Letter Writing Class 12

Letter is a form of written communication. Letters are of two types: formal and informal. Formal letters include business letters, letter of complaints, letter to government officials, etc. Informal letters include letters to friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc.

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Letter Writing Class 12 Format, Topics, Samples

Letter Writing Class 12

♦ Business Letters

  • Making enquiries/Asking for information
  • Replying to enquiries/Giving information
  • Placing orders/Sending replies
  • Cancelling orders
  • Registering complaints about products/services

♦ Official Letters

  • Registering complaints (roads, theft, etc.)
  • Making enquiries (courses, tours, etc.)
  • Making requests/appeals

♦ Letters to Editor

  • Giving suggestions/views on issues of public earliest/articles in the news/on a published letter.

♦ Job Letters

♦ Format of A Formal Letter

12th English Letter Writing 2021

a. Letter to an Editor and Official Letters

Letter Writing Class 12

b. Application for a job

Sender’s Address
Receiver’s Address
Subject: Post applied for Salutation
12th English Letter Writing 2021
Yours truly Signature
(Name of person in Capital letters)
Encl: (1) Curriculum Vitae

♦ Sample Letters

Placing Orders

Letter Writing Format Class 12 Question 1.
Your school has opened a new activity wing for the kindergarten students for which you require play equipment. Write a letter to the Manager, OK Toys, 21, Daryaganj, Delhi, in about 120-150 words placing an order for educational toys and other play equipment. You are Neera/Naresh Manager, DML Public School, Delhi. (6 marks) [CBSE Sample Paper 2016]
DML Public School,
May 8, 20XX

The Manager
OK Toys
21, Daryaganj,

Subject: Order for educational toys and play equipment

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is with reference to your advertisement in Delhi Times on 6th May, 20XX. You had advertised yourself as the wholesaler of educational toys and play equipment. Our school has opened a new activity wing for the kindergarten section. We require educational toys and other play equipment.

We require two block building sets, two pyramid sets, four balls and other educational toys and play equipment. Since we want only the best, please see if you could provide us Fisher Price or Baybee’s or other such branded items at discounted rates. We would appreciate if you could provide us details regarding the same before the 12th of this month. We are ready to make an immediate part payment in cash after confirming the order. Rest of the amount will be paid by cheque within 48 hours of the delivery. Please ensure that the products are of the best quality and are delivered within 10 days of the date of placing the order.

I hope you would respond as soon as possible, so that we can make the activity wing fully functional before the coming session.

Thanks and regards

Letter Writing 12th Class 2021 Question 2.
You are Mr Malik, the coordinator of the ABC Public School. Write a letter to place a bulk order for school uniform to M/S Sinha Garments. (6 marks)
12 Pandeer Road,
New Delhi
February 6, 20XX
M/s Sinha Garments
New Delhi
Subject: Order for school uniform sets

Dear Sir,
This letter is with reference to the meeting that took place at your factory. We wish to purchase uniform material for our students from you. Our requirement is as follows:

Serial No. Size Quantity
1. Small 80
2. Medium 75
3. Large 45
A total of 200 Pieces.

Please note that the entire payment will be made only after the delivery. Kindly make the delivery on or before April 2, 20XX. I request you to offer us a discount on the order and send us the official bill along with the product.

Please review the order and if you have any recommendations, or need any clarification, please contact the undersigned.

We hope for a long-term association with you.

Yours sincerely
Karan Malik
Mob. No. 9811XXXXXX

Class 12 Letter Writing Question 3.
You are the in-charge of the Medical Section of Gyanodaya Public School, Nehru Vihar, Alwar. Your stock of medicines is about to finish. Write a letter to the Director of Jambo Medicare, Delhi, ordering medical items like glucose, crocin, bandages, tincture, pain-healers, ointments, etc. Ask for discount on bulk order. Invent other necessary details. (100-120 words) (6 marks)
Gyanodaya Public School
Nehru Vihar,
November 23, 20XX
The Director,
Jambo Medicare, Delhi

Subject: Order for Medical Items


I am the in-charge of the Medical Section of Gyanodaya Public School, Nehru Vihar, Alwar. I want to place an urgent order for some medical items.
Kindly provide the following items.

  • Glucose – 100 packets of 100 gm each
  •  Crocin – 50 strips
  • Bandages – 200 bundles
  • Tincture – 50 bottles
  • Pain-reliever spray – 100 cans
  • Ointments (soframycin) – 100 tubes
  • Paracetamol – 10 strips

We request you to process this order latest by November 30, 20XX. The medicines should be in good condition. We reserve the right to cancel the order, if the medicines are not in proper condition or has exceeded the date of expiry.

Please grant me the usual institutional discount for the above mentioned items.

We would like to hear from you at the earliest.

Yours sincerely
(Incharge, Medical Room)

12th Letter Writing Format 2021 Question 4.
You are Neeraj/Neeraja Shekhar, Principal, Vasant Public School, Pune. Your school has just started a music department. Write a letter to the Manager of Melody House, Pune, wholesale suppliers of musical instruments, placing an order for musical instruments for the school. Ask for a discount on the catalogue prices. (6 marks) [CBSE Paper 2018]
Vasant Public School
August 9, 20XX
Melody House

Subject: Requirement of musical instruments

Vasant Public School has introduced Music as a subject, and therefore, the department requires a few instruments to cater to the requirement of instrumental music. We have had the opportunity of availing your services from the time the school started 20 years ago.
We request you to provide the following instruments at the earliest and oblige.

