Preposition Worksheet For Class 3

Preposition Worksheet
 A preposition is a word placed before a noun or a pronoun to show in what relation the person or thing denoted by it stands in regard to something else.

This grammar section explains Online Education English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Online Education Preposition Worksheet Exercises for Class 3 CBSE With Answers PDF

  • The words that show the relation between naming words and describing words are called Prepositions.
  • These where words are called prepositions.
  • Where Words tell us where something or someone is placed.
  • Across, around, between, in front of, next to, behind, over are some examples of where words.

Preposition Exercises with Answers for Class 3 CBSE PDF

Preposition For Class 3
A. Look at the pictures and write where the ball is in each picture.
Preposition Exercise For Class 3

Preposition Class 3
B. Underline the preposition in each sentence.

1. Sherry walked across the street.
2. Pari wandered into the pet store.
3. Molly left before lunchtime.
4. Meena’s office is near the cafeteria.
5. Ankita fell asleep during class.
6. Anil sat on his new rocking chair.
7. Sahil drove around the block.
8. Under a warm blanket, Pradip rested.

More about Prepositions Exercises for Class 3 CBSE With Answers

Preposition Worksheet Exercises for Class 3

In, On and At are prepositions of time.

IN On At
Month or Year.
E.g. in February, in 2010
1. Day
E.g. on Monday, on Republic Day, on my birthday
1. Time of clock
E.g. at 5 O’clock, at 7:30 PM
The particular time of day or month or year.
E.g. in the morning, in the evening, in the first week of July, in summer, in winter
2. Date
E.g. on 5th of March, March 5
2. Short and precise time
E.g. at noon, at sunset, at lunch time, at bed time, at the moment, at the same time

Some other prepositions of time

since from a certain point of time (past till now) since 1980
for over a certain period of time (past till now) for 2 years
ago a certain time in the past 2 years ago
before earlier than a certain point of time before 2004
to telling the time ten to si c 5*2’s
past telling the time ten past ssx (6:10)
to/till/ until marking the beginning and end of a period of time from Monday to/till Friday
till/until in the sense of how long something is going to last He is on holiday until Friday.
by in the sense of at the latest up to a certain time I will be back by 6 o’clock. By 11 o’clock, I had read five pages.

Preposition Worksheet Exercises

Read the picture story.
Worksheet On Preposition For Class 3

Preposition Worksheet For Class 3 With Answers
A. Answer the following questions from the story above.

1. What do you do first at the bus top? _____________________
2. What do you do when the bus arrives? _____________________
3. What do we do sometimes at the bus stop? _____________________

Prepositions Exercises with Answers PDF for Class 3 CBSE

Preposition Worksheets For Grade 3 With Answers Pdf
A. Fill in the correct prepositions.

1. Peter is playing tennis _____________________ Sunday.
2. My brother’s birthday is _____________________ the 5th of November.
3. My birthday is _____________________ May.
4. We are going to see my parents _____________________ the weekend.
5. _____________________ 1666, a great fire broke out in London.
6. I don’t like walking alone in the streets _____________________ night.
7. What are you doing _____________________ the afternoon?
8. My friend has been living in Canada _____________________ two years.

Class 3 Prepositions Worksheet With Answers
B. Choose the correct prepositions.

What are you doing ____________ (at/in/on) the weekend? I don’t know yet. I might go to the cinema ____________ (at/in/on) Saturday. That’s Interesting! I haven’t been to the cinema ____________ (for/since) so many years. We could go there together ____________ (at/in/ on) the afternoon. That would be great. But I would prefer to go there ____________ (at/in/on) the evening. I am visiting my grandma ____________ (at/in/on) Saturday. That’s okay. The film starts ____________ (at/in/on) eight o’clock. I can pick you up (at/in/on) half ____________ (to/past) seven. How long does the film last? It lasts ____________ (for/to/until) two hours and forty-five minutes. (before/by/from) eight ____________ (for/till) a quarter ____________ (to/by/at) eleven. That’s right. But I must rush home ____________ (after/before/now) the film. I have to be home ____________ (by/since/until) eleven o’clock.