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Online Education for CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Term 2 Set 1 with Solutions

Time Allowed: 2 Hours
Maximum Marks: 40

General Instructions:

  • The Question Paper contains THREE sections-READING, WRITING & GRAMMAR and LITERATURE.
  • Attempt questions based on specific instructions for each part.

Reading (10 Marks)

Question 1.
Read the passage given below.
What is Discipline? Is it absolute freedom to do what a person wants? Is freedom regardless of consequences? Does it mean corrective action after a problem occurs or a wrong is done? Is it an imposition? Is it abuse? Does it take away freedom?

The answer is none of the above. Discipline does not mean that a person takes a belt and 5. beats up kids. That is madness. Discipline is loving firmness. It is direction. It is prevention before a problem arises. It is harnessing and channelizing energy for great performance. Discipline is not something you do but you do for those you care about.

Discipline is an act of love. Sometimes you have to be unkind to be kind: Not all medicine is sweet, not all surgery is painless, but we have to take it. We need to learn from nature. We 10. are all familiar with that big animal, the- giraffe. A mama giraffe gives birth to a baby giraffe, standing. ALTofa sudden, the baby falls on a hard surface from the cushion of mama’s womb, and sits on the ground. The first thing mama does is to get behind the baby and give him a hard kick The baby gets up, but his legs are weak and Wobbly and the baby falls down. Mama goes behind again and gives him one more kick. The baby gets up but sits down again.
15. Mama keeps kicking till the baby gets on its feet and starts moving. Why? Because mama knows that the only chance of survival for the baby in the jungle is to get on its feet. Otherwise, it will be eaten up by wildcats and become dead meat

Children brought up in a loving, disciplined environment end up respecting their parents more and become law-abiding citizens. The reverse is just as true. Good parents are not 20. afraid of momentary dislikes by children to enforce the subject. Allowing a child to eat a box of chocolate could lead to sickness. At the same time, the discipline of eating one or two pieces a day can be an enjoyable experience for a longer time. Our instinct makes us do whatever we want regardless of the consequences. Freedom is not procured by a full enjoyment of what is desired but controlling the desire.
On the basis of your understanding of the passage, answer ANY FIVE questions from the six given below. (1 × 5)
(A) What does the writer mean by saying, ‘Discipline is loving firmness’? (1)
By the given phrase, the writer means that discipline means to be determined and well-organized in life. It means to have a firm and steadfast lifestyle.

(B) Rewrite the following sentence by replacing the underlined phrase with a word that means the same from lines 10-15.
Payal was feeling so dizzy that she was walking unsteadily from side to side while returning to her home after the concert. (1)
Payal was feeling so dizzy that she was walking wobbly while returning to her home after the concert.

(C) State the meaning of ‘channelizing ’ as implied in the passage. (1)
Channelizing means to direct towards a particular End or Object. But in this passage, the word has been used in the sense of diverting one’s energy to make full use of their potential just as a flowing river channelize itself to control its flow and make full use of its resources.

(D) How has the writer recommended finding a balance in discipline? (1)
The writer has recommended finding a balance in discipline by saying that neither discipline is about giving absolute freedom to the child nor it means to completely abandon freedom. Discipline should be done to control the desires and amount of freedom.

(E) List two things that we can learn from nature about discipline, other than the one going in the passage. (1)
Nature teaches us discipline through many things. The sun rises and sets daily as per its routine. The seasons come and go on around the same time every year.

(F) How does the writer justify the children of disciplined families as ‘law-abiding citizen’? (1)
The writer justifies the children of disciplined families as ‘law-abiding citizen’ by saying that children who are brought up with love in a disciplined environment are more respectful towards their parents’ decisions and eventually, abiding to the laws as citizens.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Term 2 Set 1 with Solutions

Question 2.
Read the following excerpt from a case study titled ‘Marie Curie’.
Of all the inventions of science, solar rickshaw is perhaps the most useful on the practical side of life. It is not just any rickshaw but an optimally designed, pedal-operated, and motor-assisted three-wheeler. This zero carbon, urban transport vehicle or ‘pedicab’ was designed and developed by a team of engineers from the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Durgapur, West Bengal.

