspicion, ill-will grow – selfishness increases, good neighbourliness is broken. At workplace, dishonesty can bring ruin to the business.

People need to control their selfishness and be truthful in their dealings.

Question 12.
It is generally accepted that families are not as close as they used to be. Give some reasons why this change has happened and suggest how families could be brought closer. Write an article for your school magazine, in 150-200 words.

The Modern Family
by XYZ (XIA)

The older generation frequently complains that families are not what they used to be. Families have split, they do not live together. There is not enough warmth among family members.

Most of these feelings are true. The main reason for the change is the breaking up of the joint family system. This has led to nuclear families where parents alone bring up their children, without the help of grandparents, uncles and cousins. Another major reason is that both parents are working individuals. The children have to spend a lot of time alone or with servants or friends. This reduced time with parents causes problems for the children. Scarcity of time among youngsters-migration from villages to towns.

Even if we wish to, we cannot change the new trends in our society. The remedy lies in spending quality time with the family.

Question 13.
You met a young foreigner who is keen to know about India, particularly about Indian women. Write an article on the achievements of modern Indian women. You may consider the examples of Mrs Indira Gandhi, P.T. Usha, Kiran Bedi, girl athletes, etc. Your composition should be of 150-200 words.

Achievements of Modern Indian Women
by ABC

I met Maria Teresa and decided to write an article. The misconceptions she had about Indian women were enough to make one protest strongly about the image of the Indian women in the western countries.

(Develop these points into sentence.)

Indian women are no longer poorly educated, house-bound and tradition-bound. Education has opened the world for Indian women-they are skilled administrators like Pratibha Patil, police women reformers like Kiran Bedi, world-renowned authors like Arundhati Roy, sportswomen like Anju George, Sania Mirza, P.T. Usha, Malleshwari and Bachendri Pal, astronauts like Kalpana Chawla and even politicians of world class like Mrs Indira Gandhi.

(Develop these hints into full sentences.)

Even the average woman can be seen contributing to the field of computers, science, etc. In the villages, women take part in administration, are the ‘Sarpanch’, run co-operatives and impress leaders like Bill Clinton. The latest field is of beauty and fashion. Indian women are as progressive as any other women in the world.

Question 14.
There is a major campaign against the use of crackers during Diwali. School children are promoting this campaign with great enthusiasm. You decide to write an article for a magazine, putting forward your point of view. You may use the following points as well as your own ideas.

Crackers create noise pollution-air pollution-harmful smoke is emitted-wasteful expenditure-spoil the beauty of festival of lights-cracker industry uses child labor-should be discouraged

Your article should be of 150-200 words.

Crackers are Outdated
by Cherie Narayan

The children of our school said ‘No’ to crackers, this Diwali. They are aware of the harm, crackers cause. They did not use crackers themselves nor did they allow their neighbours, friends or relatives to do so.

First and foremost, crackers are a waste of hard-earned money-they cause air and noise pollution- cracker making should be discouraged because child labour is used. Better alternatives for spending are possible-use cracker money for giving gifts-family get-togethers, etc. (Develop these hints into complete sentences.)

Question 15.
The Science stream of study is no longer the only avenue for decent jobs. In fact, higher education is no longer necessary for securing good jobs. Information Technology, hospitality, fashion and entertainment industries have opened the door to enterprising young men and women. Write an article for a newspaper on the topic ‘Careers Galore’. Your article should be of 150-200 words. Sign as Rahim/Rehana.

Careers Galore
by Rehana.

A few months ago, the placement of young MBAs created a big stir. They were absorbed by the leading business houses at phenomenal salaries. Even the average MBA from a second grade management institute bags a job of ₹ 8 to 12 lakh per year.

Other popular careers for young boys and girls are offered by the Information and Technology industry. For these jobs, students, who have passed class XII and can speak fluent English, are suitable candidates. Besides, glamour has invaded the life of the middle classes in a big way. Therefore, modelling and fashion designing are two major areas of employment. Then, there is the television offering acting and production jobs.

Life had never so many openings for young jobseekers.

Question 16.
In most Indian families, particularly in rural areas, there is great discrimination against the girl child. Daughters are considered a burden and are treated inferior to sons in the matter of food, education, health care and freedom. Write an article in 150-200 words, showing how such an attitude is unjust as well as harmful.