  • Mridangam – 4 numbers
  • Tabla – 4 sets
  • Taanpura – 2 numbers
  • Harmonium – 4 numbers
  • Veena – 4 numbers
  • Guitar – 6 numbers
  • Keyboard – 2 numbers

We request you to give us the requisite institutional discount on the required instruments. Please ensure that all the instruments are in perfect condition.
You will be reimbursed as soon as the delivery is made.

Thanking you
Neeraja Shekhar

Letters of Complaint (6 marks)

Formal Letter Class 12 Question 1.
Ms. Vibha Parthasarthy, HOD, English department, Oxford High School, Pune, had placed an order with National Electronics, Dadar, Mumbai, for recording equipment for the English lab. When the parcel was received, she observed that only 6 recorders were sent instead of 10 and three of them don’t work. Write a letter of complaint.

Formal Letter Format Class 12 Question 2.
You are Tarun/Taruna who bought a new Luminous Inverter for your home from R.K. Electronics, Noida but found many functional problems as the charging is not done properly and battery water is getting leaked. Write a letter of complaint to the proprietor to take care of the same. (6 marks) [CBSE Sample Paper 2019]

12 D. Millenium Apartments

October 7, 20XX

The Proprietor
R.K. Electronics

Subject: Complaint about Invertor Sir,

Recently purchased from your showroom, Luminous Inverter Eco Volt + 1050 receipt no XYZ 3456 dated 28th September 20XX with a warranty of two years is hereby declared defective.

After the purchase, it worked for one week but later started showing some defects. There is constant fluctuation of the voltage (input-output). The battery does not get fully charged. It always shows the sign of low battery and gets overheated itself.

It is a matter of serious concern that such a reputed electronics company is selling defective pieces. As it seems to be technical defect, you are requested to send someone to check it. It is in the warranty period. Hope you will understand the inconvenience caused to the customers and do the needful as soon as possible.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely

Class 12 English Letter Writing Question 3.
Yesterday you went to Sunrise Hospital, Market Road, New Delhi taking with you the victim of a hit and run accident. There were chaotic conditions in the casualty department. The injured was attended to after a lot of precious time had been lost. Write a letter of complaint in 120-150 words to the Medical Superintendent. You are Karan/Karuna, M114, Mall Road, Delhi. (6 marks) [CBSE Delhi 2016]

M 114
Mall Road Colony

April 23, 20XX

The Medical Superintendent
Sunrise Hospital,
Market Road
New Delhi

Subject: Chaotic conditions and poor attitude of the hospital staff

Respected Sir/Ma’am

This is with reference to the poor treatment meted out to a victim of a hit and run accident by your hospital staff on April 20, 20XX.

There were chaotic conditions in the casualty department. We reached the hospital at 6.30 in the evening. The doctor on duty was not available and came only after two hours. Even the nurses and the attendants were least interested in attending to the patient. As a rule, a hit and run patient should be attended to before registering the case and they cannot ask for the registration fee also. But I had to pay ?250. However, the hospital staff refused to do so and asked us to first register the case not caring for the profusely bleeding patient. The injured was attended to after a lot of precious time had been lost. Though the victim was finally saved, but he suffered a lot of blood loss.

I hope you will look into this matter and take strict action against the hospital staff. Only if this issue is resolved, many precious lives can be saved in future also.

Thanks and regards

Letter Class 12 Question 4.
Park Lane, Chanakyapuram, Mysore is proud of having four reputed public schools ih close proximity to each other. In the morning and afternoon there is a heavy traffic along the road and hundreds of students are put to a lot of inconvenience.

Write a letter of complaint in 120-150 words to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) describing the problem. Suggest a few measures to regulate the traffic. You are Karuna Shetty/Karan Kumar, Principal, Sunrise Global School. (6 marks) [CBSE Delhi 2016]

Karan Kumar
The Principal
Sunrise Global School

April 29, 20XX

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic)

Subject: Poor traffic regulation in Park Lane. Chanakyapuram

Respected Sir/Ma’am

I am the Principal of Sunrise Global School. I want to draw your attention to the problems faced by students along Park Lane.

There are four reputed public schools in close proximity to each other in this area. In the morning and evening, there is heavy traffic along the road and hundreds of students are put to a lot of inconvenience. Crossing the street becomes a danger at these times. To add to the woes, due to the repair work on Sultan highway, heavy vehicles are being diverted here. Right now, this area is a potential accident hub. Though the school staff, and security are trying their best to keep students safe, the condition is deteriorating day by day.

Since there are four schools in this area, some stringent measures need to be taken, so that the students’ safety is not compromised. We would be grateful if you could kindly stop the plying of heavy vehicles on these roads. Also please ensure that these roads are either out of bounds for the general public from 7-8 a.m. and 2-3 p.m. Ensuring the presence of traffic police at these areas will also be helpful.

I hope you would address this issue at the earliest, so that the poor students, the future of our nation do not suffer.

Thanks and Regards
Karan Kumar

Letter Writing In English 12th Class Pdf Question 5.
You bought a refrigerator two months ago from Mohan Sales, Ashok Vihar, Bangalore. It has developed certain problems regarding its functioning. Cooling has stopped and it is making a lot of noise. Write a letter of complaint to the Manager asking him for immediate repair/replacement of the same. You are Sachin/Shashi, 61 Pratap Enclave, Bangalore. (120-150 words) (6 marks)

61 Pratap Enclave

June 4, 20XX

The Manager
Mohan Sales
Ashok Vihar,

Subject: Faulty Refrigerator

Dear Sir,
I bought a Godrej twin-door refrigerator from your M.G. Road showroom on May 15, 20XX vide receipt no. 061XX. But I regret to inform you that it is not giving satisfactory service.
Please find below the list of issues:

  1. Its cooling system is not effective.
  2. It makes a continuous buzzing noise.
  3. The refrigerator consumes a lot of energy.
  4. The Frost Free refrigerator has ice freezing in it.