5. Like a solar rickshaw, the gorgeous green phone is another wonderful invention of the scientific mind. We all know that mobile phones are must-haves these days. In fact, according to statistics, six out of ten people in this world own a cell phone. So, imagine the energy consumed and the e-waste generated by these devices. With this in mind, many handset manufacturers are going green, while some are even going solar.
Samsung, for instance, has unveiled a solar- powered phone—”Blue Earth”. It is a touch phone that has a full

10. solar panel on its back which can generate enough power to charge the phone. It is made from recycled plastic from water bottles and has a built-in pedometer to keep a tab on your carbon dioxide emissions. It is also small enough to fit into your pocket.
Like solar-powered homes, solar cars harness energy from the sun by converting it into electricity. This electricity fuels the battery that runs the car’s motor. Instead of using a battery, some solar cars direct the 15. power straight to an electric motor. Great examples of the latest solar-powered cars are the University of Michigan solar car, the MIT solar car, and the Berkeley solar car.

Solar cars use photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into energy. Photovoltaic cells are the components in solar panels that convert the
sun’s energy to electricity. They’re made up of semiconductors, usually silicon, that absorb the light. The sun’s energy frees electrons in the semiconductors, creating a flow of electrons. 20. This flow generates electricity that powers the battery and the specialised motor in solar cars.

The History of Solar Power

  • Crocks used passive solar to heat buildings (400 BC).
  • Roman inproved by using glass to trap heat in the buildings and green houses (100 AD).
  • 1700: Antoine La Voisier builts a solar heater.
  • 1839: French physicist Antoine-Cesar i Becquerel observed that shining light on an electrode submerged in a conductive solution would create an electric current.
  • 1860: The first solar motor, heated water used to drive a steam motor, Auguste Mouchout.
  • 1941: American Russell Ohl invented a silicon solar cell.
  • 1954: Bell Labs researchers Pearson Chapin, and Fuller reported their discovery of 4.5 percent efficient silicon solar cells.
  • 1950’s: Solar cells developed for satellites.
  • 1960: Hoffman Electronics achieved 14 percent efficient PV cells.
  • 1973: OPEC energy crisis causes US to reexamine use of renewable energy sources; federal and state tax credits result in rapid growth for a new solar industry.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY FIVE questions from the six given below. (1 × 5)
(A) Why does the writer mean by saying that solar rickshaw is perhaps the most useful ‘on the practical side of life’? (1)
By saying that the solar rickshaw is perhaps the most useful ‘on the practical side of life’, the writer means that perhaps other scientific inventions are only limited for scientific use but solar rickshaw can be used practically on roads and be taken into the life of a common man.

(B) Comment on the significance of ‘solar-powered phones’ as given in the lines 6-12. (1)
‘Solar-powered phones’ are significant in reducing the energy consumption and the e-waste generation by mobile devices. Solar phones are also safer as they keep a tab on carbon dioxide emissions by these devices.

(C) Justify the use of ‘scientific minds’ in turning the world ecological. (1)
The scientific minds have invented many solar-operated devices like solar rickshaws, phones, cars and houses. These solar devices ecologically harness energy from the sun by converting the absorbed sunlight into electricity.

(D) Why does the writer call mobile phones ‘must-haves’? (1)
The writer calls mobile phones the ‘must- haves’ because one needs the device for completing majority of the tasks today. From online studies to e-shopping and online payments, all are done through mobile phones.

(E) Scientists have started using solar energy for research purposes from a very long time. How does evidence from table support this statement? (1)
From the table, we can see that solar cells were developed for satellites way back in the 1850s by scientists.

(F) What is the purpose of crediting state and federal taxes for solar industry according to the table? (1)
The federal and state taxes credit led to a rapid growth of new solar industry in the US.