The Plight of the Girl Child
by Meena Khare

“I wish I were my brother,” this was odd, coming from Tanu, the eight-year-old, pig-tailed daughter ; of my neighbour. They are educated, urban working couple. I came to know that this little girl went to an ‘inferior’ school, did not get some items of food, had no birthday celebrations, no pretty dresses, nor the kind of toys her brother had. Tanu is not alone. Daughters of all ages and social levels suffer discrimination at the hands of people they love the most, their parents.

Girls are many a time not sent to schools in villages-studies stopped at a lower level-no extra
facilities like tuitions or hobby courses.

Girls undernourished-only boys are given milk, fruits-not treated for health problems.

Teenage girls get far less freedom than their brothers regarding meeting friends. The reason is that parents think of sons as their support in old age. But today, daughters are equally competent and care more for their parents. They deserve equality with their brothers.

(Develop these hints into complete sentences.)

Question 17.
Many students of your school volunteered for a two-day Meditation Camp. You feel meditation can be extremely useful in modern times of stress and tension. Write an article for your school magazine in 150-200 words. You may use the following ideas as well as some of your own.

Meditation means turning the mind inwards-helps students by improving concentration, memory-helps adults in relaxing-controlling anger-getting extremely popular in western countries-special courses for executives


by Pushpa Mathur (XIB)

Indians are impressed by the western culture. Many of our practices are noticed and appreciated if they are imported from the west, for example ‘yoga’ and ‘meditation’.

Meditation means turning the mind inwards. One has to sit in a certain position, close one’s eyes and withdraiy from the visible everyday world. One has to focus one’s mind. A guru is needed to teach techniques of meditation. Once learnt, it can be practised independently.

The benefits of meditation are many – gives peace, reduces stress, helps in reducing blood pressure, etc. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial for businessmen, senior officers, etc. To students-the mind sharpens-memory improves-concentration improves, harmful emotions are controlled, -gurus can be found easily, specially in big cities-worth trying-Meditation can improve the quality of one’s life. (Develop these hints into complete sentences.)

Question 18.
You have noticed a growing tendency towards violence among young people. Write an article for the school magazine in 150-200 words highlighting the role of the media, viz., the TV and the Cinema.

Violence Among Young People
by Sumitra (XIC)

It is said that television has brought the culture of violence into our homes. All programmes, whether serials, film-based, cartoons meant for children and even advertisements, show violence as a way of settling differences, taking revenge, etc. What is more damaging is that violence is glamorised. It is shown as a heroic act of bravery. Lives of criminals have been used as basic stories in recent films.

By the time a child grows up, he has witnessed thousands of murders and crimes on the TV and in cinema. Real life violence does not horrify him. Worse, he is himself tempted to use violence. The result is obvious in the restlessness among college students. The tendency is filtering down even to the schools now.

TV programmes and movies depicting life in the western countries are extremely popular among the educated. Violence is far more common in western societies than in ours. The new and novel methods of inflicting violence shown there are extremely fascinating to the young people. Thus, TV and films are two main causes of the increased tendency towards violence among the young people.

Question 19.
Delhi Administration has launched a campaign against the use of polythene bags. Write an article on ‘Hazards of Polythene Bags’ in 150-200 words for your school magazine.

Hazards of Polythene Bags
by Arjun (XIA)

Delhi government has banned the use of polythene bags as they are a hazard to human beings, and to the environment.

In the last twenty years, the use of polythene bags has spread like wildfire. From the smallest to the biggest sale in villages, towns and metropolitan cities, plastic bags are being used without a thought about their effect on the environment. Polythene is non- biodegradable, therefore, it cannot be thrown away and forgotten. Polythene bags form about 40% of a city’s garbage. They choke drains and cause flooding of colonies. From the garbage dumps, they find their way into the stomachs of cows and cause death by constriction of the intestines.

If attempts to recycle polythene are hazardous, the chemicals used in the process are extremely toxic and can cause cancer. Foodstuff carried or stored in recycled bags gets contaminated and harms human beings.

The answer to this problem is probably recycled paper bags.

Question 20.
Delhi Administration has launched a campaign against the use of crackers on the occasion of Diwali. Write an article on “Ban Crackers” in 150-200 words for your school magazine.

