Studying from CBSE Class 8 Sanskrit Notes helps students to prepare for the exam in a well-structured and organised way. Making NCERT Sanskrit Notes for Class 8 saves students time during revision as they don’t have to go through the entire textbook. In CBSE Notes, students find the summary of the complete chapters in a short and concise way. Students can refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Sanskrit (Ruchira Bhag 3), to get the answers to the exercise questions.

NCERT Sanskrit Notes for Class 8

  1. सुभाषितानि Class 8 Notes
  2. बिलस्य वाणी न कदापि में श्रुता Class 8 Notes
  3. डिजीभारतम् Class 8 Notes
  4. सदैव पुरतो निधेहि चरणम् Class 8 Notes
  5. कण्टकेनैव कण्टकम् Class 8 Notes
  6. गृहं शून्यं सुतां विना Class 8 Notes
  7. भारतजनताऽहम् Class 8 Notes
  8. संसारसागरस्य नायकाः Class 8 Notes
  9. सप्तभगिन्यः Class 8 Notes
  10. नीतिनवनीतम् Class 8 Notes
  11. सावित्री बाई फुले Class 8 Notes
  12. कः रक्षति कः रक्षितः Class 8 Notes
  13. क्षितौ राजते भारतस्वर्णभूमिः Class 8 Notes
  14. आर्यभटः Class 8 Notes
  15. प्रहेलिकाः Class 8 Notes

We hope students have found these CBSE Class 8 Sanskrit Notes useful for their studies. If you have any queries related to NCERT Sanskrit Notes for Class 8, drop your questions below in the comment box.