Question Words Worksheet For Class 3

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Interrogative Worksheet Exercise for Class 3 CBSE with Answers

  • Sentences that ask something are called asking sentences. They are also called Questions.
  • Asking sentences always end in a question mark. (?)
  • Asking sentences begin with question words like What, Who, When, Where and Why.
  • Asking sentences may also be asked to get answers.
  • Sentences that tell something are called telling sentences. They are also called answers.
  • Telling sentences end in a full stop. (.)
  • Question statements are called Interrogatives.
  • Different question words are used for asking different things.
    Question Word Used For Sentence
    Who Person Who is the winner?
    What Thing What is in the box?
    Where Place Where do you live?
    Which Choice Which is your favourite dress?
    When Time When will the bell ring?
    Why Reason Why are you late?
    How Method How do you cook biryani?

Interrogative Worksheet Exercise for Class 3 with Answers CBSE PDF

Asking Questions Worksheet For Grade 3
A. Choose one of the question words from the box to complete the sentences below. You may use some of the words more than once. The first one has been done for you.

Why – What – Which – Who – Whose – When – Where

1. Where are my keys?
2. _________ is the tall boy at the back of the class?
3. At _________ time did they arrive?
4. _________ is the problem?
5. _________ are we going to the zoo? Tomorrow.
6. _________ do you know the answer?
7. _________ do the stars twinkle?
8. _________ coat is this?
9. _________ would you like for dinner?
10. _________ did you open the door without a key?

Interrogative Sentence Worksheet For Class 3
B. Choose the correct question word.

1. __________ are they going?
They are going to the cinema.
Interrogative Sentence Class 3
a. Where
b. When
c. Which

2. __________ does she play the saxophone?
She plays it in the afternoon.
Interrogative Worksheet
a. How
b. What
c. When

3. __________ people are there in your family?
We are five people in my family.
Worksheet On Asking Questions For Class 3
a. How much
b. How long
c. How many

4. __________ is he from?
He is from England
Interrogative Sentences Worksheet For Grade 3
a. Which
b. Where
c. When

5. __________ is his favourite hobby?
His favourite hobby is playing soccer.
Question Words For Class 3
a. How
b. Who
c. What

6. __________ is your birthday?
It’s on the 21st of June
Asking Questions For Class 3
a. When
b. Where
c. Which

7. __________ they go to school?
They go to school by bus
Interrogative Sentence Worksheet For Grade 3
a. Who
b. How
c. Whose

8. __________ is he practising?
He is practising judo.
Interrogative Sentences Exercises Answer
a. Where
b. When
c. What

9. __________ does she skip the rope?
She skips the rope on Mondays.
Example Of Interrogative Sentence For Grade 3
a. Where
b. How may
c. When

10. At __________ does Sahil brush his teeth?
He brushes his teeth at quarterto eight.
Question Words Exercises For Grade 3
a. What
b. What time
c. How much