I request you to advise me as to what is to be done in this regard. Kindly send your representative to inspect all these defects. A replacement of the refrigerator at the earliest would be the best way out, since it is still covered under warranty. I would very much appreciate an early response.

Yours sincerely

Letter Format Class 12 Question 6.
You bought a flat from PQR Builders, Sector 55, Noida. Within a period of two months, you have started facing a lot of problems like seepage in the walls and ceilings, wall paint peeling off, leaking sanitary fittings, lift getting stalled, etc. Write a letter of complaint in 120-150 words to the Works Manager. You are Karuna/Karan, A9 D Apoorva Apartments, Noida. (6 marks) [CBSE (AI) 2016]

Apoorva Apartments

April 23, 20XX

The Works Manager
PQR Builders
Sector 55, Noida

Subject: Problems in the new flat

Dear Sir/Ma’am

I am Karan Kukreja. I purchased A-9 D, Apoorva Apartments from PQR Builders on February 23, 20XX (Registration No. 54D/12/20XX).

It has only been two months since I shifted to this flat. However, I have already started facing a lot of problems. The wall paint has started peeling off. The rainy season has not yet started, but there is already seepage in the walls and ceilings. The new sanitary fittings seem to be of inferior quality and are already leaking. We were also assured of 24-hour power and water availability, but that does not seem to be the case now. Drinking water comes only for four hours in the morning and power cuts have also become quite frequent. To add to the woes the lift gets stalled quite often. Our flat is on the third floor and this becomes quite a problem for my elderly parents.

I would really appreciate it if these issues are addressed at the earliest.

Yours sincerely
Karan Kukreja

Letter Writing For Class 12 Question 7.
Your school recently launched a GPRS system in the school buses which will enable the parents to keep track of their children while they are travelling in the bus. The service, however, is not smooth and is facing a lot of problems. As the Transport Incharge of DML Public School, Delhi, write a letter in about 120-150 words to the Manager, Forumloft, 21 Park Street, Delhi, complaining about the same. (6 marks) [CBSE Sample Paper 2016]

DML Public School

May 8, 20XX

The Manager
21, Park Street,

Subject: Complaint regarding the new GPRS system

Dear Sir/ Madam

This is with reference to the new GPRS system purchased from your firm vide bill No. AEP 562349. We had ordered for 15 GPRS systems for our school buses to enable the parents to keep track of their children while they were travelling in the bus. These were installed by your technician on April 20, 20XX.

The GPRS systems worked perfectly well for 2-3 days. After that problems started cropping up. The GPRS system keeps fluctuating and keeps switching off by itself at intervals. The signal in the GPRS has poor receptivity and it is becoming tough to keep track of the bus. The whole purpose of installing the GPRS is lost if problems of this kind persist. Therefore, I request you to kindly fix the issue at the earliest.

I hope this letter will elicit a suitable response from our elected representatives.

Thanks and regards
Transport Incharge

Letter Writing For 12th Class Question 8.
You are Somita Roy, the librarian of ABC Public School, New Delhi. Write a letter to the Unique Book Co., New Delhi, complaining about the poor quality of books supplied to your library. (6 marks)

ABC Public School
New Delhi

July 8, 20XX

The Unique Book Co.
New Delhi

Subject: Supply of poor quality of books

Dear Sir,
We regret to inform you that the quality of books supplied by you to our library is quite deplorable and poor. ABC Public School has been your old and regular customer. We placed an order for the purchase of about five-hundred books for the school library. The books supplied are poor in quality, not the latest editions and most of them are not the ones we had ordered.

Please note that errors made in the supply given below and expedite the matter at the earliest.

  1. a. Thirty copies of Modern Mathematics (12th Standard) 2015 Edition Supplied.
    b. Thirty copies of English Grammar (12th Standard) 2015 Edition Supplied. Whereas, 2019 Editions of the above-mentioned books are available in the market.
  2. We ordered for thirty copies history of India’ by S.K. Rao but received 10 copies history of India’ by S.P. Singh.
  3. Twenty copies of Science books are really in bad shape and cannot be accepted as such.

Please effect the changes on or before August 1, 20XX.
Yours faithfully
Somita Roy

Letter Writing In English 12th Class Question 9.
Last month, you went to Ooty and stayed at ‘Hotel Greenview’ for a week. Within two days, you found that the facilities provided were not good and you have to leave the hotel. On reaching home in Chennai, you decided to write a letter of complaint to the manager describing all that went wrong there. Demand a refund of the money paid in advance. Write a letter in 120-150 words. You are Omar/Amma, 12 B, Mount Road, Chennai. (6 marks) [CBSE (F) 2017]

Mount Road

April 10, 20XX

The Manager
Hotel Greenview

Subject: Lack of good facilities at the hotel

Respected Sir,
This is with reference to the booking made at your hotel on February 5, 20XX for a week but not getting the facilities as promised after reaching the hotel.

We reached the hotel on February 6, 20XX, and paid an advance booking amount of 20,000. Within two days of the stay, we realised that the facilities and services provided at the hotel were not as per the commitment made by the authorities at the time of booking. The room service never responded on time of call and the hotel management staff was least bothered about the cleanliness in the rooms. We experienced frequent power cuts without any generator backup being provided. Apart from all this, the hotel staff was very rude and refused to accept their negligence. Therefore, we left the hotel for two days only and searched for another hotel. In view of these events, I would like to have a refund of my money that I paid in advance at the time of booking.