Ban Crackers
by Ashok Roy (XIB)

For the past few years, the concept of cracker-free Diwali has been catching up. The reasons for disapproving of crackers are several. A campaign to build up opinion against crackers is gaining momentum year by year.

First and foremost, crackers cause air and noise pollution. On Diwali, crackers are burst late into the night. The result is air full of harmful gases and chemicals. People with breathing disorders get attacks of asthma and breathlessness. The noise generated makes sleep impossible.

Another objection against crackers is that they cause unnecessary expense. Bursting crackers is literally putting to fire your hard earned money. Families which cannot afford to waste money are forced to spend because of the custom and the children’s eagerness. Another objection to crackers is that they are produced by child labour. To burst crackers is to encourage child labour. Lately, school children have joined the campaign and wish to celebrate Diwali without crackers.

Question 21.
Government has banned smoking in public places. Write an article on ‘Hazards of Smoking’ in 150-200 words for your school magazine. You are Anu of XI-A.

Hazards of Smoking
by Anu (XIA)

The Government of Delhi has banned smoking in public places. All cigarette packets must carry ‘ the warning ‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to health’. Recently, the leading cigarette company of U.S.A., Philip Morris, paid a compensation of 8 billion dollars to a sixty-four-year-old woman who had become a patient of cancer due to smoking.

These facts show that awareness is growing regarding the dangers of cigarette smoking. Tobacco smoke causes constriction of arteries leading to blood pressure and heart problems. It affects the lungs causing persistent cough which could lead to cancer. In addition, smokers lose the ability to fight diseases and become easy victims. The stomach lining too gets affected.

The main target of a cigarette company’s advertisement campaigns are college and school students. Smoking is shown as synonymous with manliness, courage, smartness, popularity and glamour. Innocent youngsters need to protect themselves against this onslaught. It is sensible to protect oneself against this avoidable life threatening evil.

Question 22.
The use of computers is becoming very popular in every sphere of life in India. Write an article in 150-200 words emphasising the use of computers in everyday life.

Computers in Our Lives
by ABC

21st century can rightly be called the Age of Computers’. Though computers became popular towards the end of the 20th century, it is now that they are invading our lives more and more. Computers are extremely efficient machines. They work accurately and speedily. They are versatile and can perform a wide range of functions. The greatest advantage is that they are easy to learn and operate. This is the chief reason of their vast popularity. Villagers, housewives, children and even semi-literate people all can operate computers easily.

Today, our trains, planes and ships are run on computer programmes. Ever}’ industry employs computer professionals. They are a part of education, research, banking, entertainment and even sports. Nowadays, governments, banks and defence forces also use computers for carrying out their business.

The most unique contribution of computers to our civilisation is that they have provided global connectivity. Jhrough satellites, unlimited information is available to all of us.

Computers, in the evolution of human knowledge, are perhaps the most significant of all milestones. Our lives have not remained the same ever since computers made their entry.

♦ Visual Input; Descriptive

Question 1.
A.P.J. Abdul Kaiam and the Cobbler Late A.P.J. Abdul Kaiam put his foot in it, but in the nicest possible way. When he was the president, on an official visit to the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre in Thiruvananthapuram where he once worked, he took time off to visit George, a cobbler, whom he used to chat with while George repaired Kalam’s shoes.

‘True greatness resides in humility.’ A.P.J. Abdul Kaiam is an example of this truth. High position did not rob him of humanity and humility.

Write an article for your school magazine on the topic ‘True Greatness’, describing your idea of a great man. You are Arnav/Arunima. (Word limit: 150-200)
Article Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Samples, Topics 1

True Greatness
by Arnav

Remember reading stories of King Vikramaditya or Caliph Haroon A1 Rashid going out among the people in disguise to find out how they lived and what problems they faced. Today, where can one find such love and concern among the great ones?

Fortunately, India always produces a few individuals who are unique in their greatness and in humility. Ex-President, A.P.J. Abdul Kaiam is one such who while working, took time off to visit cobbler George in Thiruvananthapuram with whom he used to chat while George repaired his shoes.

