Indefinite Pronouns Exercises For Class 5

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Indefinite Pronouns Exercises for Class 5 CBSE With Answers PDF

Indefinite Pronouns

An indefinite pronoun does not refer directly to any particular noun. Most indefinite pronouns express the idea of quantity.
For example:
all, each, most, other, another, either, neither, several, any, everybody, nobody, some, anybody, everyone, none, somebody, anyone, few, no, one, someone, both, many, one, such are words of indefinite pronouns.

Read the picture story.
Mary is very good in the art of speech. Everyone says she will win the inter-school declamation contest. Nobody doubts her capabilities.
Indefinite Pronouns Exercises With Answers Pdf

Nothing is wrong in saying that she is blessed with the gift of the gab. She neither feels nervous nor she stammers during her speeches.
Indefinite Pronouns Worksheet Grade 5 Pdf

Many contestants tried to beat her but she is the best and she won the interschool declamation contest. Our principal feels proud to have a good speaker, one like Mary in our school.
Indefinite Pronouns Worksheet With Answers

Indefinite Pronouns Worksheet Grade 5
A. Answer the following questions as per the story.

1. What is Mary good at? __________
2. Does Mary beat any contestants in the contest? __________
3. What does Mary’s Principal feel about her? __________

Indefinite Pronouns Exercises Pdf With Answers
B. Choose the correct answer. The first one has been done for you.

1. I would like something to eat. – a. anything – b. something
2. He knows __________ about it. – a. something – b. nothing
3. She hasn’t got __________ to do. – a. something – b. anything
4. They sold __________ in the sale. – a. everything – b. anything
5. The boy didn’t say __________ – a. nothing – b. anything
6. Is there __________ amusing on TV? – a. something – b. anything
7. Our cat must be __________ near the park. – a. somewhere – b. anywhere
8. There was a flood __________ in China. – a. anywhere – b. somewhere
9. I would like to buy __________ for my dad. – a. anything – b. something
10. My doctor did __________ to save her. – a. everything – b. somebody

Indefinite Pronouns Worksheet with Answers for Grade 5 CBSE PDF

Indefinite Pronouns Lesson Pdf
A. Underline the indefinite pronoun in each sentence.


  • I will be proud if any of you win the race.

1. Make sure to tell everybody about my birthday party.
2. Everybody wants to win the raffle.
3. She is the one who helps me the most.
4. Please tell someone to wash the dishes.
5. Everything we have done has been by the book.
6. There are a few questions I have.
7. Make sure nobody crosses the line.
8. Some of my questions are not answered.
9. Each of us has a role to fulfill.
10. Did you study everything in the book?

Indefinite Pronouns Exercises
B. Write a sentence with each indefinite pronoun listed below.


  • Any
    Do you have any idea about what is going to happen?

1. Somebody
2. Few
3. Many
4. All
5. Someone
6. Another

Indefinite Pronoun Exercise
C. Put the following indefinite pronouns into the correct blanks.

anywhere anyone something everyone nothing
somewhere someone anything everything anybody

1. Can’t you hear that __________ is knocking on the door?
2. I was wondering if you would like __________ to drink.
3. The family members have been badly injured in the accident. Is there __________ to help them?
4. Ditya has just checked the internet; however, she couldn’t find the article __________.
5. Unfortunately, this plant is already dead and there is __________ we can do about it.
6. Stop feeling sorry for your relationship! You should simply accept __________ has a beginning and an end.
7. __________ must do __________ about the human rights in that country or it will be too late.

A. Answer the following questions as per the story.

1. What is Jiya looking for? __________
2. How does Jiya learn to make Pizza? __________
3. Who is Mitali in the story? __________

B. Circle the relative pronoun in each sentence below.

1. I have found the pen which I lost. __________
2. This is where I live. __________
3. Here is the book that you lent me. __________
4. These are the girls whose exercises are done well. __________

C. Write a sentence using the relative pronouns given below.

  • Who
    Who is going with me to the game tonight?

1. Who – ______________________________
2. Which – ______________________________
3. That – ______________________________

Indefinite Pronouns Worksheet Grade 5 Pdf CBSE PDF

A. Use a suitable relative pronoun from – who, which, whom or whose – to join each pair of sentences. Leave out any words which are not needed in the sentences.
That’s the teacher. He used to live next door.
That’s the teacher who used to live next door.

1. The sports are bullfighting and cockfighting. I like to watch them.
2. She met her child. She had not seen him in 5 years.
3. The boys are Vicki and Ricky. They love to do a jigsaw together.
4. This is the knitwear. She made it last week.
5. I am visiting my friend. His new house overlooks the harbour.
6. That is the fireman. His house was burnt down last night.
7. This is my sister. Her dog often chases butterflies.
8. I told him about the horror film. I saw it the night before.
9. I met Sachin. I used to argue with Sachin at work.
10. He has sold his house. He thought it was haunted.

B. Fill in the blanks with a suitable relative pronoun.

1. A child __________ works hard, always succeeds.
2. The pen __________ I recently bought is lost.
3. This is the girl __________ work is the best.
4. The books __________ I need are not available in the library.
5. I know the place __________ he lives.
6. This is the girl __________ mother is a minister.
7. All __________ I said was only to encourage her.
8. Listen carefully to __________ I say.
9. A person __________ lies cannot be trusted.
10. She found __________ she was looking for.