I hope you will look into this matter and take strict action against the hotel staff. Only if these issues are resolved, your customers will be satisfied, and the hotel will be a success.

Thanks and regards

Letter 12th Class Question 10.
You are Nitin/Natasha, staying at 20, S.F.S. Flats, Worli, Mumbai. You bought a mobile ^ phone from ‘Mobile Villa’, Mahim, Mumbai. The phone developed a problem within a few days of the purchase. Write a letter to the Sales Manager of the showroom complaining about the defect and seeking an immediate replacement. (6 marks) [CBSE Sample Paper 2018]

20, SFS Flats

November 17, 20XX

To The Sales Manager
Mobile Villa

Subject: Complaint about defective mobile phone

I recently purchased a mobile Samsung Note 3 from your showroom dated October 16, 20XX with vide receipt no. XYZ 1345 with a warranty of one year is hereby declared defective.

After the purchase, it worked properly for some days but later started showing some defects. It does not work properly. The battery backup is creating a problem. It gets switched off itself. The applications have stopped responding. The camera is also not working properly.

It is a matter of utmost grief that such a reputed company is found with defects. Although it seems to be a manufacturing defect, therefore, you are requested to either change the product or take the desirous action as soon as possible.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely

♦ Letter to the Editor (6 marks)

Letter Writing 12th Class Question 1.
Board examinations bring along a lot of stress and anxiety for not only the students but also the parents. With their heads buried in their books, students, especially those appearing for the board examinations, have time for ittle else, as they burn the midnight oil, learning and revising the syllabi. In Delhi alone, six school students and an anguished parent have taken their lives. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily expressing your views on the system. You are Rohit/Arpita Sood of 42, Sector A, Pocket B, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

42, Sector A, Pocket B
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi
(a) ……………………………………………
(b) ……………………………………………
New Delhi
(c) ……………………………………………Sir,
Board examinations induce (d) ………………………………… It is really a shocking state of affairs where teenagers and even parents are driven to (e) ………………………………… ! Recent surveys reveal that the (f) ………………………………… because of pressure from the parents. The competition level in schools is also increasingly causing (g) ………………………………… It is important to have (h) ………………………………… to help them regain self-esteem, besides imparting skills to reduce stress. Teaching students breathing exercises, and yoga to increase their concentration levels and relaxation techniques (i) ………………………………… (j) …………………………………Yours truly
Arpita Sood

(a) The Editor
(b) Hindustan Times
(c) Stress and anxiety due to examinations
(d) high levels of stress and anxiety among students
(e) taking their lives
(f) anxiety levels in those appearing for board exams are certainly high
(g) pressure on children to build-up
(h) counseling for students appearing for Board examinations
(i) will also help de-stress children
(j) Concerned agencies should take concrete steps to prevent stress from building up among students.

Letter For Class 12 Question 2.
79, R. K. Puram (6 marks)
New Delhi- 110045
August 12, 20XX
The Editor Hindustan Times New Delhi – 1100XX

Subject: Organic Farming – A Boon!!!

Dear Sir,
A twenty-minute brisk walk daily will keep a man fit, an apple a day keeps a doctor away; are all old health proverbs which till today hold value, but is it really enough? “Ghar ka khana” is famous for its taste and hygienic condition. But I have one question: how safe is it. It’s not a doubt on mother’s love but on the raw materials (lentils, wheat/ rice, vegetables) she uses to cook food. Though we are all aware of the danger of the excess use of insecticides and pesticides (used by the farmers to grow vegetables) on the environment and human body, we still are quiet.

My question is why are we quiet When technology has developed so much when biotech has come up with an organic platform, why are we still stuck up in the traditional way of cultivation. The world has moved to organic farming years ago, but till today, India is lacking a lot in this field. The government has made a lot of schemes to promote organic farming, but unfortunately, our horticulture officers are not aware of it.

Biofertilizers, bio plant hormones, bio manures, etc. are easily available at Government farms but no one knows about it. Greenhouse farming, poly house farming, drip irrigation system all are easily available in India and to add to that, Government has provided a 70% subsidy on it, but how many farmers are aware of it.

Everyone demands a better tomorrow. Why can’t we stand up for a better and healthy tomorrow? It’s our right and today, technology has its way for it. The government should come forward to make every citizen aware of it. After all, it is our right to enjoy pesticide-free, clean food.

Yours sincerely

Question 3.

101, Nalanda Apartments
New Delhi
February 2, 20XX
The Editor The Times of India New Delhi

Subject: Pollution: A Major Concern

Dear Sir,
Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to express my opinion with reference to a report claiming Delhi to be the most polluted city in the world (30th January 20XX pg-6).

It is a major concern for the residents of the national capital that the pollution levels of our materialistic city have increased by a huge margin. I am personally dumbstruck after reading this report by WHO. This is something which if not dealt with immediately, would result in an increase in many diseases. This would affect the people living in the capital. It would also show the country in a bad light since Delhi, being the capital, generates not only a lot of capital for the country but also is the hub of the tourism industry.

The ever increasing pockets of the humongous population have propelled them to move to four-wheelers, which in turn has increased pollution. Industries and deforestation add to the same. It is an irony that the most intelligent being on the planet is causing the most destruction.

I would feel grateful if this issue is highlighted appropriately and the masses come to know more about it. It is not only the responsibility of the government but also we, as responsible citizens, need to take steps to reduce pollution. After all, this is the launch period of the dream of Bapu Swachh Bharat. It is important that something is done in this regard so that the realisation of the dream is not nipped in the bud.

