Value Based Questions in Science for Class 10 Chapter 2 Acids, Bases and Salts

These Solutions are part of Value Based Questions in Science for Class 10. Here we have given Value Based Questions in Science for Class 10 Chapter 2 Acids, Bases and Salts

Question 1.
Ritesh was asked to determine the melting point of a given organic solid. For this, he used a bath containing cone. H2SO4. When he was looking at the thermometer, he lost his concentration and became a little casual. The beaker containing boiling sulphuric acid fell on his clothes. His clothes were burnt and he got severe burns on hands.

  1. Why did Ritesh meet with an accident ?
  2. Why did he get severe burns on the hands ?
  3. What lessons can a student learn from the above episode ?


  1. The bath or the beaker containing cone. H2SO4 was not properly placed on the tripod stand. It lost balance and the acid fell over him.
  2. Sulphuric acid is a very powerful dehydrating agent. It removed water contents from the skin which got charred and burns appeared on hands.
  3. While working in the chemistry laboratory, a student must observe the following precautions :
    1. Must always wear an appron in the laboratory.
    2. Must always keep some distance from the table where the experiment is performed.
    3. Must always remain alert in the laboratory and must not lose concentration.

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Question 2.
Ram was suffering from a stomach pain for a number of days. He consulted a doctor who advised him to take two antacid tablets after each meal for about a week and avoid spicy food. Ram followed the advice strictly and was cured.

  1. What was the problem faced by Ram ?
  2. How did doctor help him ?
  3. Write the chemical equation if any
  4. What is the value associated with this ?


  1. Ram had developed acidity in the stomach resulting in the formation of small ulcers which caused pain.
  2. The antacid tablets contain base like NaHCO3 or Mg(OH)2 which neutralise the affect of HCl released in the stomach.
  3. NaHCO3 + HCl ———–> NaCl + H2O + CO2 (Antacid)
  4. As far as possible, one should always avoid spicy and fried food stuff. They create acidity in the stomach. This leads in the formation of small ulcers which give pain. Apart from that one must always keep some antacid tablets or liquid gels.

Question 3.
Kamla was playing in the garden. She was stung by a wasp and started crying. Her mother immediately applied a coating of tooth paste on the affected area and then took her to the doctor.

  1. Why did Kamla cry ?
  2. What does wasp sting contain ?
  3. Why did her mother apply tooth paste on the affected area ?
  4. What values are displayed by this episode ?


  1. Kamla cried because the sting by the wasp is very painful.
  2. Wasp sting contains in it formic acid (HCOOH)
  3. Tooth paste contains in it some basic ingredients which neutralise the effect of formic acid (HCOOH) and give relief.
  4. Kamla’s mother had a knowledge of chemistry. Tooth paste is readily available and she gave a first aid to her daughter.

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