Value Based Questions in Science for Class 10 Chapter 12 Electricity

These Solutions are part of Value Based Questions in Science for Class 10. Here we have given Value Based Questions in Science for Class 10 Chapter 12 Electricity

Question 1.
In the house of Ram, there are 20 incandescent bulbs each of 100 W, three geysers each of 2000 W and 20 tubes each of 40 W. All these appliances work for 5 hours in a day. Every month, he pays heavy amount as electricity bill. His son Sham studying in X standard asked his father to replace all incandescent bulbs with CFL bulb each of 40 W to save electricity.

  1. How much units of electricity are saved per month (30 days) by replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL ?
  2. What values are shown by Sham ?


  1. Electric energy consumed by 20 incandescent bulbs in 30 days = P x t = 20 x 100 x 5 x 30
    = 300000 Wh = 300 kWh
    = 300 units
    Electric energy consumed by 20 CFL bulbs = 23 x 40 x 5 x 30 = 120000 Wh
    = 120 kWh =120 units
    Units of electricity saved = 300 – 120 = 180 units.
  2. Sham helped his father to pay less electricity bill. He also believes that saving energy contributes for the development of our nation.

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Question 2.
Electricity plays an important role in the development of a country. Ram, a student of class X was studying in the library after school hours. When he left the library, he found that electric fans of all rooms were ‘ON’ although there was no one in the class rooms. He immediately switched ‘OFF’ all the fans and reported the matter to Principal of the school.

  1. Comment on the attitude of Ram.
  2. Why, Ram reported the matter to the Principal ?


  1. Ram knows the importance of electricity. He believes that loss of electricity is the loss of school as well as the loss of nation. He is against the misuse of national resources.
  2. He reported the matter to the Principal so that the Principal may ask the peon to ensure that such incident should not occur in future.

Question 3.
A welder was asked by Mr. Sumit to weld an iron grill in his house. He started using electricity by connecting the wires of welding set directly with the transmission wires and not through the energy meter. Sumit’s neighbour objected the action of welder but Sumit sided with the welder. However, the son of Sumit appreciated the neighbour.

  1. Why was the action of welder objected by Sumit’s neighbour ?
  2. Why, Sumit supported the action of the welder ?
  3. Why, Sumit s son appreciated the action of his neighbour ?
  4. Write the commercial unit of electrical energy.


  1. It is a crime to steal electrical energy and no honest person can support it.
  2. Sumit thought the welder was doing a favour to him.
  3. Sumit’s son knows that welder is doing wrong.
  4. Kilowatt hour (kWh).

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