Yours sincerely
Shreyas Shridhar

Question 4.
Recently you went to your native village to visit your grandparents. You saw that some of the children in the age group of 5 – 14 (the age at which they should have been at school) remained at home, were working in the fields or simply loitering in the streets. Write a letter in 120-150 words to the Editor of a National Daily analysing the problem and offering solutions to it. You are Navtej/Navita, M-114, Mount Kailash, Kanpur. (6 marks) [CBSE Delhi 2015]

M-114, Mount Kailash
Kanpur- 208002

June 1, 20XX

The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi-110002

Subject: Preventing illiteracy among children

This is with reference to something that I came across while on a visit to my grandparent’s place in Nellore. I found many children in the age group of 5-14 not attending school. They remained at home, were working in the fields or simply loitering in the streets. It was very disheartening to see that even though the right to education has been made compulsory, many children still remain illiterate.

I found the children disinterested or rather indifferent towards education. The same attitude was prevalent among parents and elders. There was absolutely no motivation. I understand that poor parents need extra help in fields, but I believe that it should not be at the cost of their children’s education.

Parents need to take the initiative to educate their children. Not only the family but the school should also motivate and enroll students of the school-going age group. Often parents ask what good would a little education do. In order to prevent that thought, &kill development should be emphasised at school. Free meals, books, and uniforms should also be provided so that none of these remain the reason for illiteracy. After all, children are the future of tomorrow.

I hope this letter will serve as a wake-up call for the concerned authorities.

Yours sincerely

Question 5.
When cricket teams go abroad, the members are allowed to take their wives, even friends along with them. Does this fact distract them or help them focus on their game in a better way? If it is good, why don’t we allow our athletes to enjoy the same privilege? Write a letter to the Editor of a National Daily in 120-150 words giving your views on the issue. You are Navtej/Navita, M-l 14, Mount Kailash, Kanpur. (6 marks) [CBSE Delhi 2015]
M- 114, Mount Kailash

June 1, 20XX

The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi-110002

Subject: Pampered cricketers

We have always felt that our cricketers are pampered a lot. This is evident with the BCCI reconsidering its ban on taking wives/friends abroad on games. Many say that taking wives/friends along is a good move as it gives the players the much needed emotional support and keeps them free from worries. It helps them concentrate on their game. But if that is the case, why aren’t our other players given the same privilege? Would it be not right to say that this kind of bias on the part of the association is all because cricket is the most popular game in the country? The question arises, ‘Is it a wise move to reinstate this ruling?’

Well, considering the way our cricketers are faring at major international matches after this privilege, there should not be any doubt as to the usefulness of such a ruling. But at the same time, it sometimes acts as a distraction. Players are unable to focus and give their best. It becomes more like a family outing rather than a sporting mission. Moreover, the wish to live up to the expectations of their family makes the players train harder. They put in their best because they know that their family feels that they will give their best. No training sessions are missed, ultimately leading to better performance.

Yours sincerely

Question 6.
You are Navtej/Navita, Secretary, Environment Club, Akash Public School, Agra. You, along with a group of students, went on a three-day tour through Corbett National Park. You found how the tourists abuse the available facilities and thus endanger the environment. Write a letter in 120-150 words to the Editor of a National Daily highlighting the situation. Suggest ways through which the environment of the park can be saved. (6 marks) [CBSE (AI) 2015]
Akash Public School
12, Besant Road

June 13, 20XX

The Editor,
The Times of India,

Subject: The deteriorating condition of Corbett National Park

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities towards the deteriorating condition of Corbett National Park. India, with its rich flora and fauna, has a large tourism industry worldwide. Tourists from various countries throng our country to enjoy its rich beauty. A very beautiful part of this magnificence is our National Parks. We have around 110 national parks in our country, of which, Corbett National Park is the oldest.

Though it houses the mighty but endangered Bengal Tiger, its own future seems to be bleak. All this is because of tourism. Tourists harm the environment in many ways. They trample the vegetation and throw litter in places. Without even the slightest regard for the park, tourists disturb wildlife by throwing stones at the small animals and sometimes even running their tour vehicles behind them. They also park vehicles in prohibited areas. All this has led to major disturbances for the animals. Many animals, which used to roam around freely in the park, now run and hide on hearing humans. It is a pitiable state of affairs which the authorities should look into at the earliest.

Limiting visitors or at least their vehicles can be the first step towards safeguarding these animals. The tourists also need to be educated on this issue. People who abuse the facilities provided should be severely penalised. An increase in patrolling by forest guards and stricter implementation of laws will also help.

I request the authorities to look into the matter at the earliest and take the necessary steps, so that the purpose of national parks, of providing a home and safeguarding animals is not lost.

Yours truly

Question 7.
On Teachers’ Day, you read in a newspaper that privately owned and managed schools hi small towns or even in the suburbs of metropolitan cities exploit their teachers by paying them just a fraction of their authorised salaries. This affects their performance in the classroom and thus, the lives of their students. Write a letter in 120-150 words to the Editor of a National Daily raising your voice against such exploitation. Suggest ways to solve this problem. You are Navtej/Navita, 112 Taj Road, Agra. (6 marks) [CBSE (AI) 2015]

112, Taj Road
Agra- 282002

June 13, 20XX

The Editor,
The Times of India,

Subject: Compromising on the quality of education

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities towards the deplorable condition of education in certain privately owned and managed schools in small towns or even in the suburbs of metropolitan cities.

Of late, there has been a spurt of various privately owned and managed schools in small towns or even in the suburbs of metropolitan cities. Though this seems a promising trend for education, the quality of education in these schools is often questionable. Most of the time, the teachers employed are paid just a fraction of their authorised salaries. These teachers have to work for longer hours on less salary. This affects the quality of their teaching, in turn affecting the career of the students. Often the schools pay less on the pretext of less experience or low grades. No perks and allowances are paid. This also makes it difficult to get and retain quality teachers. This is the exploitation of students as well as their teachers.

