Value Based Questions in Science for Class 10 Chapter 6 Life Processes

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Question 1.
What do we get from environment and what do we give out to environment ? Should we degrade it ?
We obtain nutrients, water and oxygen from the environment. In return we give out undigested materials, CO2 and waste products. Environment has been metabolising our wastes for regenerating nutrients and other materials required by us. However, we are producing so many articles for our use which are non-biodegradable. We also generate a lot more garbage, sewage, effluents, polluting gases and particulate matter than the capacity of the environment to metabolise them. They are becoming source of contaminations, infections and disorders. Therefore, we should take immediate measures to stop degrading our environment.

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Question 2.
Two processes are basic to life on earth. What are they ? How do these processes sustain life ?
Photosynthesis and respiration are two processes that are basic to life on earth. Without them, life will disappear from earth. Photosynthesis traps solar energy, converts it into chemical energy and manufactures organic matter by reducing CO2. The organic matter produced in photosynthesis not only supports plants but all types of life, helping them in building their body and supplying energy.
Respiration is the process of release of energy from organic matter. This food or chemical energy is essential for maintenance, growth and working of the bodies of the living beings including the plants which trap solar energy.

Question 3.
Soil air is essential for growth and functioning of roots. However, roots do not have pores for exchange of gases. Explain.
Roots require a lot of energy for active absorption of minerals and good growth so as to form new root hairs for continued absorption of water. This is possible only with the help of aerobic respiration for which good soil air is required. It should remain connected with atmospheric air for renewal. In soil, exchange of gases occurs at the surface of young roots through diffusion because the external walls of epiblema cells and root hairs are uncutinised. Therefore, despite the absence of pores, roots are always exchanging metabolic gases with the soil air.

Question 4.
In breathing, which ones are active and which ones are passive processes — expansion of thorax, passage of air from outside to lungs and exhalation.

  1. Expansion of Thorax: It is an active process which involves contraction of phrenic and external intercostal muscles.
  2. Passage of Air from Outside into Lungs: It is a passive process which occurs due to development of negative pressure in the lungs when they expand with the expansion of thorax.
  3. Exhalation: It is a passive process which occurs due to relaxation of phrenic and external intercostal muscles resulting in contraction of thorax and hence lungs.

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