Online Education Value Based Questions in Science for Class 9 Chapter 13 Why Do we Fall Ill

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Question 1.
The number of dengue cases had increased in Pooja’s village in the last one year. She read in her text book that diseases like dengue spread through mosquitoes which breed in stagnant water. She immediately contacted her friends and decided to kill the mosquitoes in water bodies in the locality. They also took help of nearest municipal office. Answer the following questions based on above information.

  1. Which preventive measures do you suggest for prevention of such diseases caused by mosquitoes ? Mention any two measures,
  2. Which values are displayed by Pooja in taking initiative.
  3. Suggest one school activity for promoting such values in school students. (Sample Paper, 2012—13, CCE 2013)


  1. Preventive Measures. Avoid collection of water in pits, ensure covering of drains, proper and regular disinfection, covering arms and legs as dengue mosquito is active during day, use of mosquito nets and repellents.
  2. Values,
    1. Pooja is conscious of her social responsiblity.
    2. She is doing community service,
    3. She is aware of healthy living, as well as environment protection.
  3. School Activity,
    1. Group discussion on the clean environment and preventive measures against mosquito bites.
    2. Organising debates and seminar on mosquito menace and community hygiene.
    3. Organising compaigns for creating awareness amongst masses on hygienic living and hygienic environment.

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Question 2.
Anish has the habit of throwing the household garbage in the drain outside her home. Her friend Smitha takes the domestic garbage to public garbage bin outside her street.

  1. Which act of garbage disposal, Anish’s or Smitha’s is correct ?
  2. What problems would the wrong habit create for the society ?
  3. How can the wrong habit be corrected ?


  1. Anish’s habit of throwing garbage in the drain is wrong while that of Smitha is correct.
  2. Anish’s habit of passing garbage in the drain not only blocks the drain causing overflow of drain water, spread of filth resulting in spread of flies, mosquitoes and other creatures but also produces stink all around.
  3. The best method to correct Anish’s habit is that Smitha should talk to her and convince her that throwing garbage in the drain is not only harmful to her neighbours but also for her and her family.
    If she does not mend her ways, Smitha should approach Anish’s mother. Other members of the community can also join her in convincing Anish.

Question 3.
Anne came to classroom early, dragged her table and chair to a side of the room and sat there away from the rest of her classmates. In between she was putting handkerchief over her nose. Her friend Nancy asked her to lend a pen which she refused.

  1. What is the reason of her putting handkerchief over the nose ?
  2. Why did she sit separately away from her classmates ?
  3. Why did she refuse to given pen to Nancy ?


  1. Anne must be suffering from common cold. By putting handkerchief over the nose, she was preventing the spread of cold virus through nasal droplets, wiping off the same in the process.
  2. Anne sat separately so that she does not transfer the cold virus to her classmates.
  3. Refusal to give her pen to Nancy is also due to her anxiety that articles contaminated by her do not transfer the disease to others. She is conscious of her social responsibility.

Question 4.

  1. Why are polio drops being administered to children below five years twice every year ?
  2. When was the last wild polio case reported in India ?
  3. Was there any other polio case ?


  1. Polio drops are being given free to children below five years of age so that the virus of polio does not multiply in human beings and it is ultimately eradicated, as small pox has been from the world. The compaign will continue for some time more till there is no fresh case for a couple of years.
  2. The last wild type polio case was reported in India during January 2011.
  3. A vaccine derived polio case has been reported from Bengal during 2012.

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