Section – B
Writing And Grammar [10 Marks]

Question 3.
Attempt ANY ONE from (A) and (B)
(A) Study the concept chart from the survey done by the COSMOS on ARising Prices’.
CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Term 2 Set 1 with Solutions 1
Write a paragraph in not more than 120 words, anaLysing the given information. (5)

  • Life of a poor man is never easy but the past few years have been even more difficult The prices of staple food items have been rising steeply. The table shows a comparative study of prices over three years.
  • The rising prices mean that most of the food is beyond the common man’s reach. Since the table shows wholesale prices, their market rate must be more than double. When basic necessities cost so
    much, how is the common man supposed to feed his family? When parents cannot feed their children, they are malnourished and their growth is adversely affected.
  • In a country where rice, dal and chapati are staple foods, the skyrocketing prices mean that the poor cannot afford even one square meal. There needs to be a system where the prices are regulated and those who sell them at inflated prices should be dealt with severity.

(B) You are the manager of Fit & Fine Fitness Club, Gandhi Road, Ernakulam. You come across the following advertisement by Messrs. Pioneer Sports Co., Kochi.
CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Term 2 Set 1 with Solutions 2
You want to place an order for fitness products with them for your gym. Write a letter to the Manager of Messrs. Pioneer Sports Co., Kochi, placing an order in about 120 words. (5)
Fit & Fine Fitness Club Gandhi Road,
1st June 20XX
The Manager
Messrs Pioneer Sports Co.

Subject: Order for fitness equipments Dear sir/madam
This is with reference to your products leafier dated 25th May 20XX, giving details of the available products.
We are satisfied with the prices and would like to order the following items:

Product Number
1. Go Pro Fitness treadmilL 7
2. Kamachi Multipurpose treadmill 7
3. Paramount Fitness cycle 2
4. Precor Elliptical trainers 7
5. Dumbbells (25,15, 10.5 & 2.5 kg) 5 pairs each

The above items should be delivered on or before the 20th of June between 3-4 p.m. Please send your executive to help assembLe the equipment and also check their working condition. The balance amount will be paid within a week of it being checked via a transfer to your account.
Yours truly
Fit & Fine Fitness Club

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Term 2 Set 1 with Solutions

Question 4.
The following paragraph has not been edited. There is one error in each Line. Identify the error and write its correction, against the correct blank number. Remember to underline the correction. The first one has been done for you. (1 × 3)

Childrens are fond of orange. It Is a juicy and citrous fruit, filled of vitamin C. Oronges grow on tropical or temperate climate One of the best city to have good oranges is Nogpur.
CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Term 2 Set 1 with Solutions 3
(a) of – with
Explanation: ‘of’ is the wrong preposition used in the sentence. The right preposition to be used here is ‘with’. So, ‘with’ is the right answer.
(b) on – in
Explanation: The preposition ‘on’ is used to identify the location while ‘in’ is used to identify time of happening. Hence, ‘in’ is the right answer.
(c) or – and
Explanation: ‘or’ is used to define a choice between two things while ‘and’ is used to define two things collectively. The correct conjunction to be used here is ‘and’. Hence, it is the right answer.

Question 5.
Read the conversation between a teacher and student and complete the passage that follows.

  • Medley: That kid in the school said some surely mean things about you today. How come you didn’t hit him?
  • Ron: Well, I have observed that whenever you hit somebody, they have a tendency to hit you back!
  • Medley: Oh! You are a shrewd judge of human nature Ron.

Medley is chilling out with her classmate, Ron. She is (a) ……………………… in school who said a lot of mean thing about Ron today. While saying so, Medley asks Ron about why he never hit the kid. Ron replied that he had observed that when a person hits somebody, there is a tendency that (b) …………………. Medley is speechless. She called Ron a shrewd judge of human nature. (1 + 1)
(a) talking about the kid
(b) the other person will try to hit back

Section – C
Literature (20 marks)

Question 6.
Answer ANY SIX questions in 30-40 words each. (2 × 6)
(A) What is the significance of Greeks and Arabs in the descendancy of Coorgi people? (2)
Coorgis are beLieved to be possibly the descendants of either Greeks or the Arabs. Coorgi martial traditions, marriages and religious rites are an evidence of their Greek origin while the dress that Coorgis wear is a long black coat tied with an embroided waist belt that is similar to the dress worn by the Arabs.

(B) Justify Custard’s look as that of a dragon in the poem, ‘The Tale of Custard the Dragon’. (2)
In the poem, The Tale of Custard the Dragon’, Custard had big sharp teeth, spikes on top of him and scales underneath like that of a dragon. His mouth was like a fireplace, he had a chimney for a nose and daggers on his toes.

