Important Questions for Class 12 Biology Chapter Wise Pdf Download 2020-21: Here we are providing CBSE Important Extra Questions for Class 12 Biology Chapter Wise Pdf download in Hindi and English Medium. Students can get Class 12 Biology NCERT Solutions, Biology Class 12 Important Extra Questions and Answers designed by subject expert teachers.

CBSE Class 12th Biology Important Extra Questions and Answers Chapter Wise Pdf

  1. Class 12 Biology Chapter 1 Important Questions Reproduction in Organisms
  2. Class 12 Biology Chapter 2 Important Questions Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
  3. Class 12 Biology Chapter 3 Important Questions Human Reproduction
  4. Class 12 Biology Chapter 4 Important Questions Reproductive Health
  5. Class 12 Biology Chapter 5 Important Questions Principles of Inheritance and Variation
  6. Class 12 Biology Chapter 6 Important Questions Molecular Basis of Inheritance
  7. Evolution Class 12 Important Questions
  8. Human Health and Disease Class 12 Biology Extra Questions
  9. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Class 12 Important Questions
  10. Microbes in Human Welfare Class 12 Important Questions
  11. Biotechnology: Principles and Processes Class 12 Important Questions
  12. Biotechnology and its Applications Class 12 Important Questions
  13. Organisms and Populations Class 12 Bio Important Questions
  14. Ecosystem 1 Mark Questions for Biology Class 12
  15. Biodiversity and Conservation Imp Questions of Biology Class 12
  16. Environmental Issues Bio Important Questions Class 12

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FAQ’s on Important Questions for Class 12 Biology

Question 1.
What are the important questions in biology?

The list of Class 12 Biology Important questions is provided on this page. Students are advised to check out the entire article and collect the list of important 12th biology questions for better understanding & preparation of the concepts.

Question 2.
Which chapters include more 12th Class Biology Important Questions?

According to us, all chapters of CBSE Class 12 biology are equally important to learn the subject and perform well in the exams. But some of the chapters that you should concentrate on are Reproduction, Genetics, Human welfare, Biotechnology, Ecology, etc. From these units, you can find more Important Questions for the Grade 12 Biology Exam.

Question 3.
Where can I get the list of Grade XII biology Important Questions?

You can get the list of class 12 important questions for the biology board exam from this page which are arranged in a unit-wise manner.

Question 4.
Which website will help in offering 12th class biology important questions?

Answer: is a reliable and trustworthy web portal that helps students in offering board exam study resources like previous papers, important questions, etc. for all classes. So, you can also find 12th class biology important questions from the website.