Gandhiji was a true lover of humanity. He felt a bonding with the poor and often stayed in the sweeper colony. He did not like the derogatory terms used for them and coined the word ‘Harijan’ or ‘People of God’ for them.

True essence of greatness lies not in spectacular achievements alone. It resides in recognising the other human being as an equal and embracing him, shedding one’s arrogance.

Question 2.
Recently, the CBSE asked for suggestions from students to bring about educational reforms. In the picture you see some suggestions given by the students of classes XI and XII.

Write an article suggesting the changes that you want in the present 10 + 2 system. You may give suggestions regarding the syllabi, the teaching methods, the textbooks or the examination and evaluation. You may use the suggestions given above or your own. Your article should be in 150-200 words.
Article Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Samples, Topics 2

Changes Suggested by Students in Current 10 + 2 System
It is a good move by the CBSE to ask students’ opinions for education reforms. I wish to make some suggestions that will make learning enjoyable as well as useful for us students:

  • Content should be more need-oriented.
  • Teaching may be done in more modern ways-more use of the internet, modern equipment for labs mandatory for schools.
  • Prevent cheating and use of unfair means in exams by computerized examinations.
  • Fair evaluation.
  • Textbooks should be error-free.
  • Frequent updating of textbooks should be done.
  • Textbooks may be accompanied by audio-visual material to make teaching more interesting and relevant.

♦ Visual Input: Argumentative Composition

Question 1.
On 26th January 2009, four police officers of Mumbai and two NSG commandos were awarded Ashok Chakra posthumously. They Said down their lives fighting terrorists in Mumbai from 26th to 29th November 2008.

Write an article in 150-200 words for your school magazine, describing the horror of those days and the bravery of these six and other security personnel.
Article Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Samples, Topics 3

On 26th Nov., 2008, India’s financial capital, Mumbai was under siege. Terrorists came by the sea and occupied key locations in the city. City’s top hotels, the Taj, Oberoi and the Trident, were held to ransom. Nariman House, the Jewish Centre of the city, was another target where the terrorists held Jewish families hostage. In addition, the terrorists opened fire at V.T. Station killing several passengers.

Almost immediately, Mumbai police swang into action. With old fashioned weapons, policemen drove away the terrorists from V.T. Station, Cama Hospital, Girgaum and Chaupatty. In the process, many policemen lost their lives. But their valour foiled the evil designs of the terrorists to take hostages. Meanwhile NSG commandos were called and they entered the hotels and Nariman House. After grim fighting for almost four days, they were able to kill the terrorists and free the people trapped inside.

The security forces had to pay a heavy price. Mr Hemant Karkare, Anti-terror Squad Chief, Mr Ashok Kamte, Additional Police Commissioner, Mr Vijay Salaskar, Police Inspector and Mr Tukaram Omble, Assistant sub-inspector sacrificed their lives. Of the NSG commandos, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan and Havildar Gajender Singh died in action. All three valiant men were honoured posthumously by the President, Mrs Pratibha Patil on 2,6th January with Ashok Chakra.

Question 2.
Sadly, love of cleanliness is not found in Indians. Even educated people do not maintain cleanliness in their surroundings. Mahatma Gandhi tried to teach Indians to be clean by setting an example by performing cleaning tasks himself. The picture given below shows him cleaning a street in Delhi. Write an article on the importance of cleanliness in 150-200 words, stressing the need to follow Mahatma Gandhi’s example.
Article Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Samples, Topics 4

Clean Up or Perish!
by Sheela Ranee

One of Mahatma Gandhi’s major quarrels with Kasturba took place over the issue of cleanliness. He was enraged at her refusal to do the cleaning chores herself. Finally, she had to bow down to his wishes.

How beneficial it would have been if the people generally had bowed down to his wishes on the matter of cleanliness ! With Gandhiji, cleanliness was a passion; with the average Indian, it is the usual omission.

The lack of a sense of cleanliness in Indians is amazing, particularly when one observes the fuss
made about personal cleanliness, or the cleanliness inside one’s home. We throw our rubbish on the streets. Our neighbourhood stinks due to human and animal waste. We throw litter wherever we wish. Our rivers are dirty due to animal bathing, clothes washing and throwing waste in them. This is the prime reason for the poor health of Indians. Skin, respiratory, stomach ailments and other diseases result from filth.