(C) Comment on the tone of Valli when she said, “Proud! Proud!” to her friends who described their bus journeys. (2)
The tone of Valli in the phrase is jealousy because she found that her friends were getting into the bus but she could not. So, it was her self-respect hampered.

(D) Edcation is not necessary for a person’s shrewdness and presence of mind. Using evidence from the chapter, explain how this concept is represented in ‘The Hack Driver’. (2)
In ‘The Hack Driver’, Oliver Lutkins is an uneducated countryman who outwits the lawyer who comes to serve summon to him. Although the lawyer belongs to a city and is quite educated, he is easily deceived by Lutkins’ great impression of being a hack driver named Bill.

(E) Why don’t animals ‘sweat and whine’ about their condition? (2)
Animals don’t ‘sweat and whine’ about their conditions as they are satisfied with what they have in their life. They don’t expect more and get sad on not receiving it.

(F) Briefly state why Amanda wanted to escape to the world of her own. (2)
Amanda’s mother’s constant naggings and instructions made her wanting to escape into a world of her own where she would be free to do anything. Amanda was fed up of all the constant questioning and rebuking by her mother.

(G) Bholi’s tragic fall from the cot changed her life. Comment. (2)
Bholi was born as a fair and pretty child so she was named as Sulekha. However, events of mishaps befell her as she fell off the cot when she was just ten months old.
The falling off the cot damaged her part of brain and her name was thus, changed to ‘Bholi’ which means a ‘simpleton’.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English Term 2 Set 1 with Solutions

Question 7.
Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 120 words each. (4 × 2)
(A) A person’s mood is subjected to transform with his surroundings. Critically examine the change in Valli’s mood on her return journey, based on your reading of the chapter, ‘Madam Rides the Bus.’ (4)
In the chapter, ‘Madam Rides the Bus’, Valli was really excited and happy to see the vivid scenes on her jorney. She enjoyed her onward journey a lot but on her journey back to the village, Valli’s excitement for the ride was subdued as she saw the blood-smeared body of the cow that was running in front of the bus on her onward journey to the town. The frightful view of the cow changed Valli’s mood from being enthusiastic to pensive. She was brokenhearted to look at the harsh reality of death. After looking at the dead cow, she didn’t want to look out of the window any further. She glued to her seat till the bus reached the village.

(B) Lomov and Natalya have a complex relationship. Reflecting upon their character traits, develop a conversation between Natalya and Chubokov where they are discussing about Lomov’s prospects as Natalya’s future husband. (4)

  • Natalya: Oh my heart, why did you turn him away father?
  • Chubokov: The burden on me! You both were arguing! The pettifogger had the nerve to claim the Oxen Meadows.
  • Natalya: But you know how much I want to marry him!
  • Chubokov: The land, ah the land!
  • Natalya: I know, father, but the land hardly costs anything. Oxen Meadows is ours, but I want Lomov father, please bring him back!
  • Chubokov: What? Bring him back now? Why, my heart! You both can hardly stand each other.
  • Natalya: Bring him back, oh I am feeling restless.
  • Chubokov: Oh, you want him back now? After all that he had done to us? Calling us hump-backed and charging our people for embezzlement! Ah, that turnipghost! Oh, you are a lovesick cat, Natalya! You have lost your senses! Fine, go on, then! Marry him. Have your will!

(C) Humility can also be a deceptive trait.
In context of the story ‘The Hack Driver’, evaluate how the hack driver proves the axiom that appearances can be deceptive. (4)
Appearances are not always true and the hack driver proves that in the story The Hack Driver’. Even in the context of the statement, the ‘hack’ is an important metaphor. In the story also, we observe that a person who appears to be friendly, co-operative and understanding initially might prove to be the exact opposite later. The lawyer comes to the city looking for Oliver Lutkins and meets the hack driver who is willing to help.
The hack driver comes across as a simple and friendly country man. His affectionate conduct is endearing and the narrator is impressed. However, the lawyer finds out that the hack driver was Lutkins himself and his simple and unassuming appearance had befooled a wise man like the lawyer.