It is important that laws regarding the employment of teachers be made more stringent. Also, instead of having a check done only by the school committee, it is important that continuous monitoring by the Government takes place. Only then, both the students and teachers will get respite. The school authorities should also be more humane.

I request the authorities to look into the matter at the earliest and take the necessary steps so that our future generations do not suffer.

Yours truly

Question 8.
Lack of job opportunities in rural areas is forcing people to migrate to cities. Every big city thus has a number of slums in it. Life in these slums is miserable. Write a letter in 120-150 words to the Editor of a National Newspaper on how we can improve the living conditions in these slums. You are Karan/Karuna, Ml 14, Mall Road, Delhi. (6 marks) [CBSE Delhi 2016]

M-114, Mall Road

May 1, 20XX

The Editor
The Hindustan Times
Kasturba Gandhi Marg
New Delhi-110001

Subject: Need to improve living conditions in slums

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities towards the miserable living conditions in slums. India is growing by leaps and bounds in every sector. However, the mushrooming slums in the city provide an altogether different scenario. A country’s growth depends on the growth of its people. The people living in slums don’t have basic amenities like food, shelter, and clothing. Many can be seen ravaging through dustbins to get food.

Lack of proper sanitation and living among such dreadful conditions lead to the spread of many diseases. There are many in the slums who have always been in the city. However, there are others who migrate from rural to urban areas to earn their livelihood. All this is due to a lack of job opportunities in rural areas. Thereby, many of them end up living in slums. Though the government has made housing provisions for these people, many are unaware of the same. Others who are aware, fight corruption to get these facilities. Still, others who get these facilities rent these houses to earn money. All this quadruples the problems faced by these people.

The government needs to ensure that people living in the slums get basic amenities. People should be made aware of existing job opportunities in rural areas. Better job opportunities and setting of small-scale industries should also be done in rural areas. Street plays should be organised in slums to make the slum dwellers aware of their rights. Provision to provide basic education should also be done. Only when the slum dwellers also get the basic necessities, can the nation be said to have truly progressed.

Yours sincerely

Question 9.
Along with air and water pollution, our cities are also under an attack of noise pollution. Marriage processions, DJs during wedding receptions, loud music from neighbourhood flats, etc. are all sources of noise which is not good for the old, the ailing, and students. Write a letter in 120-150 words to the Editor of a local newspaper describing the problem and making a request to the concerned authorities to solve it. You are Karan/Karuna, M 114, Mall Road, Delhi. (6 marks) [CBSE (AI) 2016]

M 114, Mall Road

June 13, 20XX

The Editor
The Hindu
New Delhi

Subject: Concern over the rising noise pollution

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities towards the rising noise pollution in our cities.

Marriage processions, DJs during wedding receptions, loud music during campaigning and elections, are all sources of noise which is not good for the old, the ailing, and the students. Not only does it affect the health of people but also their behaviour. It causes hypertension, high-stress levels, hearing loss, and disturbed sleep. It also causes damage to psychological health. Lack of urban planning also increases exposure to unwanted sounds.

I hope the concerned authorities would look into this matter at the earliest and help resolve this issue.

Yours sincerely

Question 10.
It gives you a good feeling when you read in the newspapers how patients from abroad come to hospitals in India and get themselves treated at a fraction of expenses they would have incurred elsewhere. Write a letter in 120-150 words to the editor of a National Daily describing the importance of medical tourism for India. You are Karan/Karuna M 114, Mall Road, Kanpur. (6 marks) [CBSE (AI) 2016]

M 114, Mall Road,

April 25, 20XX

The Editor
The Hindustan Times
New Delhi

Subject: Importance of medical tourism for India

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities towards the importance of medical tourism for India. India is an international medical travel destination for patients seeking world-class treatment at competitive rates.

Over the years, India has grown to become the top-most destination for medical treatment because it scores high over a range of factors that determines the overall quality of care. From the quality of therapy, range of procedural and treatment options, infrastructure, and skilled manpower to perform any medical procedure with zero waiting time, the list of benefits of travelling for medical treatment in India are many. The high-end healthcare system in India is as good as the best in the world. With the wide range of world-class medical facilities, infrastructure, alternative treatment (Ayurveda, homeopathic, etc.) and therapies, India is a place par excellence.

Quality of care is what attracts people. However, quality services should not be beyond the affordability of the patient who requires it. If quality comes at an affordable cost, it is an unbeatable advantage. This combination of the highest quality and cost advantage is unique in India. Quick and immediate attention for surgeries and all interventions are assured in India. Another advantage is the number of English-speaking people in the country. This helps in better understanding and care for the patients.

These days, it seems that every country in the world promotes itself as a haven for medical tourism. The reality is that in most cases they offer sub-standard facilities and limited skills/qualifications. However, the Indian medical field with all its benefits is truly the best and requires only more promotion. This will help us earn foreign exchange, improve relations with other countries, and enhance India’s image in the outside world. I hope the concerned authorities would take further steps to enhance medical tourism in India.

