Can May Should Must Worksheets Class 4

This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used.

Modal Verbs Exercises for Class 4 CBSE with Answers PDF

  • We use modal verbs to say:
  • that someone is able to do something (can, could)
  • that someone is allowed to do something (may, might)
  • that someone has to do something (must)

The helping verbs are can, could, would, should, ought to, will, shall, may, might and must.

  • can and could- We use can and could to say that someone is able to do something.
  • will and would- We use will and would when you are asking someone to do something.
  • shall and should- We can use shall and should to ask for advice, offer something and suggest something. Shall express the future action.
  • must- We use must to talk about things that we have to do. First it expresses a strong belief. Second, it expresses an obligation.
  • may and might- We use may to ask if we are allowed to do something and to tell someone that they are allowed to do something.
  • ought to- We use ought to to make strong suggestions and talk about someone’s duty.

Modal Verbs with Answers

Read the picture story.
Modals Worksheet For Class 4 With Answers

Modals Class 4 Worksheet
A. Answer the following questions as per the story.

1. Why can’t the patient buy the medicines from other chemists? __________
2. What would doctor prescribe? __________
3. How should patient take the medicine? __________

Modals Worksheet For Class 4
B. Complete the following with suitable modals.

1. Student: Madam, __________ I come in?
2. Teacher: Where were you? You __________ be in the class by this time.
3. Student: Sorry Madam. I __________ not get the bus on time.
4. Teacher: You __________ leave your home early.
5. Student: Kindly, forgive me this time. I __________ not be late in future. __________ I take my seat now?
7. Student: Madam, __________ you please check my home work?
8. Teacher: I __________ not check your homework at this time. I am teaching a lesson.

Modal Verbs Exercises with Answers for Class 4 CBSE PDF

Modals Exercises For Class 4
A. Fill in the blanks using suitable Modals. The first one has been done for you.

1. We can win this match.
2. You __________ have good manners.
3. __________ he live long!
4. A cat __________ not chase a tiger.
5. They __________ finish this work in the evening.
6. We __________ obey our elders.
7. Who __________ arrange money at this time?
8. My uncle __________ speak five languages.
9. She told me that she __________ carry my books.
10. He said that he __________ go there if necessary.

Modals Exercise For Class 4
B. Circle the correct auxiliary modal verb in each sentence.

1. When I grow up, I (may, might) become an engineer.
2. There is a small chance that we (may, might) go to the beach this weekend.
3. There is a good chance that we (might, may) have to postpone the meeting.
4. Mom thinks you (should, shall) clean your room.
5. Trains (shall, should) go faster.
6. I am feeling tired. I think I (wouid, will) go to sleep now.
7. I (will, would) like more milk with these cookies.
8. I did not think we (will, would) ever win the game.