Value Based Questions in Science for Class 10 Chapter 4 Carbon and Its Compounds

Question 1.
Kamla and Reema are best friends. On one evening Kamla went to the house of Reema and found her working in the kitchen. The gas burner was emitting yellow flame instead of blue flame. Kamla immediately asked Reema to put off the gas. She helped her in cleaning the fine holes of the gas burner with a needle. The entire operation took about fifteen minutes. The gas was now ignited and there was a blue flame. Please read the above narration and answer the following questions :

  1. Why was burner emitting yellow flame ?
  2. What was the purpose of cleaning the holes ?
  3. In what way Kamla helped Reema ?
  4. What lesson can we learn from this ?


  1. The holes of the burner were blocked due to soot or some oily material released during cooking. The combustion was incomplete and the gas burnt with yellow flame.
  2. By cleaning the holes, the deposits were removed and the combustion was now complete.
  3. By doing this operation, there was a saving of fuel. This also helped in checking pollution.
  4. We should always keep gas burners and engines of scooters or cars clean so that the combustion is complete and there is no wastage of any fuel. This also checks pollution problem.

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Question 2.
Mohan and Sohan were working in a factory and were good friends. On one evening Sohan received a phone . call from Mohan that his eye sight had become very dim all of a sudden. Sohan immediately rushed to his place and came to know that this had occurred after consuming some alcohol. Sohan took him to an eye specialist. He checked his vision properly and gave some antibiotic drops. The specialist kept him under observation and by next morning, he was fully cured.

  1. Why did eye sight of Mohan become dim ?
  2. How was he cured ?
  3. What is the value associated with episode ?


  1. Mohan had consumed adultrated liquor poisoned either with methyl alcohol or copper sulphate.
  2. Antibiotic given by the specialist neutralised the effect of poisoning. As a result, Mohan regained his sight.
  3. Timely help by Sohan saved Mohan from getting completely blind. This was need a service rendered by one friend to the other.

Question 3.
Teacher asked Hema to perform test for unsaturation in the laboratory for ethylene gas. She took some chlorine water in a tube and passed the vapours of the gas. Nothing happened Teacher asked her to pass the vapours of the gas into bromine water. The yellow colour of the gas immediately discharged.

  1. What was the mistake committed by Hema ?
  2. How did teacher help her ?
  3. Write chemical equation for the reaction.


  1. Chlorine water has no colour. Therefore, on passing ethylene gas the colour of chlorine water did not discharge.
  2. Bromine water is yellow in colour. When ethylene gas was passed through bromine water, its colour got discharged. This is the test for unsaturation.
  3. The chemical equation for the reaction is :
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Question 4.
A patient was suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol.He went to the specialist. He enquired about his eating habits. The patient told the doctor that he consumes both dalda ghee and desi ghee and also drinks milk with full fat. The doctor asked the patient to immediately stop these and instead use vegetable oil and also drink fat free milk.

  1. What was wrong with the eating habits of the patient ?
  2. How did doctor help him ?


  1. Both dalda/desi ghee and milk full of fats are very harmful to our body. The fats get deposited and lead to high chrolestrol level and high blood pressure. This may ultimately result in either paralysis or death.
  2. Doctor gave the patient correct advice. The diet should be free from fats as much as possible particularly in the present set up when there is lack of exercise.

Question 5.
Ethanol, commonly called alcohol is an excellent solvent, is used in medicines and is an important chemical compound involved in synthesis of many chemical compounds. However in spite of its benefits to man, its impact on social behaviour has always been questioned. Media has often shown abnormal behaviour of people while drunk. It is considered as a curse in the lives of those who are addicted to alcohol – Alcoholic’ people are not only lowering their metabolism and affecting Central Nervous System, they are also a threat to the lives of others. Anger and rude behaviour are some of its ill effects.

  1. Comment on the statement – ‘Should production of alcohol be banned’ give three valid reasons to justify.
  2. As a student what initiative would you take in the common concern of‘Save Life, Do not Drink’. Give two suggestions.

In favour of negative response :

  1. Ethanol is used as a solvent in the laboratory.
  2. Ethanol is used in the synthesis of large number of compounds.
  3. Ethanol is a constituent of many drugs.

In favour of positive response :

  1. Ethanol is habit forming.
  2. Excessive intake of ethanol is highly injurious to the body.
  3. Excessive consumption of ethanol is the major cause of crimes in our society.
  4. It is a big strain on the family budget. Many families are ruined.

Initiatives :

  1. Students must take a pledge not to drink alcohol.
  2. Students must create awareness in the society by organising skits/seminars and also through charts.

Question 6.
School going children generally bring tiffins and they eat food during the break. One category of students marked ‘A’ carry paranthas, butter and pickels while the other category of students marked ‘B’ bring chapatties, vegetables, salad and fruits .Whereas students A’ donot like to share their food, students ‘B’ would like to share it.

  1. Which acid is present in pickels ?
  2. Which group of students bring healthy food and why ?
  3. Which group of students bring unhealthy food and why ?
  4. Which group of students have better value system and why ?


  1. Acetic acid is present in pickels
  2. Students marked ‘B’ bring healthy food since it has more neutrition values and it is easy to digest.
  3. Students marked A’ bring unhealthy food. Since it is quite difficulty to digest it and leads to obacity.
  4. Students marked ‘B’ have better value system. Sharing of food at school level will make them better citizens at a later stage in their life.

Question 7.
Cough syrups, generally contain alcohol. Some people are habitual of drinking ‘alcohol’. Instead of drinking ‘alcohol’, they have started using cough syrups which contains alcohol and cause addiction. To solve this problem, government is thinking to ban cough syrups.

  1. What is an alcohol ?
  2. Should production of cough syrups be banned ?
  3. As a student ‘what initiative would you take to make people aware of harmful effects of taking cough syrups unnecessarily’. Give two suggestions.


  1. Alcohol is chemically ethyl alcohol and its formula is C2H5OH.
  2. No, production of all cough syrups cannot be banned since they given relief from cough and cold. However, they should be sold strictly if prescribed by the doctor on a proper prescription.
  3. We students must acquaint people around us the harmful effects of alcohols by holding seminars and by door to door convassing.


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