Reported Speech Class 6 Worksheet

You have learned that we can report the words of a speaker in two ways.
We may quote the speaker’s actual words. This is called direct speech.
My friends said, “We enjoyed our holiday in London.”
Kavish said, “I was working on my project.”
“I shall come to your party,” Navya promised.

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Reported Speech Class 6
Note that indirect speech

  • inverted commas are used to indicate the exact words of the speaker. (You may use either single or double inverted commas.)
  • a comma is placed immediately after the reporting verb. (In the third example the sentence ends with the reporting verb and is, therefore, followed by a full stop.)
  • the punctuation at the end of the sentence in direct speech is placed before the closed inverted comma(s).

We can also report what the speaker said without quoting his / her exact words. This is called indirect speech or reported speech.

My friends said that they had enjoyed their holiday in London.
Kavish said that he was/had been working on his project.
Navya promised that she would come to my party.

In indirect speech, we:

  • use the conjunction that immediately before the reported words.
  • change the person of the first and second-person pronouns.
  • change the tense of the verb.
  • do not use inverted commas.

Reported Speech Exercises For Class 6 With Answers

Reported Speech For Class 6

Narration Exercise For Class 6
Tense Change

is/am was
are were
have had
do did
was/ were had been
will would
can could

Direct And Indirect Speech Class 6
Modal Change

Direct Speech Reported Speech
will would
can could
must/ have to must or had to
may/might might
should should
ought to ought to

Class 6 Reported Speech Worksheet
Place and Time

Direct Speech Reported Speech
today that day
now then/at the moment
yesterday the day before
days ago days before
last week the week before
next year the following years
tomorrow the next day, the following day
here there
this that
these those
ago previously/before
tonight that night

Class 6 Direct And Indirect Speech Worksheet
Direct Speech

Direct Speech Reported Speech
  • Present simple
    He said, “I want to watch a film”
  • Present Continuous
    He said, “Jane is sleeping.”
  • Present Perfect
    She said, “I have bought a new dress.”
  • Past Simple
    Alex said, “I finished my homework.”
  • Will
    She said, “I will always love Tom.
  • Can
    Tom said, “I can carry 50 kg.”
  • May
    Ben said, “It may rain.”
  • Must
    He said, “Everybody must obey the rules.”
  • Have to
    She said, “I have to go home.”
  • Past simple
    He said (that) he wanted to watch a film
  • Past Continuous
    He said (that) Jane was sleeping.
  • Past Perfect
    She said (that) she had bought a new dress.
  • Past Perfect
    Alex said (that) he had finished his homework.
  • Would
    She said (that) she would always love Tom.
  • Could
    Tom said (that) he could carry 50 kg
  • Might
    Ben said (that) it might rain.
  • Had to
    He said (that) everybody had to obey the rules.”
  • Had to
    She said (that) she had to go home.

Reported Speech Solved Examples Exercises for Class 6 CBSE

Reported Speech Worksheet For Class 6
Question 1.
Change into reported speech.
(i) Rahul said, “I like fiction.
(ii) The girl said, ‘I am writing a letter’.
(iii) The boy said to the girl, ‘I am waiting for you.’
(iv) The masons said, ‘We have finished the job.
(v) The boy said, ‘I have been selected.’
(vi) The teacher said to the girl, ‘Have you done your homework?’
(vii) The teacher said to the boy, ‘Work hard.’
(viii) The man said, ‘I have lost my bag.’
(ix) The traveller said, ‘Where is the nearest inn?’
(x) I said to him, “Will you help me?’
(i) Rahul said that he like fiction.
(ii) The girl said that she was writing a letter.
(iii) The boy said that he was waiting for you.
(iv) The masons said that they had finished the job.
(v) The boy said that he had been selected.
(vi) The teacher asked the girl if she had done your homework.
(vii) The teacher encouraged the boy to work hard.
(viii) The man said that he had lost his bag.
(ix) The traveller asked where the nearest inn was.
(x) I asked him if he would help me.

Reported Speech Exercises For Class 6
Question 2.
Change this direct speech into reported speech.
(i) ‘He works in a bank’
She said ________________________
(ii) We went out last night
She told me ________________________
(iii) ‘I’m coming!
She said ________________________
(iv) ‘I was waiting for the bus when he arrived
She told me ________________________
(v) ‘I’d never been there before’
She said ________________________
(vi) ‘I didn’t go to the party
She told me ________________________
(vii) ‘Lucy’ll come later
She said ________________________
(viii) ‘He hasn’t eaten breakfast
She told me ________________________
(v) ‘I can help you tomorrow’
She said ________________________
(vi) You should go to bed early
She told me ________________________
(i) She said (that) he worked in a bank.
(ii) She told me (that) they went (had gone) out last night (the night before).
(iii) She said (that) she was coming.
(iv) She told me (that) she was waiting for the bus when he arrived.
(v) She said (that) she had never been there before.
(vi) She told me (that) she didn’t go (hadn’t gone) to the party.
(vii) She said (that) Lucy would come later.
(viii) She told me (that) he hadn’t eaten breakfast.
(v) She said (that) she could help me tomorrow.
(vi) She told me (that) I should go to bed early.

Reported Speech Practice Examples Exercises for Class 7 CBSE

Reported Speech Worksheet Class 6
Question 1.
Below you can read a conversation between Reena and her husband SorrttL Complete the following sentence reporting what they discussed.

Reena: Our new servant has a tendency to steal things.
Somu: Is anything missing?
Reena: Yes, he has stolen one of our watches.
Somu: Which one?
Reena: It’s the one we bought from Pacific Mall.

Reena told her husband that (a) ______________ a tendency to steal things. Somu asked her (b) ______________ She told him that (c) ______________ When Somu asked her which one it was, she replied that it was the one they had bought from Pacific Mall.

Reported Speech Exercise For Class 6
Question 2.
Read the conversation given below and complete the paragraph.

Mother: When is the fancy dress competition going to be held in your school?
Rani: After two weeks.
Mother: Are you taking part in it?
Rani: Yes! I am going to be a fairy.
Mother: Why have you chosen that part?
Rani: So that I can show my magical powers.

Mother asked Rani when the fancy dress competition in her school was going to be held. Rani replied that (a) ______________. Mother enquired whether (b) ______________. Rani (c) ______________. Mother asked why she had chosen that part. She replied that she had chosen that part so that she could show her magical powers.