Yours sincerely

♦ Important Points

  • Layout: Make your headings clear and accurate. Grammar—Poor spelling, typos or bad grammar must be eradicated.
  • Place your personal details: Name, date of birth, and contact details at the start of the CV. Double-check your e-mail address and telephone number.
  • Education: List your qualifications, grades, where and when they were achieved for those with undergraduate degree and above. If you are still studying, you should state an estimated completion date and give an idea of when you would be available for full-time work.
  • Professional Qualifications: Professional qualifications, membership of professional bodies, etc. should be listed.
  • Training: List any appropriate training courses you have taken and any qualifications resulting from them.
  • Work Experience: List your employers and positions, and the dates and duration of employment. Provide a comprehensive job profile and list your duties and responsibilities.
  • Be honest when describing your language and IT skills.
    • Specify oral and written language skills separately and describe them extensively instead of merely using an excellent/good/fair rating.
    • Indicate what computer software and systems you can use and what you have done with them in your work.
  • Hobbies and interests: Try to include things that portray you in a good light and offer some value to how well you’ll perform in the position. Reading is great but doesn’t really show leadership, teamwork or drive. Team sports, charitable work, holding office for an organization all do.
    • Keep your CV free of borders, clip art, extravagant font and other decorations.
    • Expected salary: This is an area of negotiation and should never be included in your CV.

Question 1.
Draft an application with bio-data in about 120-150 words for the post of the Librarian hi Vision Senior Secondary School, Calicut. You are Radhika/Rajeev from 21, Cherry Road, Madurai. (6 marks) [CBSE Sample Paper 2016]

1, Cherry Road

May 23, 20XX

The Principal
Vision Senior Secondary School

Subject: Application for the post of Librarian Dear Sir/Ma’am

This is with reference to your advertisement in The Times of India for the post of Librarian in your school. I am interested in the position and would like to apply for the same.

Attached is my resume for your perusal.

Thanking you
Letter Writing Class 12 Format, Topics, Samples 3
Question 2.
Write an application (including a resume) in 120-150 words for the post of Receptionist Advertised in a National Newspaper by JKL Publishers, Peshwa Road, Pune. You are Karuna, Ml 14, Mall Road, Pune, a graduate from SNDT University, and have done a Secretarial Practice Course from YWCA, Mumbai. (6 marks) [CBSE Delhi 2016]

M, 114
Mall Road,

May 2, 20XX

The Director,
JKL Publishers,
Peshwa Road,

Subject: Application for the post of Receptionist


This is with reference to the advertisement published in The Hindu, on 28 April, 20XX for the post of a Receptionist. I would like to put forth my application for the same.

I am a graduate in Arts from SNDT University. I have also done a Secretarial Practice Course from YWCA, Mumbai. I am well versed in shorthand and MS office.

I would request you to consider my application for the post. Looking forward to a positive reply.

Thanking you
Your truly
Enel. -Resume
Letter Writing Class 12 Format, Topics, Samples 4
Question 3.
You are Mark Harris from Birmingham. You saw a requirement for an engineering Consultant in the company “Day Job Ltd”. Write a letter in about 120-150 words offering your candidature for the post as mentioned by you. (6 marks)

120 Made UP Street,

February 16, 20XX

Mathew Gordon
Dayjob Ltd.
120 Vyse Street,

Subject: Application for Professional Engineering Consultant position

Dear Mr. Gordon,
In response to the recently advertised position on the Dayjob.com website, please consider my resume in your search for a professional Engineering Consultant.

You mentioned in your advert the need for candidates to have an ability to analyse large amounts of technical data and to provide detailed analysis and planning of new engineering facilities. I feel that with my three years of experience as an engineering consultant at my present place of employment, I have all of these qualities and much more. Overall I have worked in the engineering industry for over 10 years and have extensive knowledge of machine breakdowns, fault finding, mechanical repairs, and significant large-scale project engineering exposure.

I am known for my excellent client-facing skills and have participated in proposals and presentations that have landed six-figure contracts. I also excel in merging business and user needs into high-quality, cost-effective design solutions whilst keeping within budgetary constraints.

I see your vacancy as a unique opportunity to work in a high-class engineering department and to benefit from the latest cutting-edge technology systems. I jump at the opportunity to gain experience with one of the most recognisable industry names in the world and look forward to playing an important role in helping you to deliver the changes required to achieve your ambitions.

In summary, I am able to offer your company great enthusiasm, passion, and strong capabilities for advancement in the engineering consulting industry. I thank you in advance for considering my application and I would very much like an opportunity to meet with you personally to discuss my candidacy further.

Yours sincerely
Mark Harris

Question 4.
You are Shobha/Sushil from 56, A Block, Saket, Agra. Write an application along with a personal resume in 120-150 words in response to the following advertisement: Wanted an experienced hockey coach having B.P.Ed Degree for our school. Apply to the Principal, Agarsen Public School, Agra by 15th March, 20XX. (6 marks) [CBSE (1/2/1) 2019]

56, A Block, Saket

March 12, 20XX

The Principal
Agrasen Public School

Subject: Application for the post of a hockey coach.

This letter is in response to your advertisement in “The Times of India” dated 1st March, 20XX. I wish to offer my service for the post of a hockey coach in your reputed institution. I am a B.P.Ed Degree holder with two years of experience in Mahatma Gandhi School. At this point, I wish to join an established institution like yours for the advancement of my career.

Please find enclosed my resume herewith for your kind reference. I hope you will find me suitable for the said post. I assure you that I shall work with utmost devotion and sincerity to your full satisfaction. I look forward to attending an interview at your convenience.

Yours truly
Enclosed: Resume and Testimonials


Full Name: Shushil Kumar
Father’s Name: Mr. Ram Kumar
Date of Birth: 21st July, 1988
Marital Status: Unmarried
Academic Qualifications:

  • M. A. English from Indira Gandhi University, Agra with 75%
  • B.P.Ed from Government College of Teachers, IP University, Delhi with 70%
  • State-level certified badminton champion
  • Qualified for National level

Experience: Worked as a Physical Education teacher at Mahatma Gandhi School, Agra.
Salary Expected: 70,000 per month
Permanent Address: 56, A Block, Saket, Agra
Contact Number: 96xxxxxxxx
Email ID: xyz@gmail.com

  1. Mr. Jack Lewis -94xxxxxx24 Principal -Mahatma Gandhi School, Agra
  2. Mr. Avinash Singh -77xxxxxxx6 Principal- DAV Public School, Agra

♦ Letter for Enquiry (6 marks)

Question 1.

