Value Based Questions in Science for Class 10 Chapter 10 Light Reflection and Refraction

These Solutions are part of Value Based Questions in Science for Class 10. Here we have given Value Based Questions in Science for Class 10 Chapter 10 Light Reflection and Refraction

Question 1.
Rajesh is a student of class X and Ram is studying in class VII. Rajesh told Ram that he would show a magic to him. Rajesh had a lens. He focused the rays of sunlight on the bare arm of Ram. After few seconds, Ram felt pain and removed his arm away. Rajesh was laughing at Ram.

  1. Name the type of lens Rajesh had.
  2. Why did Ram feel pain ?
  3. Comment on the behaviour of Rajesh.


  1. Convex lens
  2. When sun light is focused on the arm of Ram, heat is produced. This heat gave the . burning sensation to the skin of Ram’s arm,
  3. Rajesh should not have exploited the ignorance of Ram. He could have performed this magic on a black paper rather than the arm of Ram.

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Question 2.
A lady visited a shopping store with her friend. The owner of the store had fixed number of mirrors at different locations to monitor the activities of the customers. The lady picked up some items of make up and placed those items in her purse thinking that no one is watching her activity. But her friend asked her not to do so. The lady ignored her friend. When the lady came to the counter, the owner of the shop asked her to open her purse. She was humiliated in front of other customer and her friend.

  1. Name the type of mirrors fixed in the shop.
  2. Why was the lady asked by her friend not to place the make up items in her purse ?
  3. Why was the lady humiliated by the owner of the shop ?


  1. Convex mirrors.
  2. The friend of the lady knew that stealing is crime.
  3. The lady had stolen the articles of owner of the shop.

Question 3.
Akhil, a student of class X went to an amusement park along with his younger brother. There, they entered in a small hall having number of large size mirrors. In front of one of the mirrors, they looked very funny. Their faces were normal, their bellies were fat and legs were short. Akhil’s younger brother was frightened and tried to hit the mirror with his foot. However, Akhil stopped him to do so.

  1. Name the type of mirror in front of which Akhil and his brother were standing ?
  2. What is the cause of the distortion of their images ?
  3. What values are shown by Akhil ?


  1. The mirror was the combination of plane, concave and convex mirrors. The top most part was a plane mirror, the middle one was concave and the lower most was convex mirror.
  2. The refraction of light from mirrors distorted their images.
  3. Akhil knew that public or private property should not be damaged. Therefore, he stopped his brother to break the mirror.

Question 4.
Ram is a student of class X. His teacher told him that we can see stars clearly with the help of a telescope. He picked up the telescope from the lab and put it in his bag without telling the lab attendant. During night, he watched the stars and enjoyed.

  1. Name the lenses used in the telescope.
  2. Comment on the action of Ram.


  1. Convex lenses.
  2. Ram has the curiosity to see stars with telescope. However, he should have asked his teacher or lab attendant to take the telescope to his home. He should be ashamed of his act as stealing is crime.

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