HOTS Questions for Class 9 Science: Candidates who are planning to prepare for their board examinations should take enough time for practicing HOTS Questions too. HOTS Questions are one of the most important sections to attempt in the board examination & score max marks. To make it simple and easy, we have collected important HOTS Questions for class 9 science and arranged in PDF links for all chapters. Go through this page & download Class 9 Science CBSE HOTS questions with Solutions PDF for free.

CBSE HOTS Questions & Answers for Class 9 Science in PDF Format

Here you will get the access links to download class 9 science CBSE NCERT HOTS Important Questions in pdf format for free of cost. Make sure to downlaod & practice well for your exams.

  1. Hots Questions on Matter in Our Surroundings
  2. Hots Questions on Is Matter Around Us Pure
  3. Hots Questions on Atoms and Molecules
  4. Hots Questions on Structure of the Atom
  5. Hots Questions on The Fundamental Unit of Life
  6. Hots Questions on Tissues
  7. Hots Questions on Diversity in Living Organisms
  8. Hots Questions on Motion
  9. Hots Questions on Force and Laws of Motion
  10. Hots Questions on Gravitation
  11. Hots Questions on Work, Power and Energy
  12. Hots Questions on Sound
  13. Hots Questions on Why Do we Fall Ill
  14. Hots Questions on Natural Resources
  15. Hots Questions on Improvement in Food Resources

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