Syed Shakir Iqbal, Head Boy of St Fidelis School, Aligarh is organizing an educational tour for the senior students of History to Bhimbetka Caves near Bhopal. Write a letter to the Manager Youth Hostel, Bhopal, requesting him for information regarding the availability of rooms and charges.

45, Gular Road

Tel.: 072-234456

(a) ……………………………………………..
Youth Hostel
14 February 20XX
Subject: (b)
The senior students of our school (c) …………………………….. during the first week of April. (d) …………………………….. for 4 days and visit the (e) …………………………….. As there are 14 boys and an accompanying Master, we would like eight rooms. We shall be grateful if you (f) ……………………………..
1. (g) ……………………………..
2. (h) ……………………………..
3. meals provided by you
(i) ……………………………..
(j) ……………………………..

Syed Shakir Iqbal
Head Boy

(a) The Manager
(b) Inquiry about the availability of rooms and charges
(c) plan to visit Bhopal
(d) We plan to stay there
(e) Bhimbetka caves to study the paintings
(f) provide us with the following information:
(g) the availability of rooms on a twin-sharing basis
(h) charges per day for the rooms
(i) Hoping for an early response
(j) Yours truly

Question 2.
You are John/Jennifer, the incharge of Tour and Excursion Club of Grand Public School, Agra. During the summer break, you are planning to organise a tour to a place of historical importance. Write a letter to the India Travel and Tour Agency, Agra, enquiring about the charges, facilities, and all the other necessary details. (6 marks)

Grand Public School,

April 6, 20XX
The Manager,
India Travel and Tour Agency,

Subject: Enquiry about the charges and facilities

Grand Public School, Agra is organising a tour to a place of historical importance during the summer break. We are planning a tour in the first week of May. It would be a tour for three days. We are a group of twenty-five students, four teachers and two peons. Kindly furnish the following details regarding the tour and oblige.

  1. Information regarding the package tours provided by your agency.
  2. Arrangement for accommodation of the students, the teachers and the peons.
  3. Number of rooms and their total charges.
  4. Arrangements of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the charges per head.
  5. Arrangement of luxury buses and the charges for each bus.
  6. Any other information or relevant details regarding the tour.

Yours faithfully
Tour Incharge

Question 3.
You intend to join coaching classes at International Coaching Centre situated in Raipur. The institute specialises in teaching science to classes XI-XII. Write a letter of enquiry in 120-150 words addressed to the Administrator incharge of the institute seeking clarification about the timings, duration, staff, transport and other necessary details for joining the institute. You are Rajesh/Rajni 2, Library Road Jabalpur. (6 marks)

2, Library Road

March 12, 20XX

The Administrator
International Coaching Centre

Subject: Letter of Enquiry

I am a student of Class X. I have appeared for my Boards, and am quite confident of securing an A+ in all the subjects. I am interested in pursuing a career in the field of medicine. Therefore, I wish to join your coaching classes. I would be greatly obliged if you give me the following information:

  1. Time schedule for admission process
  2. No. of days in a week/weekend classes/vacation classes
  3. Timings of weekday/weekend classes and vacation classes
  4. Duration of the different courses
  5. Staff
  6. Transportation facilities
  7. Fee for the different courses

Also do let me know all other details pertaining to your institute.

I would be obliged if you could give me the necessary information at the earliest, so as to enable my parents to do the needful.

Yours sincerely

Question 4.
You are Mallika/Mayank, student of Class XII, Modern School, Shimla. You are eager to enter the National Film Academy, Shimla after your board results. Write a letter to the Director of the film academy seeking information regarding admission procedure, eligibility criteria, fee structure, placement opportunities, etc. (6 marks) [CBSE Paper 2018]

Modern School

November 17, 20XX

The Director
National Film Academy

Subject: Seeking information about Film Academy

I am Mayank, a student of Class XII of Modern School, Shimla. I have given my board exams and am waiting for my board results. I would like to join a course in Film Academy after my result, therefore, would like to inquire about the course.

I shall feel highly obliged if you please let me know about the following:

  • Admission procedure
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Fee Structure
  • Mode of payment
  • Placement opportunities

Also, let me know if there is any scholarship scheme. Please send me the detail on my e-mail id: mayankl2@yahoo.com, so that I can pursue my course.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely

Question 5.
You are Seetha/Surya living in Bangalore. You and your friends are planning a week-long holiday to a hill station. Write a letter making necessary enquiries from the tour operator before you make your final decision. (6 marks) [CBSE Sample Paper 2016]

154, Brindavan Apartments
April 1, 20XX

Lazeet Travels & Tours,
M. G. Road

Subject: Details of tour plans

Dear Ms. Bhavna

We came across your tour brochure for hill stations last week. We are interested in the Kodaikanal-Thekkady-Munnar package that you have mentioned in the brochure. We are a group of 10 from Bangalore between the ages of 25-35. Since the brochure does not give the complete details of the package, we would be interested in knowing the full details. We would like to know the tour charges, time and date of travel, mode of travel, food, and accommodation for the trip. We would also like a complete itinerary. Also, it would be great if you could suggest some other packages that you offer for a week-long hill station trip. Please inform us about any other requirements for the trip.

Thank you in anticipation