Value Based Questions in Science for Class 10 Chapter 8 How do Organisms Reproduce?

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Question 1.
A classmate of yours has a pus containing discharge, pain around genitalia and burning sensation during urination. What disease he is suffering from. How has he caught the disease ? How will you help your classmate ? What precautions are required not to get the repeat of the disease ?
Gonorrhoea. Gonorrhoea is commonly a sexually transmitted disease. My classmate has caught the disease despite his being not involved sexually with any one. The other possibility is that he is using common underwears. It is also not possible as he is the lone kid of the family. No body else in his family has this disease. The last possibility is that he has caught the disease by using toilets at his relative’s home or in the school.
Clean and hygienic toilets can prevent the occurrence of this and many other diseases.

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Question 2.
Surbhi and Mukesh are a young couple married only four years ago. They have two children. How will you convince the couple not to have any more child ? What guidelines will you give to the couple ?
Conviction: I will tell the couple that :

  1. A safe, satisfying reproductive health is possible only when the number of children is small.
  2. Small number of children helps in enjoying the family life better both at home and outside.
  3. The children can be reared with better resources. They can be properly educated and settled in life.
  4. The couple can also save and plan properly for their post retirement life.

Guidelines: The couple should start using contraceptive device(s) that suit them best, may be oral pills, IUCD or condom.

Question 3.
Seeing the different colours of Bougainvillea growing in the corner of school campus the Principal suggested that the boundary of the whole campus be decorated with the plant.
How you and your classmates will perform this task ?

  1. The first task is to select the colour scheme that will best suit the campus boundary wall,
  2. How much space is to be given to each colour,
  3. Digging and properly watering the soil along the boundary wall but leaving a space of 25-30 cm from the wall for preventing any damage to it and keeping a narrow pathway for movement of the gardener,
  4. Preparing stem cuttings of 25-30 cm length from one year old branches.
  5. Fixing the cuttings in the soil in their natural position at a distance of about 30 cm from one another in 3-4 rows as per plan,
  6. Regular but well spaced watering of the cuttings,
  7. The cuttings will become independent plants within 2-3 months.

Question 4.
You have read in newspapers that sex ratio in many parts of the country has gone down to less than 900:1000. What does this mean ? What is the reason behind it ? How can you contribute in retrieving the situation ?
The ratio 900 : 1000 is called sex ratio. It indicates that there are 900 females to 1000 males. This is not a healthy sign for the society. A number of males will not be able to find suitable brides leading to several types of social problems.
The reason behind this decline in sex ratio is the availability of sex determining devices for the foetus and carrying out abortion in case of female foetus.
Retrieving Situation :

  1. Organising rallies against female foeticide
  2. Organising vigilance group to find out the centres where sex of the foetus is being determined and reporting the same to the health authorities.

Our government lauches compaigns to provide information about AIDS prevention, testing and treatment by putting posters, conducting radio shows and using other agencies of advertisements.

Question 5.
(a) To which category of diseases AIDS belong ? Name its caustive organism.
(b) Which kind of value is government trying to develop in the citizens by conducting the above kind of programmes. (Sample Paper 2017-18)
(a) AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) which is also contracted through blood (using common syringes, needles, razors) and placenta.
Causative Agent: Virus— Human Immuno deficiency Virus or HIV.
(b) Values:

  1. Government is trying to save the citizens from the debilitating and fatal disease by telling every citizen through all means of communication how the disease spreads and what are the ways to prevent it.
  2. Government is also informing the citizens about the institutes where free testing is available and asking the patients to get registered with the treatment centres for free medicines.
  3. The public is also informed not to shun the AIDS patient as the disease does not spread by mere contact. It will reduce the trauma being suffered by the patient.

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