CA Foundation Business Laws Study Material

The aim of this study material is to provide an introduction to the core concepts of Business Laws in a student friendly style. The study material is primarily written for the students of Foundation Course of Chartered Accountancy under the new syllabus introduced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. It is also useful for the students of other professional exams.

We have attempted to present the subject in a lucid and simple style keeping in mind the students of under graduate level The study material has been presented in a tabular form so that it becomes easier for the students to revise as well during the time of examination. To test the understanding of the student and also to enable them to have sufficient knowledge, a large number of exercise has been provided at the end of the chapters. The exercise covers a lot of Multiple Choice Questions, True and False type questions and also Theoretical Questions as well as questions in the pattern of Case Studies.

The study material is divided into five units depending upon their respective Acts. The new syllabus and answers and hints for writing the answers further adds up to the value of the study material.

Unit 1 Indian Contract Act, 1872

Unit 2 Sale of Goods Act, 1930

Unit 3 Partnership Act, 1932

Unit 4 The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008

Unit 5 The Companies Act, 2013

In preparation of the study material we have received encouragement and support from various quarters. We would be failing in our duty if we do not acknowledge the deep sense of gratitude that we owe to various people for providing us an insight and inspiration in writing the study material.

Any comment and criticism relating to the present work will be most welcome.